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6 Best Halloween Games for iPhone and iPad [2013]

Halloween’s right around the corner. While you think about all the different Halloween ideas that are popping right, left and center, make sure you don’t miss out on the fun of all the wonderful Halloween games for iPhone/iPad. These Halloween apps/games are built for both the iPhone

10 Best iPhone Puzzle Games of 2013

Puzzle games for the iPhone are awesome. Not only are these terrifically interesting but puzzle games are well-known to help sharpen your brain. There are literally thousands of puzzle games for the iPhone. Obviously, we’ve got our personal favorites which are also some of the finest iPhone

Numbler Math Game for iPhone/iPad: Scrabble with Numbers

Scrabble is a renowned game in the world of words. It’s methodic scoring is only matched by the simple gameplay: it’s about your vocabulary and your thinking capability. Numbler is something very similar but with one major difference: you play with numbers and mathematical operators instead of