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iGBHow-to15 Tips to Use iPhone Headphones for Calls, Siri, and More!

15 Tips to Use iPhone Headphones for Calls, Siri, and More!

Though the wireless AirPods have taken over the arena by storm, this does not make the wired Apple EarPods obsolete. They are still excellent for music, calls, etc. Whether you have one with the 3.5mm headphone jack or the Lightning connector helps to know how to utilize them like a pro. In this guide, let me show you 15 tips and tricks to get the best of your iPhone headphones while using them for calls, Siri, music, and more.

Ways to Use iPhone Headphones like a Pro

The buttons on the EarPods remote control can be used for several actions. Here are the best ones categorized under suitable headings. Note that most of the actions below can also be performed using any reputable, MFi certified earphone with remote.

Apple EarPods Remote


1. Play or Pause: Press the center button of the headphone remote control. This will pause the playing song and vice versa. It works with any media app with audio output like Music, Spotify, Podcasts, Video, YouTube, VLC, Safari, etc.

2. Volume Up and Volume Down: Press the (+) and () buttons to perform this job. This works system-wide for any app.

3. Skip to the next song: Quickly double press the center button to play the next song. The Podcast app lets you customize this action. For this, open the Settings app → Podcasts → under EXTERNAL CONTROLS choose between Next/Previous or Skip Forward/Back. Note: If the current podcast has chapters, it will go to the next chapter instead of ‘Playing Next.’

4. Restart the current song from the beginning or Go back to the previous song: Quickly triple press the center button to play the current song from its beginning. Next, if you again quickly triple press the center button (I guess within 5 seconds), you will switch to the song playing before the current one.

5. Fast-forward: Double press and hold to fast forward the song, podcast, etc.

6. Rewind: Triple press and hold to rewind the media. This is the opposite of the above tip.


7. Pick up an incoming call: Press the center button once.

8. End the ongoing call: Press the center button once to end the current ongoing call.

9. Reject an incoming call: When your iPhone gets the call notification, press and keep holding the center button until you hear two beeps. The call will be rejected (and sent to the Voicemail, if applicable).

10. Put the current call on Hold: Suppose you are talking to someone, and you get another call. In this situation, if you press the center button once, the current call will go on hold, and the new incoming call will be answered.

11. Switch between calls: Suppose you are on multiple calls at once. In such a scenario, press the center remote button to put the current call on hold and switch to the next call.

12. End one of the multiple calls: Suppose you are on multiple active calls. If you press and hold the center button, it will end the current call, and you will automatically switch to the next call.


13. Summon Siri: Press and hold the center button to call the Assistant.

14. Close Siri: Single press the center button to get out of the Siri screen.


15. Use wired headphones as Camera remote: When you are inside the Camera app, press either the Volume Up (+) or Volume Down (-) button of the connected wired iPhone headphones. This will click the picture or start the video recording or panorama. To stop video recording, press either the (+) or (-) button.

Signing Off!

This is how you can use the buttons on your wired earphones to perform several actions. Now, it is worth noting that you can do most of these, even with an iPad or iPod touch. Finally, you can also enjoy some controls like play, pause, etc. on Mac while using iPhone EarPods in QuickTime Player, Music app, etc.

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