Best VR Games for iPhone in 2019: Awe-Inspiring Gaming Experience

Fight your way to the stardom in an awesome virtual reality world! We have picked out the top 2019 VR games for iPhone, which you would love to play for hours. What makes them steal the show are a great concept and the ability to keep your fascination intact for long...

Virtual reality games are unbelievably addictive. With immersive 3D experience and spectacular graphics, they take you into a make-believe world where everything looks exceptional.

Though I am not a hardcore gamer, I love to indulge in wonderful games with a great concept. Having played a lot of exciting games, I thought of taking my love for gaming an altogether new level. Based on the thrill and unmatched concept, these VR games have become my hot favorite. Would you like to check them out! Let’s unravel the list!

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Best 2019 VR Games for iPhone

#1. VR XRacer

VR XRacer iPhone and iPad VR Game Screenshot

Get ready for some fast-paced action as VR XRacer is fully readied to ramp up your adrenaline! You have to lead your team to safeguard the earth from the UFO spaceship attacks. Make the best use of destructive missiles and lethal weapons to destroy the enemies.

As the airway is extremely dangerous, you need to on the money at all times to not just avoid getting killed but also fight out the powerful enemies. There are two modes: virtual reality and hand modes. Awesome 3D visual effects and graphics ensure you never get tired of playing.

Price: Free

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#2. InCell VR

InCell VRGame Screenshot

Enjoy playing action/racing games? InCell VR can be a typical potboiler for you as it’s got everything you would want to infuse plenty of fun into your gaming! You have to give your best to prevent the world from being eliminated. Enter the micro world, explore the human cell and bring all your experience and excellence to fight out the challenge of virus wave.

Though the game is designed for VR, you can play it even without a headset. Moreover, InCell is compatible with View-Master, Fibrum, Homido, Lakento, Archos, Durovis and much other Cardboard like headsets.

Price: Free

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#3. Sisters

Sisters iPhone VR Game Screenshot

“Sisters” is not for weak-hearted people, who get frightened of horror contents. This game is a VR Ghost Story, which gives you a spine-chilling experience while you are playing it on your iPhone. Add to your fear, there are immersive 360-degree visuals and audio.

You can control this game easily with its simple look-based controls. The digitally-painted environment creates scarier effects when you play Sisters on your Apple phone. Virtual reality head tracking provides you more real experience.

Price: Free

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#4. End Space VR

End Space VRGame Screenshot

Hunting for a game that can offer stunning VR experience and also let you sharpen your shooting skill? You shouldn’t look beyond End Space VR—the first-person arcade space shooter.

With fabulous gameplay and a number of mighty powerful enemies, this space shooter is as thrilling as you can ever imagine. It boasts of three extreme space environments where you will love flying. Besides, AAA graphics and 3D sound ensure your joyride never hits a bumpy ride!

Price: $0.99

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#5. Fractal Combat X (FCX)

Fractal Combat X (FCX)Game Screenshot

Are you up for a scintillating fight combat game? Fractal Combat X can be an absolute entertainer for you! Enriched by the awe-inspiring 3D graphics, incredible fractal landscapes, this VR game is pure class. There are tons of missions in the story mode to keep you hooked for long.

The fascinating soundtrack brings the real spice into the play. As new missions are added regularly, you always have something really cool to go for!

Price: Free

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#6. Romans From Mars 360

Romans From Mars 360Game Screenshot

Ready to indulge in a superb game of heroics? Romans From Mars 360 can be as addictive as it can ever get. As a Roman soldier, you have to fight against the invading Martin Army. Make the best use of the hands-free movement to attack your enemies with arrows. You are powerful enough to use not just fire, ice, lightning but also earth to win the war against your enemies.

To ensure your dominance continues to decimate opponents, don’t fail to create deadly weapons!

Price: Free

#7. Final Kick VR

Final Kick VRGame Screenshot

Do you really love the tense moments of penalty shots? “Final Kick VR” has to be your top-notch choice as a big football fan.

Play against the best teams in the world. Perfect your defining shots and crush your opponents with your excellent skill and then become the world champion. This VR game will provide you an excellent experience of your football fantasy.

Price: Free

#8. House of Terror VR

House of Terror VRGame Screenshot

How about fighting against monsters? House of Terror VR can be a top choice for the folks who love to go beyond the typical plots. It is exceedingly challenging and full of intriguing puzzles.

Something has gone wrong, and you have to discover the true reason. Go to the root cause to find out the clues, making sure you don’t get caught. The dark and dreading environments full of traps and monsters will test your courage. And, the puzzles will keep blocking your path to freedom!

Price: Free

#9. Roller Coaster VR

Roller Coaster VRGame Screenshot

Looking to experience the remarkable beauty of VR dreams? Roller Coaster VR” has been primed to let you travel to the spectacle of virtual reality.

Make the most of 360-degree VR simulation and explore the wonderland to your heart out and feel its fascinating ambiance. The enthralling space shooters, westerns, three-dimensional races, breathtaking rides, jaw-dropping adventures will keep you engrossed for more.
Oh yes, the horrors of the zombie apocalypse are too scary not to decimate your plans!

Price: Free

#10. Zombie Shooter VR

Zombie Shooter VRGame Screenshot

Ready to indulge in an endless battle against bloodthirsty zombies? “Zombie Shooter VR” can be icing on the cake for you to showcase your supremacy.

Move through subway cars, tunnels, and spooky environments and flex your muscle to win as many battles as you can. This game is all about shooting your opponents. The concept of the game may be simple, but it can keep you thoroughly entertained.

Price: Free


Google Cardboard VR Games

Google Cardboard VR Games for iPhone and iPad

You shouldn’t miss out on this package if playing VR games is your addiction and you just never seem to get enough of them.

The bundle includes four fantastic VR games like Rollercoaster, Jurassic, VR Moon and Space Shooter. The best thing about them is the neatly woven concept and a plethora of challenges they dish out. And not to speak of the world-class graphics which look so timeless!

Price: $4.99

That’s all for now!

What’s your favorite?

Enjoyed taking a peek at these games? I hope you have already grabbed some of them for your fun time, haven’t you? Do let us know your picks?

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