Best Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone: Experience 3D Movies and Videos in their Full-Fledged Avatar

Take your gaming to the next level by choosing one of these top 10 VR headsets for iPhone! They are very comfy to wear and also allow you to adjust PD and FD to bolster your 360-degree panorama viewing experience. Find out more about what they have in store for you:

Virtual Reality headset offers a great way to relish the larger-than-life experience. Though I’m not a hardcore gamer, I never shy away from the challenge and like taking the fight to the opposition for absolute domination! As for 3D movies, I have a huge fascination for the ones that boast several twists and turns. Based on the qualities they are equipped with, these are my best VR headphones for the iPhone.

The biggest highlight of the headsets is the enhanced comfort they offer. That means, your playtime will remain plain sailing for hours. Besides, they also shield your eyes against blue ray. Jump over to discover if they deserve your time!

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Best Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone

#1. Pansonite

Pansonite VR Headset for iPhone

If comfort is your priority, the VR set from Pansonite will please you by all means. Extra soft cushion pampers your nose and face even if you have it on for hours. With built-in headphones, you do not need to remove the VR set also if someone calls you. The HD resin lens gives you the clear picture without hurting your eyes.

Using the adjustment available on the top of the VR set, you can adjust the lens to suit your viewing requirements. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote to control most of the operations on your iPhone, so you don’t get disturbed while enjoying the game or watching a movie.

Compatibility: iPhone X, 8, 7, 6/6s plus
USP: Built-in headphone
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DESTEK V4 VR Headset for iPhone

With a 103 degrees field of view, you are not just viewing; it feels as you are part of the movie. Crystal clear picture quality is remarkably excellent. It also features Anti-Blue light HD lens delivering unparalleled clarity that can be compared to IMAX. It comes with a remote controller that does all the work; whether controlling the volume while watching a movie, or controlling your character in the game.

The soft cushions on the set will give you a comfortable viewing for hours, while the strap is slightly higher so it goes over your ears. It also won’t pain your head on the back. The only downside is that you cannot have your glasses on while using it.

Compatibility: iPhone XS/Max/XR/X/8/7 Plus/6s/6/6 Plus
USP: Anti-Blue light HD lense
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BNEXT iPhone VR Headset

The VR headset from BNEXT offers bigger lens compared to other products, giving better viewing experience. This one is perfect for gaming purpose as it provides better FD and OD adjustments with extra wide FOV to expand the viewing angle. Just like all other headsets, the fitting and straps are incredibly soft to give comfort for hours.

The only limitation is that it does not come with built-in headphone or remote control and managing all them separately might be a little tedious. But it does come with a few free VR content.

Compatibility: All the iPhones
USP: Free VR content with headset
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#4. EKIR

EKIR VR Headset for iPhone

EKIR VR Headset for iPhone has almost all features that you might want. Starting with remote control, to built-in headphone for crystal clear sound. Ergonomics design, and soft leather to give you a comfortable viewing experience. The lens has blue coating film, reflecting the blue lights from iPhone that may hurt your eyes.

It is a perfect gift this Christmas for your kids or family and friends. It is adaptable to people’s eye even to those with near-sightedness. All in all, it is a great product to have.

Compatibility: iPhone X, 8, 7, 6/6s plus, 5s, 5
USP: Remote control and built-in headphone
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BNEXT VR Headset for iPhone

Sporting a stylish look, BNEXT excels in providing 360-degree VR experience. Courtesy the wide FOV; your videos appear larger than life. To prevent your eyes from burning, it also provides an eyesight protection system.

The adjustable head strap and soft nosepiece don’t allow pressure to build up. You can also get on top of FD and OD to suit your vision a bit better. Aside from supporting tons of apps, it also offers a QR code with special VR content.

Compatibility: iPhone 7/7 plus/6/6 plus/6s/5s/5c/5
USP: Wide compatibility
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LEKAMXING Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone

Showcasing trendy and ergonomic design, LEKAMXING has got an impressive profile. It comes with adjustable head straps that bring in the needed convenience and also play a pivotal role in boosting coziness.

PU leather mask feels nice to the touch, while the removable absorption panel helps the smartphone in remaining cool. Thus, your long run with gaming won’t have any impact on your smartphone. The easy lens adjustment improves viewing quality. Lastly, LEKAMXING is backed by 90-days warranty.

Compatibility: iPhone X, 8, 7, 6/6s plus
USP: PU leather mask
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#7. Osloon

Osloon Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone

We can easily say the Osloon is one of the best VR headsets for iPhone. It has everything you need and not just that, quality is superior compared to others. With built-in headphones to call control buttons on the headset, it has got you covered while having the set on. Comfortable leather and perfect fit over your head is a big plus. You can even adjust the headphones as you need over your ears.

The only downside is it doesn’t come with a remote controller for gaming. You may need to get it separately.

Compatibility: iPhone XS, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 5
USP: Call option button on the headset
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#8. Pansonite

Pansonite Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone

The stunning mix of advanced technology and appreciable design, Pansonite has to be your undisputed asset to get the most out of your favorite 3D movies and high-octane games.

HD resin aspherical lens offers high-resolution imaging. Based on your convenience, you can effortlessly adjust both pupil and focal distance. The t-shaped strap is fully adjustable and designed to reduce the pressure on your head, eyes, and face. The soft and breathable leather padding further bolsters the comfort level. Thanks to the removable front cover, it provides better heat dissipation; thereby keeping your iPhone cool.

Compatibility: iPhone X, 8, 7, 6/6s plus
USP: Fully adjustable strap
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MERGE VR Headset for iPhone

Here comes the VR headset “MERGE” that has been highly appreciated by both experts and users. It’s the proud winner of several noted awards including Academics’ Choice award and 2017 Parents’ Choice Award.

Made of marshmallow-soft foam material, the headset feels pretty cozy. Hence, you won’t get worn out even after a marathon play. Dual input buttons and adjustable lenses further enhance its usability. That aside, MERGE is available in nine vibrant color options like green, purple, yellow, grey, teal, etc.

Compatibility: iPhone 7/7 plus/6/6 plus/6s
USP: Marshmallow-soft foams material
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#10. VeeR OASIS

VeeR OASIS Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone

VeeR OASIS is right on the money when it comes to making your 3D movie watching a delightful experience. It offers a hassle-free focal length adjustment up to 600 degrees with myopia and 200 degrees with hyperopia. It allows pupil distance of up to 12mm.

The 112° wide-angle lens is decent enough to keep you hooked for more. The aspheric optical lens gets rid of optical deficiencies, whereas multilayer blue film offers protection to your eyes filtering out harmful lights. And with noise-reducing Hi-Fi stereo headphones onboard, you will have fabulous sound quality.

Compatibility: 4 to 6.2 inch screens size iPhones
USP: Multilayer blue film
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That’s all, friends!

What’s your favorite?

So, it’s time to tell us which one of the above headsets has lived up to your demand? Plus, tell us about the features you have found appreciable in them.

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