How to Fix Haptic Alert Not Working on Your Apple Watch

Haptic Alert Not Working on Apple Watch

Haptic alert is an amazing feature on Apple Watch as it lets you know that you have received a message even if you are at crowded places, where you cannot listen to sound of notifications.

As the name suggests, haptic alert involves the sense of touch; you can feel the touch of your Apple Watch on your skin when the smartwatch sends you any notification.

Quite often, users complain of haptic alert not working on their Apple Watch. There can be multiple reasons of haptic alert glitch; maybe they have to adjust the haptic alert on their Apple Watches. We are listing here some possible solutions to fix the issue of haptic alert not working.

Haptic Alert Not Working on Apple Watch

First off, you need to check whether or not the haptic alert is adjusted properly on your Apple Watch. It is often reported that users clean forget to adjust the haptic intensity on Apple Watch, and then they complain of malfunction of the haptic.

Adjust Haptic Alert on your Apple Watch

Step #1. Wake up your Apple Watch by clicking crown.

Step #2. Enter the passcode (if you have set).

Step #3. Tap on Settings.

Tap on Settings on Apple Watch

Step #4. Scroll down and tap on Sounds & Haptics.

Tap on Sounds and Haptics on Apple Watch

Under the HAPTIC STRENGTH, you can see a slider to adjust the Haptic.

Step #5. Drag the green ball to the right to increase the HAPTIC STRENGTH.

Adjust Haptic Strength on Apple Watch

Now you will receive a stronger haptic alert whenever the Apple Watch sends a notification.

If this doesn’t fix the haptic alert issue on your Apple Watch, go to the next solution.

Turn Wrist Detection ON & OFF

To perform this action, you need your iPhone, which is synced with Apple Watch.

Step #1. Open Apple Watch app on iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on My Watch option from the bottom.

Step #3. Now tap on General.

Tap on My Watch Then General on Your iPhone

Step #4. Toggle the Wrist Detection option OFF.

Turn Off Apple Watch Wrist Detection on iPhone

Now take your Apple Watch.

Step #5. Turn off Apple Watch by long-pressing power button (drag the slider to the right when you are prompted to Power Off).

Step #6. Now turn on Apple Watch by long-pressing the power button.

Step #7. Finally, follow the steps from one to four mentioned above to toggle Wrist Detection ON.

Turn ON Watch Detection on iPhone

Now ask your friend or colleague to send you a message and check whether or not the haptic alert works properly. Also ensure that you wear the device accurately around your wrist so that the lower part of the watch makes right contact with your wrist.

If this also fails to bring any results, go for a hard reset on your Apple Watch. Simply hold and press power button and digital crown simultaneously for 10 seconds; when you see Apple Logo on the screen, release the buttons.

This should probably fix the issue of haptic alert not working on Apple Watch. If the problem persists, you should take your watch to any Genius Bar.

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