How to Fix iPhone Vibrating For No Reason

iPhone Vibrates Randomly Ways to Fix This

Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, is polished, and in most areas, better than its competition. But still, it has its fair share of bugs, issues, and annoyances. One such irritant is iPhone vibrating randomly for no reason. This might happen because of some app, or even on the system level. Sometimes iPhone abruptly vibrates without notifications. Whatever be the source, if your iPhone vibrates and you are clueless why this is happening, here we have listed some easy ways to fix it — starting with the basic and then to some severe measures like DFU mode.

iPhone Vibrates Randomly: Ways to Fix This

Restart or Force Restart Your iPhone

The first way to ensure that your iPhone does not vibrate randomly is to restart it, and if that does not help, go ahead and force restart your iPhone. If it is stuck and vibrating, force restart/hard reset will help. Here are some links for your assistance.

Force Quit all Open iPhone Apps

Another simple hack you can try to fix the issue of iPhone vibrating without notification is to force quit all open apps. For this double click home button or on iPhones with no home button swipe up and hold. Now, flick all open app cards up and dismiss them.

Ensure Your iPhone Is Not Wet

Modern iPhones are IP certified for waterproof protection. However, if you cross the limits, water may leak inside the device. An iPhone with liquid inside can be catastrophic and it may even render your iPhone useless. If you believe that your iPhone may be wet, immediately turn it off and dry it.

Turn Off Mail Notifications

The mail app is notorious for sending late notification sounds and vibrations at unusual times. If your iPhone vibrates for no reason, it is advisable to turn off Vibrations for the Mail app. Follow the guides below to ensure that vibrations are entirely off for mails.

Launch the Settings app → Sounds & HapticsNew MailVibrationNone (Default)

Turn Off mail vibration notifications on iPhoneMail virantion notification turn off on iphoneAfter you follow the above steps, check the steps below too.

Open the Settings app → NotificationsMailiCloud (or your email account) → SoundsVibrationNone (Default)

Tap on Notifications then Mail and iCloud on iPhone or iPadIn iCloud tap on Sounds then tap on virabtion and select none on iPhone and iPadThe third check is similar to what we did above.

Launch the Settings app → NotificationsMailVIPSoundsVibrationNone.

Select None to Turn off Vibration for Mail app on iPhoneTurn Off Vibration on Your iPhone

None of the steps worked above? Well, it is time to turn off all notifications vibrations on your iPhone.

Launch the Settings app → Sounds & Haptics → Turn OFF the toggle for Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silent.

Turn Off Vibration on Your iPhoneWant to take an even extreme route?

In the Settings app → AccessibilityTouch → Turn OFF the toggle for Vibration. But know that if you follow this step, all vibrations on your iPhone will be disabled. This includes emergency vibrations for earthquakes, tsunami, etc.

Turn Off Touch Vibration on Your iPhoneReset All Settings

Still, no luck? Let us reset all the Settings to fix random iPhone vibrations.

Open Settings app → GeneralResetReset All Settings → Enter your Passcode → Reset All Settings

Try DFU (Device Firmware Update)

As a last resort, you may try to upgrade/reinstall your iPhone to the latest iOS version using DFU mode. Very carefully read the link and before following it, ensure that you have a backup of your iPhone on your computer or iCloud.

Check For Software Update

Apple fixes bugs with each software update, and thus you must always run the latest version of iOS. To check if you have a pending software update:

Open Settings app → GeneralSoftware Update

If there is a pending update, download and install it.

Contact Apple Support

We tried almost everything we can on our standard individual level, but still, if random vibrations continue to bother you, it is time to contact Apple Support or pay them an in-store visit.

iPhone Vibrates for No Reason When Charging

Does your iPhone vibrate at short intervals when you plug it for charging? If yes, then the most likely fault is not in your iPhone but the charging cable you are using. To fix this, make sure you use a certified lightning cable. The best practice is to pair the cable with an Apple adapter or a safe, certified adapter.

Signing off…

So, these were some of the tips, tricks, steps, and hacks to fix the problem of Fix iPhone Vibrating for no reason. I hope one of them worked for you. Do you have any additional ways or methods to address this issue? Let us know those in the comments down below.

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