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iGBGamesBest number games for iPhone and iPad in 2024

Best number games for iPhone and iPad in 2024

Number games increase your skills, and they do have many educational benefits as it enhances your aptitude. We have quite a lot of games for the iPhone. Number games can also get increasingly addictive, but at least it’s better because you’re exercising your brain rather than trying to get a bird flap across. (no offense meant, Flappy Bird!). Dive right into this collection of number games for iPhone.

1. Snake VS Block

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Time to guide the snake balls to break every brick! “Snake VS Block” is absolute fun and I’m sure you will find it very sticky right from the onset.

The concept of the game is pretty simple. You have to break as many bricks as possible. And you have to try to have a lot of balls to create a gigantic snake. So, compete with your friends and brag about the high score on social apps!

Price: Free

2. Numpuz

Numpuz Classic Number Game for iPhone and iPad

Numpuz is a perfect game to develop accurate co-ordination between your brain, hands, and eyes. This math puzzle game inspires users to tap and move the wood number tiles. Those who love the magic of digit would certainly like to download this game on their iOS devices.

The square tiles are arranged in random orders and there is a missing tile. You need to rearrange the tiles to create an order by sliding the square blocks. This number game challenges your ability to think logically and mental limits.

Price: Free

3. Threes

Threes Number iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Threes, as the name sounds is a game revolving around the number three. The game loads with a board of four-by-four matrix. Every new round starts with some cards already displayed on the board, which are ones and twos. Then you need to add these numbers to create numbers that are divisible by three. You can do so by joining cards together by swiping them in the adjoining direction.

For instance, two threes will add and give a six, which can be added to another six and make a twelve and so on and the score will be added even.

As you swipe cards up, down, left, right every card on screen shifts in that direction. A new card will be added to the screen as you swipe a card. The game tests your intellect as the board is filled with cards and you are left with very limited options.

Price: $5.99

4. 2048

2048 Number iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

2048 is logical yet a pleasant game. It is all about joining the number tile and reaching to a number king of the game “2048” tile. The game takes place on a four-by-four tile with two same numbers on the board.

Swipe the tile up, down, left, right to create a new number. Each time a tile is moved, a new number is added to the board. As two tiles with the same number meet, you can merge them to make it double.

For example, merge the same numbers two and two to make four, merge four and four to make eight and thus reach 2048. You reach 2048 and win the game!

Price: Free

5. Math Fight

Math Fight Number iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Math fight is a two-player game where you can test your mathematical skills and have an enjoying time with your friend. This game boosts your spontaneity and makes your concentration active. It is all about competing and challenging your opponent.

The game displays an equation with three options. You have to choose the correct option faster than your opponent. Correct answer gains you a point, and the wrong answer makes you lose one.

Price: Free


NUMTRIS Number iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Numtris is a mind-boggling logical number puzzle which is similar to our very own popular Tetris game. In this game, the pieces containing the numbers start falling on the board, and you have to complete each level before the board fills up.

You need to follow two basic rules: First, you have to join as many pieces as displayed in the number. And the second, if you join multiple numbers and do not comply with Rule 1, they will be added up.

You will experience a good brainstorming puzzle as you proceed further. With 300 challenging levels, the game won’t let you get out of the hook so easily!

Price: Free
Download NUMTRIS

Number Link Free Number iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

You will surely love this simple and fun-loving game. The goal of the game is to connect pairs of numbers on the game board. Be aware that you should not overlap the lines while making connections.

You can move to the next level when all the number pairs are correctly connected, and no square is left empty. Since you have 800 intriguing levels to try, you will always have something out of the box to tease your mind. So, put your mind to a long race and rise through the ranks to rule the global leaderboards!

Price: Free

8. Hundreds

Hundreds Number iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Hundreds puzzle is an interesting game with an attractive and unique design with a very intuitive touch. The game is loaded with a series of floating circles, which you need to touch and hold them to enlarge. You complete the level when the numbers within all the circles make a total of 100.

It has more than 100 uniquely crafted puzzles, which can really test your IQ. Don’t worry; there is a mesmerizing soundtrack to not let seriousness get over you. Besides, you can sync your progress with iCloud to ensure they remain available on all of your devices.

Price: $2.99

9. Logic Square

Logic Square Number iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

You will really love Logic Square if you are a bit-time Sudoku fan! This is one of the best brainstorming games you would have ever come across. Your main goal is to fill each square on the board with a number depending on the information and rules provided to you by the game. So use your skills and exercise your brain and of course, have fun.

The game is packed with various types of puzzles and each one of them needs a lot of food for thought. Aren’t good at solving conundrums? It also offers tutorials for newbies.

Price: Free

That’s all!

You pick?

Which one of these number games have you chosen to play? Feel free to let us know its name and your feedback about it. And if we have missed out any of your fav game, do let us know that as well.

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