Apple Arcade Family Games You Should Play Now!

Best Apple Arcade Family Games for iPhone, iPad, ​and Apple TV

Apple Arcade brings your family close together. This sounds surprising! Well, Apple’s game center offers amazing family games, which can bring each other close. By using Family Sharing, members can play family games on different devices of Apple. Are you excited to play? Go ahead and check my favorite and best Apple Arcade family games for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Apple Arcade has a variety of offerings in various categories. We loved finding the best puzzle games for you available on this platform.

Best Apple Arcade Family Games for iPhone, iPad, ​and Apple TV

All the mentions below are suitable for the family. While some are for age group four and above, a few are for ages nine and above.

#1. PAC-MAN Party Royale: Be the last PAC-MAN Standing

PAC-MAN Party Royale Apple Arcade Family Game for iPhone, iPad, ​and Apple TVThis new game mixes the instant fun of arcade retro gaming to modern family gameplay. Up to four members can play this together using any Apple device. You can play locally by creating a party or joining a party via party code and also can also play online, and the developers are working to open up the possibility of playing with random players.

You have to eat pellets to gain speed. Also, the more PAC-MAN you eat, the number of ghosts will increase who will try to get revenge because you ate them. Also, all players have to act fast! If there is no winner soon, the maze will start collapsing, and the safe area will shrink until there is just one PAC-MAN left. It can be a fun routine after dinner.


#2. Frogger in Toy Town: Rescue the Froglets

Frogger in Toy Town Apple Arcade Family Game for iPhone, iPad ​and Apple TV

The classic frog action is simple and fun to play. Though only one member can play at a time, the game in itself is for all family members above four. Here you have to topple blocks and push away books, crossroads full of cars, and save froglets.

One great thing that I like about it is that you can play this in portrait orientation or landscape orientation. This makes it suitable to play while you are standing or waiting for your Uber ride. And when you are in the comfort of your couch, you can enjoy landscape mode. I tried both and loved it. Customizing the Frogger is fun on its own!


#3. Dodo Peak: Catch the Eggs and Safely Bring the Babies Home

Dodo Peak Apple Arcade Family Game for iPhone, iPad ​and Apple TV

Who knew controlling an extinct bird could be fun! You start this pretty, colorful looking game, and eggs fall out from Dodo’s hut. You are the mother Dodo, and you have to catch those eggs, and as soon as you pick them, baby Dodo hatches out. Save them from snakes, monkeys, and other creatures. Finally, bring them inside the safety of your hut.

Controls are very straightforward and fluid. Anyone can learn and start playing in a few seconds. Several environments like islands, sunset hills, scary volcanoes keep it fun and refreshing.

Over the top, Dodo Peak also supports external controller, and like all games on this list, you can enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.


#4. Fledgling Heroes: Swim, Sprint, and Fly in an Adventure with Pirates, Wizards, and Treasure

Fledgling Heroes Apple Arcade Family Game for iPhone, iPad, ​and Apple TVDive straight into a daring experience and reach the finish pole. You can play Fledgling Heroes with one more family member or friend. Whenever you feel like you are at a dangerous intersection, just play along with a friend. Now both of you can take this journey together.

There are over 90 handcrafted levels set in captivating environments. You can also customize your birds with colors! What’s unique is that you can go full creative and make your very own levels using the built-in editor. And you can share these levels with your friends and family.


#5. LEGO Brawls: Action Thriller with up to 10 Players

LEGO Brawls Apple Arcade Family Game for iPhone, iPad ​and Apple TV

Developed by the iconic LEGO, Brawls is compelling. You can bring in all your buddies and play at a time. Also you have to run, jump, smash things, fire, and whatnot. You can design your figurines with unique brawling abilities.

Teamwork is involved here. You can work together with your friends and family members to control iconic LEGO levels. Expanding the collection of minifigs and power-ups keeps this game active, and you won’t feel bored at any point in time.


Wrapping up…

I played over two dozen family titles and selected these five for you. All the games here provide a great visual experience, and the controls on each one of these are quick and straightforward to figure out. Everyone on the family, from kids to adults, can play these and share a laugh or comment.

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So, which games did you enjoy reading about, and which ones are you trying out first? Mention your thoughts in the comments below.

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