Best Accessories for iPhone 11 Pro in 2020

If you have got the new iPhone 11 Pro, you might be wondering how to spice things up. Right? The best way to do this is by getting useful accessories that enhance, protect, and power up your new iPhone. To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone 11 Pro accessories that perfectly go along with your device.

#1. Spigen Clear Case

Spigen Clear Case for iPhone 11 ProTo flaunt your iPhone 11 Pro in style, you can’t get a better clear case as compared to the one from Spigen. It’s made of TPU bumper so that your iPhone isn’t compromised with the protection besides a classy look. 

Moreover, the raised bezels ensure that your camera and screen both don’t come in contact with the flat surfaces. With precise cutouts, you can easily plugin the cables required to your iPhone 11 Pro. It’s available in crystal clear, matte black, midnight green and rose crystal color variants. 

USP: Crystal Clear
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#2. ESR Screen Protector

ESR iPhone 11 Pro Screen ProtectorJust a case isn’t enough for solid protection, you need something on top of it. And this is where ESR’s screen protector is best! Even if you have the case on your iPhone, this screen protector fits perfectly on the screen. Take note that not all cases are compatible with this protector. 

The smooth touch, face ID etc are not affected just because you have an extra layer of protector on your iPhone’s screen. It’s easy to install and it can withstand 11lbs of force without damaging your iPhone. It is available in a pack of 2 and it also comes with cleaning cloth and dust remover. 

USP: Sturdy Screen Protection
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#3. Apple Leather Case

Apple Leather Case for iPhone 11 ProShow the real class in your with this leather case from Apple. This case is made from European leather and it feels soft when you get your hands on it. It doesn’t provide the best of the protection but the microfiber lining inside the case provides basic protection against the scratches and drops. 

The aluminum buttons are soft and responsive and it doesn’t make you feel you’re pressing them over the case. Apple’s leather case is available in red, black, forest green, Meyer lemon, midnight blue, and saddle brown color variants. 

USP: Classy Looking Leather Case
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#4. LUPA Wallet Case

LUPA iPhone 11 Pro Wallet CaseWhen you have a wallet case, you don’t need to carry your purse or wallet with you. The classy looking case comes with credit card and ID card slots which can hold up to 3 cards overall. Moreover, you can also carry some extra cash and bills if required. 

Along with the wallet, it also has protective features such as raised bezels which guard your screen and camera lens against flat surfaces. The magnetic closure holds your cards, cash and bills safely and it’s easy to access due to its flip design. LUPA’s wallet case for iPhone 11 Pro is made of faux leather and it comes with a classy gift box as well. 

The combination of brown and dark blue must be a perfect combination for many users out there. This case is compatible with wireless charging and it comes with a worry-free refund. 

USP: Slim Yet Elegant
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#5. JERSS Battery Case

JERSS Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro

If you’re frequently using your iPhone 11 Pro for internet surfing or video calling purposes, you’re sure to drain the iPhone’s battery a lot quicker. To keep your beast charged all day, you definitely need a battery case and you can’t get a better one than Jerss’s case that comes with 5200mAh battery capacity. 

The LED power meter on the back shows you how much battery is left in the case so that you can charge it on time. Its best part is, it doesn’t have any extra padding at the bottom of the speaker which most of the battery cases come with. It’s easy to install but take note that it doesn’t support wireless charging. 

Its rubberized design and material give your iPhone sturdy protection besides firm grip. The case is available in black, blue and pink color variants. 

USP: 5200mAh Battery
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#6. ESR Kickstand Case

ESR iPhone 11 Pro Kickstand CaseWhen you talk about kickstand case, everyone feels that it must be bulky, isn’t it? But that’s not the case with ESR’s kickstand cover. It’s slim, lightweight and has the strongest of kickstand which can adjust horizontally and vertically as well. 

With multiple viewing angles, you can make the best out of this case when you’re watching your favorite shows or movies on your iPhone 11 Pro. The soft TPU material of the case gives maximum protection to your smartphone against sudden drops and accidental bumps. 

Moreover, the raised edges and bezels guard your screen and camera lens respectively. The case is available in black, clear and transparent black color combinations. 

USP: Multiple Viewing Angles
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#7. i-Blason Rugged Case

i-Blason Rugged Case for iPhone 11 ProIf you’re looking for sturdy protection and want to use your iPhone 11 Pro roughly, you surely need a bumper case for it. i-Blason’s rugged case is made of flexible TPU  and polycarbonate materials that provide 360-degree protection against the bumps, drops, impacts, collisions, fumbles etc. 

It can even protect your iPhone safely even if it’s dropped from 20 feet. And moreover, the high protective features don’t compromise with the beauty of your iPhone as the case has a clear back. The built-in screen protector does the rest in terms of protection. This rugged case comes in black, blue, green and purple colors. 

USP: 360-degree Protection
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#8. iATO Wooden Case

iATO iPhone 11 Pro Wooden CaseA classy looking wooden case can not only speak about your iPhone but it can also show off your personality and your taste of selecting accessories for iPhone 11 Pro. With the tag of Amazon’s choice, you can easily make out that it’s one of the most loved cases by iPhone users in the wooden case segment. 

The case is made of real and natural walnut wood with open top and bottom design so that you can access the ports without any hassles. As the case lips don’t go beyond the iPhone screen, it’s recommended to get a screen protector as well if you want to buy this wooden case

It supports wireless charging and it’s available in bamboo wood variant as well which is light in color whereas the walnut wooden case is dark in color. 

USP: Made of Walnut Wood
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#9. Revere Sport Armband

Revere Sport Armband for iPhone 11 ProThis product from Revere Sport is not just an Armband, it’s a lot more than that. It’s a wallet case, waterproof case, and what not! It has such a wide range of features that every iPhone user who loves running or want to go for a long walk or exercise in the gym would get this Armband for sure! 

