The most awaited device of 2015, Apple Watch, has arrived. Even before it could see the light of the day, there has been endless debate in media with regard to the rich apps that the Apple Watch will come loaded with. Apple Watch's apps are being compared to iPhone's based on their utility and the quality that will set them apart. Many experts feel that the Watch’s apps won't be at par with iPhone's in terms of versatility and performance. There are talks that suggest that it would take both Apple and developers some time before they would be able to bring the best for the Watch.

When there is so much expectation and anticipation, Apple fans would like to have a glance at some of the most-anticipated apps for Apple Watch. Though it would be unfair to compare them with iPhone’s apps as it is too early to derive at any conclusion, we can always check out what sort of features and speciality they have to offer.

Best Apple Watch AppsWhile most Apple fans would agree that the Apple Watch apps might not be as gorgeous as the iPhone’s initially, they would have to admit that it would score very high on a few aspects and Health and fitness apps for Apple Watch would be the ones that could compel people to line up for the Watch.

Here is the roundup of some of the yet-to-arrive Apple Watch apps. Let’s ride ahead!

Best Apple Watch Apps

#1. GPS Tracks

GPS Tracks Apple Watch App IconGPS Tracks has been made to let users track their waypoints or route. With very user-friendly features such as, Current Track Information, Current Location Information and Current Waypoint Information, this app can be very handy for Apple Watch users in assisting them track locations quickly.

Thanks to the playback feature, you can record any location at your own convenience. Moreover, it allows you to add a waypoint to your current location as well.

Price: $7.99
Download GPS Tracks

#2. Places Around

Places Around Apple Watch App IconPlaces Around can be pivotal for Apple Watch users while travelling. You can check out the nearby places and services such as, Restaurants, ATMs, GAS Stations etc. This app provides some pre-defined services in order to make things simple for you. However, you can also speak to the app to find any specific service as per your need.

With the use of this app, you will be able to quickly find out contact details, open hours as well as the distance of any place. You can view the place on the map and use Apple Watch to find out the directions of the place you are looking for.

Price: $1.99
Download Places Around

#3. RemindMeAt

RemindMeAt Apple Watch App IconThere are quite a number of times people forget to remember many petty things like, shopping lists when they reach shopping center or place where they have parked their car at the airport etc. Based on GPS location, RemindMeAt allows you to view active notes instantly as a result you never forget anything.

This app can be vital for the folks who are a little forgetful and always find it hard to keep specific notes remembered.

Price: $2.99
Download RemindMeAt

#4. #Notes

Hashtag Notes Apple Watch App Icon#Notes has been designed to allow you to make notes in a rapid time. Many a time you have very little time to create a note and lack of efficient tools badly hurt. All you have to do is dictate the app and once you have completed it, tap on Done. The note which you make is quickly added and that’s not all, tags are also identified automatically.

Price: $1.99
Download #Notes

#5. TicTalkToc By BrightDigit

TicTalkToc Apple Watch App IconWhile delivering speech, most people tend to go overboard and forget to keep up with the allotted time. If you are one of those who often have to deliver speech or go for presentation, TicTalkToc will be a perfect tool for you. It shows green color to suggest that you have reached minimum time, yellow to indicate the remaining within time and red to signify that your time is almost over. In addition, it offers 30 seconds of grace.

Price: $4.99
Download TicTalkToc

#6. Calculator+

Calculator+ Apple Watch App IconApple Watch, perhaps the best smart watch in the world, doesn’t have a calculator. Sounds surprising! But it’s a fact and therefore, here is a wonderful app Calculator+ that does the job. This app is simple, usable and beautiful. Large buttons, clear result, advanced operations and multiple themes are some of the key features of this app. Other smart features of Calculator+ are: elegant & intuitive interface, handwriting support, display of equation & result simultaneously, fraction & percent support, scientific function support, advanced editing etc.

Price: Free
Download Calculator+

#7. Learn A Word

Learn A Word Apple Watch App IconLearn A Word specialises in letting users build up a strong vocabulary of English language. With a new word each day, it strives to enhance your word bank. It offers relevant images of thesaurus to make learning new words ultra-easy for you.

As your Apple Watch will always be on your wrist, learning a new word or getting a good command over vocabulary can become quite an easy affair with this app.

