If you are a math freak, you must definitely try these games. These games are built with all math problems in an attractive manner, such that will make you fall in love with them.

These games will sharpen your math skills while giving you a lot of time to have fun too.

Best iPhone and iPad Math Puzzle Games

Best iPhone and iPad Math Puzzle Games

#1. KenKen Classic

KenKen Classic iPhone and iPad Puzzle Game IconKenKen Classic is math game-cum-puzzle arranged in a grid format. The game is designed to improve your thinking, reasoning and concentration skills. The puzzle grids range from 3X3 to 9X9 where the former being easy and latter being difficult. You get 31 free puzzles to learn and explore. The puzzle has other helping features such as hints, undos, checks, resets and pause. You can purchase extra puzzles and tokens ranging from $0.99 to $7.99. You can customize the puzzle by setting your own music rather than the given options.
Price: Free
Download KenKen Classic

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#2. Math Planet

Math Planet iPhone and iPad Puzzle Game IconMath Planet is a math puzzle game with a solar system-like game zone. The levels and challenges come across in as planets that you conquer. Each planet has different math problems like arithmetic, geometry, fractions, division, subtraction etc. You tap on a planet (having a specified problem) and solve the challenges in it. You will be given three chances and some time to solve them. You can stop the timer, if you want. The free app lets you solve puzzles in the first two planets. For further planets and an ad-free version, you will have to upgrade with the in-app purchase option.

Price: Free
Download Math Planet

#3. Swippe

Swippe iPhone and iPad Puzzle Game IconSwippe is a math puzzle game for all ages. You have to swipe your fingers to solve the puzzles. The puzzle will be in a grid format. You have to select proper numbers and mathematic calculations to achieve the answer. The puzzle comes in three levels of difficulty. You have to maintain same combo to gain bonus points. You can shake your iPhone and iPad to go to next level if you are stuck at the current level. The user-friendly interface and colorful background can get you addicted to it. Upgrade to pro level with an in-app purchase of $0.99.

Price: $0.99
Download Swippe

#4. Match 10: Free Math Puzzle

Match 10 iPhone and iPad Puzzle Game IconMatch 10 is a healthy brain exercising game for everyone. You have to match numbers to get 10, as the name goes. The numbers you use to make 10 are the points you get for it. But, you can only use the sum function and no other math equations. Purchase the hint power-ups, arcade power-ups and other power-ups from in-app purchases, ranging from $0.99 – $2.99.

Price: Free
Download Match 10

#5. Circuit Math

Circuit Math iPhone and iPad Puzzle Game IconCircuit Math is an electrifying puzzle game. The only math you can do in it are subtractions and additions. You have to place the circuit in such a position that the numbers below it stand as an answer after the addition or subtraction. You can choose from 6 addition or subtraction levels, that offer numerous challenges. The game is engineered to sharpen your thinking and reaction capacity by setting time to each challenge. The unique realistic circuit background makes it more alluring.

Price: $0.99
Download Circuit Math

Math is great for those who enjoy it. Have another game that we haven’t covered?


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