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Apple Watch is designed to enhance your productivity. There are so many things you can do with this wearable device. By downloading some of the best productivity apps on Apple Watch, you can create a to-do list, handle automation and shortcuts, track all your personal goals, manage time & tasks and more. iGeeksBlog has listed seven coolest productivity apps you can use through your Apple Watch.

Best Apple Watch Productivity Apps

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Best Productivity Apps for Apple Watch


#1. Trello

Trello Apple Watch App Screenshot

Modern life keeps us busy, and for most of us, it is getting way too difficult to organize everything. From dawn to dusk, we are loaded with thousands of chores and tasks. Therefore, we need an electronic companion that can help us organize our tasks. With Trello, you can easily organize anything you are working on. You can create boards of cards and can use them solo or invite colleagues, friends, and family to work together. As you have this wearable device, you can accomplish your tasks while you are on the go. Handle notifications; make, read and comment on cards; check which cards are remained or get to know which ones are opened; and finally, check the listed items and put a label on labels. Trello is developed by Fog Creek Software.

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Price: Free
Download Trello

#2. Things 3

Things 3 Apple Watch App Screenshot

Your daily tasks are done easily with Things. All in a day’s work like getting your hair cut, making an order for a cake, book a table at a nearby restaurant and what not. It is a perfect app that helps you achieve everything you want in your life. Not just this, Things can also help you manage your entire projects; accomplish your health goals too with this app. It is an easy to use a task manager on your wrist.

Price: $9.99
Download Things 3

#3. Do Button

Do Button Apple Watch App IconCustomize your world with just a tap of a button. It’s Do Button now available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Control all your internet-connected devices with just a tap of a button. Create your personalized button and save time. Now you can quickly track your time and location, share or store your current status with ease, set the living room to your favorite temperature, tweet your current location, and open and close your garage. You can add up to 3 recipes at a time.

Price: Free
Download Do Button

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

#4. OmniFocus 2

OmniFocus 2 Apple Watch App Screenshot

In this fast-paced life, it is difficult to strike a work-life balance. But here is a cool app that keeps you on top of your projects and goals, achieves targets faster. OmniFocus 2 for Apple Watch app gives you the freedom to check your upcoming task. OmniFocus is an amazing task management tool that allows streamlining your tasks to make you more productive than before. The app gives you regular notifications so that you don’t miss any task pre-set by you.

Price: $39.99
Download OmniFocus 2

#5. gTasks Pro

gTasks Pro Apple Watch App Screenshot

While we are using multiple communication devices, it is imperative to synchronize all these devices to make our life comfortable. And gTasks Pro does just the job for you. With this app on your Apple Watch, you can easily sync your tasks with Google and across your iPhone & iPad devices. Some of the finest features of this app are: sync tasks with Google Tasks, sync tasks between your watch, iPhone and iPad, view your tasks & calendar events in one place, keep your tasks organized, location-based reminders, set repeating tasks like “Bill Payment” every month.

Price: $4.99
Download gTasks Pro

#6. GoodTask 2

GoodTask 2 Apple Watch App IconThe app has got rave reviews from all leading online media channels. It’s not just another to-do app. It stands out from the crowd as a well-designed, well-implemented to-do app with some modifications on how to add tasks. With this app on Apple Watch, you can enhance the performance of good old built-in reminders, which can be powerful task manager. Browse your tasks on a stunningly designed list, day, week and month views.

Price: Free
Download GoodTask 2

#7. Todo Cloud

Todo Cloud Apple Watch App Screenshot

Sync your tasks with multiple devices, enjoy bulk-editing and sharing lists. This is your Todo Cloud on your latest Apple Watch. This app allows you to work with tasks, lists, projects, and checklists from your wrist. This wonderful app has features with which you can view next three tasks and your progress, view your current list and check off items and view your projects from your wrist.

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Price: Free
Download ToDo Cloud

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