It comes with a large sized pocket which is sufficient enough to carry the keys. Besides this, you can also store your credit cards and some cash too if needed. Moreover, the internal layer is waterproof which blocks the water, sweat and rain to sneak through it. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee as well. 

USP: Waterproof
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#10. ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger

ZeeHoo iPhone 11 Pro Wireless Car ChargerIf you’re looking for a wireless car charger along with a car mount, ZeeHoo’s car charger is your way to go! It comes with a quick release button that can release your iPhone when you had placed it on a car mount which comes with a wireless charger included. 

It’s easy to set up and once you put your iPhone 11 Pro on the mount, it automatically closes and adjusts the width to fit the device perfectly. Not just your iPhone 11, but it also supports other iPhone models as well due to the flexible design. It has a strong clamping and it comes with an adjustable viewing experience so that you can tilt your iPhone whenever you need to. 

As it has a wireless charger included, you need not search for cables in the car. Moreover, it doesn’t create any mess because there’s no need for cables or wires to connect your iPhone to this charger. 

USP: Automatic Clamping Design
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#11. Yootech Wireless Charger

Yootech Wireless Charger for iPhone 11 ProYootech is a sheer example of what a perfect wireless charger should be and the features too. Right, when you place your iPhone on the charger, it just shows the LED indicator for 16 seconds and it turns off automatically so that you can sleep in the dark. 

The wireless charger comes with a wireless pad, USB A to C and USB C to C charging cables. Besides your iPhone 11 Pro, you can even charge your AirPods which supports wireless charging as well. Most of the slim and clear cases are compatible with this charger. It’s available in black, blue and red color variants. 

USP: Sleep Friendly Design
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#12. Spigen Bumper Case

Spigen iPhone 11 Pro Bumper CaseWith over 500 positive ratings on Amazon and Amazon’s choice for the best iPhone 11 Pro case, it’s one of the finest bumper cases you can ever get for your smartphone. The TPU bumper and a durable PC back provide sturdy protection to your iPhone against the drops, bumps, impacts, collisions and fumbles as well. 

Moreover, the crystal clear transparency of this case allows you to flaunt your iPhone in style besides giving maximum protection. It’s slim and lightweight too. The case is available in crystal clear, matte black, midnight green and rose crystal color combinations. 

USP: Ultra Hybrid Protection
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#13. Tuopana Camera Lens Protector

Tuopana Camera Lens Protector for iPhone 11 ProYour iPhone 11 series smartphones today are known because of the innovative camera features and it’s up to you to protect it. And this is where Tuopana’s lens protector comes in to play! It gives an ample amount of protection to your iPhone 11 Pro’s camera lens

Besides protecting your iPhone, it doesn’t affect the photo or video shooting results. It can withstand 9H hardness and is highly durable. The protector is easy to install and it comes in a pack of 3. 

USP: 9H Hardness
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#14. Apple Wireless Earbuds

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Wireless EarbudsAn iPhone without wireless earbuds seems completely an incomplete source of entertainment. If you love listening to music, want to take automatic calls, want to watch your favorite shows without the wired headphones or earphones, these Apple AirPods are just made for you!

With the quick access by saying Hey, Siri, you can easily connect and command your demands to it. It’s faster than never before in terms of responsiveness and it charges quickly when it’s inside the case!

USP: Easy to Setup with Crystal Clear Sound
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#15. Aideaz Wireless Power Bank

Aideaz Wireless Power Bank for iPhone 11 ProIf you’re not a fan of a battery case, you can get a wireless power bank to charge your beast on the go! You need not leave your iPhone to charge when you such a powerful power bank with 20000mAh capacity. It can easily charge your iPhone to 50% in 30 mins and it can completely charge your iPhone 11 Pro for 3-4 times approximately. 

The wireless charging support is not the only option you get, but you can also charge it via USB-C cable as well. It’s available in black and gray color variants and has an 18-month warranty as well. 

USP: 50% Charging in 30 Minutes
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#16. Atumtek Selfie Stick

Atumtek iPhone 11 Pro Selfie Stick

Your portrait selfies and the wide-angle selfies are incomplete without a selfie stick. Imagine a group of 50 people gearing up for a selfie and you’ve no selfie stick with you. Well, that almost seems an impossible task without a selfie stick. And this is where Atumtek’s tripod comes into the picture.

The tripod stand and selfie stand are integrated together so that you can use it as per your requirements by adjusting the stand. Its adjustable and rotatable phone holder is what makes it a special accessory for iPhone 11 Pro. It comes with a detachable Bluetooth remote which makes it easy to click selfies just with a click of a button!

It’s lightweight and easy to carry due to the adjustable height of 31.3-inches can be reduced up to 7.7-inches. The 50mAh battery once charged fully can capture up to 15000 photos at a single charge! 

USP: Rotatable Phone Holder
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#17. Xdodd Wireless Charging Stand

Xdodd Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone 11 Pro

If you own an Apple Watch, Apple AirPods and an iPhone 11 Pro, you will surely love this charging stand which is, of course, wireless and can charge all your devices at once!

The wireless charging pad works with most of the iPhone cases and moreover, you can change the iPhone position to a horizontal position if you want to charge and watch videos simultaneously. Its double coil design makes sure that the device charges faster as compared to the normal chargers. 

USP: Charges Quickly
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So, that’s it for today, folks!

Final Words!

So which one of these accessories you feel are suitable or needful for your iPhone 11 Pro? Do lets us know in the comment section right away and also suggest to us if you want to include any more accessories to the present list!

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