Best Apple Arcade Action Games for iPhone

Best Apple Arcade Action Games for iPhone, iPad, ​and Apple TV

People of all age groups love action movies and games. They are exciting and make our hearts and mind active. After covering the best Apple Arcade games across various categories like Puzzle games and Family games, here I am listing the best Action games that you can play on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Everything mentioned here is quick to play, and the game controls are easy to learn. You won’t be bored of these, as the graphics, background sound, and the upcoming levels are a notch above the predecessor. Let us dive right in and start playing the best Apple Arcade action games on our iPhone and other Apple devices.

1. Hexa Flip: Puzzler full of Action and Colors

Hexaflip Apple Arcade Action Game for iPhone, iPad, ​and Apple TV

This game is on the top of the list because it is simple, fast, and easily playable yet tricky to master. The controls of this awesome game are just taps on the left and right sides.

In Hexa Flip, you have to flip through mazes that are filled with deadly obstacles. Along the way, you have to avoid things like hammer, spikes, lasers, etc. The game looks very beautiful, and the background sound is excellent as well. I quite love this hyper-casual game. It is good to pass the time or challenge your brain to conquer the various stages.


2. Agent Intercept: The Racing Game of my Choice

Agent Intercept Apple Arcade Action Game for iPhone, iPad, ​and Apple TV

While I recommend Agent Intercept to you, I might seem a bit biased. This is because I love driving games where cars and bikes are involved. Here, you are an agent, and you have to put a stop to the operations of a rogue organization before it is too late.

You can play this richly visual, action-packed game using a controller and race against time to chase the bad guys. Vibrant art and graphics with original songs inspired by the soundtracks of the spy genre provide a complete experience. You can play Agent Intercept on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.


3. Pinball Wizard: Same Old Pinball with a Fresh new Story

Pinball Wizard Apple Arcade Action Game for iPhone, iPad, ​and Apple TV

I am confident that you know Pinball. I am also pretty sure you have played it and loved it. Well, Pinball Wizard takes inspiration from Pinball and escalates it to the next level. It is perfect for playing during the commute or waiting for a ride or casually in lunch breaks.

In this adventure cum action game, you have to use a set of flippers and propel the main character, which is a wizard into finding keys of the tower and helping it go inside. The game is full-on fun and engaging.


4. Speed Demons: Navigate Among 100 Vehicles on Screen

Speed Demons Apple Arcade Action Game for iPhone, iPad, ​and Apple TV

A dramatic experience with top-notch graphics makes this driving game thrilling to play. The roads are full of cars, and you have to find your way through them. There are instances when there may be up to one hundred vehicles on screen at once! You have to navigate your way among these safely!

Speed Demons has seamless iCloud saving across multiple devices. You can enjoy this ultimate endless highway game on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. The controls are simple. It will take hardly thirty seconds to figure out everything. If you love racing games like me, I would suggest that you give this one the green signal.


5. Super Impossible Road: Roll Over the Galaxy

Super Impossible Road Apple Arcade Action Game for iPhone, iPad, ​and Apple TV

Stop reading and play! You will be blown by the details and graphics quality of Super Impossible Road. Here you are a next-gen rolling ball. You have to control this across dangerous courses that coil over mesmerizing galactic backgrounds.

You can also race online with up to eight players at once. Another exciting thing to note is you can play it using the MFi game controller, or Playstation 4 Dual Shock or Xbox One controller. Overall the electronica soundtrack and mind-boggling colors make it a must-play.

Personally, for me, Super Impossible Road was a bit tough to play because it is rapid and you can not afford to focus anywhere else except your iPhone’s screen. But isn’t this what makes an action game worthy!


Signing off…

I think you downloaded all the games I listed above. That’s excellent. After you are done playing my recommended games, explore the App Store, and if you find other similar games, please write that down in the comments below.

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