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Best iPhone 11 Pro belt clip cases in 2024

Traveling and exploring new places is a hobby and a passion for many. That being said, carrying your iPhone 11 Pro and ensuring its safety at the same time is difficult to manage while you’re traveling. Especially in a scenario where you are either hiking or hunting in a dense forest. To get rid of such situations, a belt clip case can be a handy option. We’ve reviewed some of the best iPhone 11 Pro belt clip cases to ensure safety and let you carry your Phone hands-free. 

These belt holster cases are popular amongst travelers, especially those who spend a lot of time hiking or trekking. And if you’re not one of them and want to use it regularly while you commute to the office or your workplace, it can be a useful accessory to you as well. So let’s have a look at the best belt holster cases for iPhone 11 Pro now!

1. AICase

AICase iPhone 11 Pro Belt Clip Holster Case

If you’re looking for certified drop protection for your iPhone 11 Pro, AICase must be your first choice. Safeguard your device with this belt clip case and protect it from scratches, serious drops, sudden impacts, dirt and dust. It is made from solid polycarbonate in the inner side and soft TPU on the outer side which give your iPhone multi-layer defense protection. 

AICase is a grip-friendly case and your iPhone would never turn into pieces even if it falls from a certain height. And the best thing is it comes with a rotating belt clip. The corners are protected with TPU material and they are raised a bit more as compared to normal bumper cases

You can now go on an adventure trip without any worries when you have AICase’s belt holster for your iPhone 11 Pro. The case is available in 11 glossy colors and my favorite is grey/white color combination. 

USP: 360-Degree Protection
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2. Monsoon

Monsoon Belt Clip Case with Holster for iPhone 11 Pro

Made from genuine leather, this case completely covers your iPhone without exposing it to the outer world. And this means only one thing, it provides all-round protection to your smartphone. It’s more of a holster pouch with a belt clip rather than calling it a complete belt clip case. It is slim as compared to other cases in today’s lineup! 

The belt clip is made of zinc alloy and it’s non-rotating so you don’t need to worry about your iPhone’s safety. With elegant protection and intelligent design, Monsoon’s case stands unique as compared to other cases. As it completely encloses your iPhone you can have multiple cases at a time. 

Say, for example, you already have a slim case on iPhone 11 Pro and you want to use Monsoon’s belt holster case, it would be compatible as well. It’s compatible with many cases’ brands. 

USP: Belt Clip Made of Zinc Alloy
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3. Fingic

Fingic iPhone 11 Pro Belt Clip Case

If you don’t like bulky clip cases, Fingic is your way to go! It’s slim and weighs just over 2 ounces which is quite amazing as it is a belt holster case. The case is built with 2 interlocking solid-core PC frame that protects your iPhone against scratches, sudden drops, impacts, damages, dust and dirt as well. 

The built-in kickstand gives you amazing viewing experience, be it horizontal or vertical it can be adjusted with 180-degree rotating swivel clip. Coming to the clip case, it’s made of premium rubber which makes gripping easier and adds extra protection to your iPhone 11 Pro. 

When your iPhone is encased in a holster, the felt lining on the surface protects your iPhone’s screen from scratches. It’s stronger, slimmer and provides ultimate protection against accidental bumps!

USP: Slim and Strong
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4. Casewind

Casewind iPhone 11 Pro Belt Clip Holster Case

Casewind’s case looks quite similar to what Fingic has to offer in its case. With features like a foldable kickstand and slim look, it almost redefines the previous case. The slide design and stronger holster make it apart from the rest. This case is made of premium rubber providing a better grip to your iPhone.

With a sturdy locking mechanism, you can use your iPhone hands-free when you have this case on your device. The kickstand is on the back and the holster case is on the front side. This means, the iPhone is enclosed in a case and it cannot be damaged by any means even if it is dropped accidentally. 

You can remove the holster case if you’re not using it for a while. The slide design is what I love about this particular case. It’s available in grey color only.

USP: Slide Design
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5. CXF

CXF Belt Clip Holster Case for iPhone 11

Just like the above two cases, CXF case is built with a similar concept. But it feels something different and it’s thinner as well as compared to the other two ones listed above. It’s compatible with iPhone 11 Pro and fits perfectly to your device. The case comes with a 180-degree rotatable belt clip which is removable. When it’s not needed you can make the case lightweight.

