If you’ve watched Ellen’s show on the tube, you’re probably familiar with that game she and her guests play. The game is a word-guessing game where you hold up a card on your forehead (without seeing what’s it got) and your friend gives you clues about the word on the card. You try to guess it and every correct guess is a point you win.

The game also featured – if I remember it correctly – on Inglourious Basterds, the movie, in one of those tavern scenes.

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So on last night’s show, Ellen released an iPhone/iPad-version of the game that you can play with your friends.

Headsup iPhone Game

Here’s a video of Ellen playing the game with her guest.

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The HeadsUp! Game has some pretty interesting features. You can pick topics (quite a lot of them) and that throws up options randomly. It’s enormously simple to play too.

The game app has been developed by folks who created Clear, a fantastic, gesture-based to-do app.

In the game, you mark a correct answer by tilting the phone/iPad facedown once. A pass is noted by tilting it backwards (up over your head).

There are about 18 themed decks currently and I guess the app will be updated to add more decks to the game. What’s most impressive though is that the front-camera can record videos of the game being played so you can actually have them stored for fonder memories. Also, you get to share the game, the videos etc. over Facebook and other social channels for more fun.

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The HeadsUp! game also has some in-app purchases for additional decks. I guess they could’ve made the app free with a couple of decks and then had these purchasable decks too but for some reason, Warner Bros. decided to sell the app for $0.99. It’s up for sale and you can grab it right now.

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Download HeadsUp!