Best Smart Wallets in 2020 with GPS Tracker

Are you afraid of your wallet getting stolen? How many times did that happen to you in the past? Well, not anymore from today! These days, many prefer to use smart wallets which are traceable by built-in Bluetooth or a GPS in the wallet itself. Sounds good?

Let’s have a glimpse at some of the best smart wallets that have built-in Bluetooth, GPS, and RFID blocking technology. Once you get one of these trackable wallets, your important credit cards and money would never vanish again. Let’s get the hunt started!

Best Smart Wallets in 2020

I have compiled a list based on features like a smart wallet with GPS tracker along with Bluetooth and smart wallet with RFID blocking as well. Here you go!

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#1. Walli Smart Wallet

Walli Smart Wallet

Walli smart wallet sports a premium look with excellent stitching and traditional wallet design. It looks professional and decent, with minimal branding. However, what makes it one of the most elegant smart wallets is its ability to perform four smart tasks: locating the wallet, ringing the phone, letting you know when you accidentally leave your wallet behind, and informing you if you leave your credit card out of the wallet for too long.

Inside one of the main zippers, there is a tiny SOC (System on Chip) that handles all these smart functionalities. The user-replaceable battery has a backup of up to six months. The companion Walli smartphone app for iOS and Android is clean, easy to set up, and use.

USP: Smart slot for credit card
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#2. Anti-Lost Wallet with Alarm from Smart LB

Smart LB Bluetooth Wallet

Imagine your wallet ringing with the help of your phone when it gets stolen? Yes, that’s now possible with Smart LB Bluetooth wallet. With some astounding functions such as smart find, location record, remote photographing and anti-lost feature, this smart wallet stands on top of our list! With the help of your phone’s GPS, you can easily find the last location when it’s lost.

Smart LB is the only smart wallet with GPS tracker in today’s list! The wallet is made of genuine leather with 4 card slots in it, one ID display window and main pocket. This is enough to hold your important credit cards, ID cards, and cash as well. Just with 5 hours of charging it can work up to 1 month depending on the usage.

USP: Works with Bluetooth and GPS both.
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#3. Dango RFID Blocking Smart Wallet

Dango RFID Blocking Wallet

Dango wallet looks more like a phone case to me, to be honest. Made of genuine leather and it can hold up to 12 cards at once! The mil-spec bolts on the corners make it even more secure and give an elegant look.

The outer body is made of CNC Aluminum, 0.3 inches thick and it weighs over just 2 ounces only. Dango’s most interesting feature is its RFID Blocking. It keeps your information secure and doesn’t leak any of your cards’ information to others.

USP: Holds Up to 12 Cards
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#4. Slim Leather Wallet with RFID Blocking from Ekster

Ekster RFID Blocking Wallet

The capability of private data theft protection using RFID or NFC blocking makes it stand unique out of all trackable wallets available online. With just a click of a button, you can access all your cards (almost 10 cards) stored in this smart wallet.

Ekster’s wallet is made of genuine German leather which gives a soft touch. It is available in black, classic brown, steel blue, and roma cognac colors. This RIFD wallet comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

USP: Available in Staggering Colors
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#5. Vaultskin Smart Wallet for Men

Vaultskin RFID Blocking Wallet

If you’re looking for an affordable option for a smart wallet with RFID tracking, Vaultskin offers everything you’re looking for. Elegance, comfort, security, all in one feature makes it the best RFID wallet in today’s list! Vaultskin comes with a smart strap that allows you to quickly access your cards when needed.

The wallet has 3 pockets which are capable of holding up to 10 cards, in which, 5 cards can be inserted in RFID protected pocket and the rest in front and back pocket. It’s available in black, brown, carmine red, chromium grey, cognac, and navy blue colors.

USP: Wallet with accurate RFID tracking
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#6. Genuine Leather Smart Wallet from Leopardd

Leopardd RFID Blocking Wallet

If you’re looking for a simple, elegant yet smart wallet, Leopardd must be on the top of your list. It’s one of the best RFID wallets made of genuine leather. Leopardd wallet comes with 8 RFID lock card pockets and one currency pocket as well.

The center flip ID makes it easy to access cards which you use the most. Leopardd is available in black and coffee colors and comes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days.

USP: 8 RFID Lock Card Pockets
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#7. Bryker Hyde RFID Wallet

Bryker Hyde RFID Blocking Wallet

Although Bryker Hyde smart wallet stands 9th in this list, it’s my 1st choice for obvious reasons. It doesn’t make you feel it has such smart features in the wallet, in fact, it looks just like a normal wallet. The wallet is made of pebble leather and comes at an affordable price too.

Bryker Hyde’s wallet is a perfect pick when you’re traveling a lot. The wallet comes with a 2 pocket for currencies and 2 ID slots for quick access. It is available in 8 color variants.

USP: Looks Like a Normal Wallet But It’s a Smart Wallet
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#8. Real Leather Smart Wallet for Women from Lavemi

Lavemi RFID Blocking Wallet

Looking for women’s RFID wallet? We’ve got it covered with Lavemi RFID wallet for girls. The wallet is available in 25 dazzling colors and is made of real leather. Lavemi wallet can hold up to 17 credit card slots, 1 Zipper pocket, one pen loop, 3 currency pockets, 1 ID window and many more.

You can easily carry your phone with this RFID wallet on the go! The RFID technology in this smart wallet protects your cards’ information from getting leaked. You can easily track the wallet when it is lost.

USP: RFID Wallet for Women in 25 Colors.
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That’s all for today! These were some of the best smart wallets which have Bluetooth, GPS and RFID technology built-in wallet itself.

Final Verdict!

If you ask me to pick one, I would go with a smart wallet with GPS tracker. And if you are looking for a women’s smart wallet, then Lavemi is your way to go without any second thoughts. Do let me know in the comments which Bluetooth wallet you loved out of all these!

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