How to Restore Apple Watch from a Backup

How to Backup and Restore Apple Watch Data

One thing that I really like about Apple Watch is that you don’t have to worry about backing up your data or restoring it. The Watch is equipped to back up its data automatically and allows you to restore the previous backup while pairing with iPhone.

Hence, if you happen to buy a new Apple Watch, unpair it with your iPhone or restore it in order to troubleshoot any issue, you will be able to recover all your data with ease. I wish iPhone had the same functionality!

Taking the math into account, backup is made only when Apple Watch is unpaired with iPhone. Therefore, you will not have the backup to restore your smartwatch if you haven’t unpaired your wearable device as yet.

How to Restore Your Apple Watch from a Backup

Step #1. Starting off, you need to ensure that your Apple Watch is turned on.

Step #2. Next up, open Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap on Start Pairing.

Step #3. Now, you have to frame your Apple Watch’s screen in the yellow box to pair it with your iPhone. There is also an option to pair it manually. Tap the text at the bottom of the screen to Pair Manually.

Step #4. After your watch has been paired with your device, tap on Restore from Backup. You will have to tap on the backup you want to restore from.

Step #5. Tap on Agree for the iTunes terms and conditions. You need to tap on Agree again in the popup menu.

Step #6. Up next, sign in with your Apple ID. Tap on OK to turn Location Services, Siri, and allow Diagnostics.

Step #7. Choose a Passcode for your wearable device. At the same time, you will need to choose whether you want your Apple Watch to unlock automatically when your iPhone is unlocked.

That’s it! Now, be patient and let your Watch complete the syncing process successfully.

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