Price: Free [for limited time.] Download Learn a Word

#8. Easy Cooking Timer

Easy Cooking Timer Apple Watch App IconThis app is all about helping you cook your dish in time. Cooking food in a quick time is on the wish list of chefs but few are able to keep pace with it or simply fail to carry out the task within the fixed time. Easy Cooking Timer lets you enter the steps which you want to follow for a particular item of dish and the exact time you wish to allot to it. Through push notifications, it keeps you alerted making you know how fast you have to get things done.

Price: $2.99
Download Easy Cooking Timer

#9. O & X Watch Edition

O & X Apple Watch App IconEver wanted to play O & X game on your upcoming Apple Watch? This app is going to let you play your favorite game on Apple watch. As it can be synced with iPhone and iPad, you would always be able to play your game without any restrain and also compete with your friends in the right earnest.

O & X Watch Edition has the spice and flavour to be an addictive game app which you would enjoy playing in altogether new way on your Apple Watch.

Price: Free
Download O & X

#10. Newton Calculator

Newton Apple Watch App IconNewton Calculator is a calculator app for Apple Watch. It is both voice and touch based. This app offers plenty of handy features such as, an advanced numeric keypad. It provides the support of calculations which mix units. It allows you to have comfortable access to common physical constants too.

This calculator app for Apple Watch seems to have enough promise to keep you on waiting until it arrives for the watch.

Price: $8.99
Download Newton Calculator

#11. TL-DR Email By

TL;DR Email Apple Watch App IconTL-DR is a decent email app for iPhone. It is going to arrive for the upcoming Apple Watch as well with the same concept.

This Apple Watch app has been built to help you browse emails instantly on your watch. It provides email feed as cards so that you can quickly have a glance at them. TL-DR allows you to view conversations, links, images and reply. You can also like any email without having to quit the feed.

The read time estimation lets you read long emails with ease. You can use this app to write emails in a rapid time. In addition, it also enables you to highlight your message using color or image. If need be, you can record a message for instant communication.

Price: Free
Download TL;DR

#12. MileWiz By SilverWiz

MileWiz Apple Watch App IconYou can get tax deductions whether your drive car for personal or business purpose. If you drive 30 miles per day, you would be able to save as much as $45000 on your tax return. MIleWiz is a very useful mile tracker app for Apple Watch. It tracks your drives automatically and lets you classifies it as personal or business.

This app notifies you whenever any new drive is found out. Moreover, it allows you to view current drive status as well in order that you have just the right insight about your journey.

Price: Free
Download MileWiz

#13. Todoist By:

Todoist Apple Watch App IconTodoist is a highly efficient Apple Watch task manager app. This app strives to make the most of Apple Watch’s Glances feature that lets users have a quick look at the updates. When you tap on a task, you will be able to have an easy access to inbox, projects as well as today view.

This app allows you to check out upcoming tasks, reply to any message or comments, schedule your task and more. Simply tap on a task, you will get the option to postpone it or complete it right from the comfort of your Apple Watch.

This app lets you view as well as interact all the notifications you receive on your iPhone. If managing your task through iPhone or iPad has been a little difficult task, this Apple Watch app is sure to bring more convenience into the otherwise demanding process for you.

#14. Moment By Justred Holdings

Moment Time Value Journal App IconMoment is a time management app for Apple Watch. With a number of rich insights, it enriches your thoughts as well as perspectives as to how best you can manage your time. This app enables you to track your daily goals so that you are able to see where you can improve and the areas which need to be addressed properly.

You can add value about every event to your calendar. It allows you to view your goal status in a glance. Hence, you remain committed to your goal and how you have chosen to get the most of your time.

#15. MoneyWiz – Personal Finance By

MoneyWiz for Apple WatchMoneyWiz is a an intuitive personal finance app. It endeavours to help you manage your finance with utmost ease. With the use of this app, you can put accounts, budgets and bills at one place and hence be able to get them instantly without any hassle. You can enter income and expenses on the move. It boasts of many good-looking themes to match the dashing style of your Apple Watch as well.

#16. Captain – Smart Shopping By: Artur Kiulian

Capitan for Apple WatchThis app has been developed to make your shopping a true delight. The best thing about this app is that it keeps on guiding you regarding which item is located where within the store and also offers right suggestions based on your habit. If you are someone who often forgets to shop the items you want from shopping stores, then Captain Smart Shopping is just the perfect app for you.

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