It has a built-in kickstand which can be used when you watch movies or any presentations at your workplace which give you a hands-free experience. The kickstand is the holster clip itself. CXF’s hard shell protects your iPhone from sudden drops, dust, scratches and dirt.

It’s not all about design but it also has the best grip as well. And the inner felt lining protects your screen giving complete protection. 

USP: Made of Hard Molded PC
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6. Krofel

Krofel iPhone 11 Pro Holster Case

If you’re looking for a case that goes horizontally with your belt, Krofel must be your first choice. Although many prefer vertical case these days but going for a horizontal one reminds me of good old days. The case is crafted with premium synthetic leather and it comes with an extra pocket which is ideal for your storing your cards and extra cash.

In short, it’s a wallet case cum belt clip case made for iPhone 11 Pro. The case comes with the best belt clip and the belt look on the back is 2-inches wide. It also has a soft lined interior which doesn’t damage your iPhone and in fact, it protects the device from scratches and dust. 

It’s not just for iPhone 11 Pro, it can also be used for iPhone Xs and iPhone X as well. So if you have got multiple iPhones, this one could be a better deal for you and moreover, it’s available at an affordable price.

USP: Strong Magnetic Closure
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7. Lantier

Lantier Holster Case for iPhone 11 Pro

If you ask me to pick the best belt holster case for iPhone 11 Pro, I would go with Lantier on any given day and the reason are many! With a shockproof armor, it protects your iPhone from accidental impacts and it comes with a swivel clip which enables the kickstand to rotate freely for hands-free viewing.

Moreover, the kickstand has a magnet in it which is compatible with the car mount. The back cover is a combination of hard PC and soft silicone material making it durable and sturdy in term of protection. It also gives you a soft feeling when you hold your iPhone 11 Pro when the case is on.

The front case includes a belt clip holster which can be clipped on a belt, pocket or a bag. Lantier comes in dark blue, grey, red, silver and sky blue colors.

USP: Kickstand with Magnetic Car Mount
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8. Elegant Choise

Elegant Choise iPhone 11 Pro Belt Clip Holster Case

If you’re looking for a case that has a wild look and can scare somebody at a glance, Elegant Choise is a perfect pick! It looks like a rough surface on the back but it’s smooth as silk. This case comes with a kickstand giving you the best experience viewing while watching movies or videos.

The holster has a swivel belt clip that allows the holster to rotate 180-degrees and it’s removable as well. Its corners are made of reinforced TPU that protects your iPhone 11 Pro against bumps, shocks, and drops. And the solid PC material ensures that the case is durable.

Elegant Choise’s inner soft TPU acts in the back cover as a shock absorbent and the velvet inside the belt-clip holster protects the screen from scratches. It looks like a bulky case but isn’t and moreover, with its precise cutouts, it gives easy access to all the ports and buttons. 

USP: Removable Holster Clip
Check out on Amazon

9. Nakedcellphone

Nakedcellphone Belt Clip Holster Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Well, at a first look, the name might look weird but that’s not the case with the product, in fact, it’s perfect! The combination of a rugged case and a custom belt clip holster gives ultimate protection to your iPhone 11 Pro. Its back cover has the magnetic place which is compatible with magnetic car mounts.

The built-in kickstand allows you to prop your phone which is the best option to watch videos and movies hands-free. Meanwhile, you can also use this kickstand as a ring to hold your iPhone for better typing experience. The holster belt can rotate 180-degrees.

USP: Using Kickstand as Ring
Check out on Amazon

10. PiTau

PiTau iPhone 11 Pro Belt Clip Holster Case

The product seems to be manufactured by Bomea and it’s sold by PiTau on Amazon. This leather made belt holder case comes with a belt clip and a loop carrying pouch. Overall, it’s an enclosed case for your iPhone. 

It fits perfectly with your belt and it’s easy to access your iPhone even when it’s in the belt because of magnetic closure of the case. The inner layer of the case is soft and it protects your iPhone from scratches and dust. It offers shock resistance which I think is lesser as compared to the other iPhone 11 Pro belt holster cases available in today’s list!

USP: Made of Genuine Leather
Check out on Amazon

So that’s it for now! We’ll update the list if we get suitable cases in future! 

Summing Up!

Apart from these cases, there were many other ones, but we only reviewed the best of all so that it’s easy for you to pick the finest! If you asked me to pick just one case, I would go with Casein as it is slim in design and offers more than just a belt clip case for my iPhone 11 Pro.

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Which one would you love to buy for your iPhone? Do let us know in the comment section.

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