Using Your iPhone Headphone for Calls, Siri, and More [Quick Tips]

You get a sense of Apple’s focus on design and an ability to encompass user-experience into it so wonderfully when you start using the headphones the way they were meant to be. Besides the “revolutionary” design and quality, the Apple earpods/earphones are actually controls for a lot of things on the iPhone.

The buttons on the earphones control the volume and the playback of music but that’s not all. Your Apple earphones can help you answer/reject calls, interact with Siri and do more. Here are some tips for beginners who’ve just started using Apple’s earphones on iPhone.

Use Your iPhone Headphone for Calls, Siri, and More


The earphones was largely designed to be able to control music playback. You don’t have to pick the iPhone/iPod to change tracks, pause the playback, or fast-forward/rewind. The center button, in fact, takes care of almost everything that you’d want to do to the playback.

#1. Play/Pause = single-click the center button.

#2. Next Track = double-click the center button.

#3. Previous Track = triple-click the center button.

#4. Fast-forward = double-click and hold the center button.

#5. Rewind = triple-click and hold the center button.


Most people know that pressing the center button answers the call. But what if you want to reject/silence a call?

#1. Answer/Disconnect a call = single-click the center button.

#2. Reject an incoming call = single-press and hold the center button


When you’re not on a call (or when you’re not receiving a call), long-pressing the center button  will trigger Siri on iPhone 4s, 5, 5c and 5s. Siri can “listen” through the mic on your earphones so you can command your iPhone through Siri without ever having to pick the iPhone up. Sending messages, setting up reminders, reading-out incoming messages can all be done easily.

To cancel Siri, click the center button once.


You probably know that the volume + button on the iPhone acts as a shutter for the camera app. The same thing applies to the earphone volume + too.

When you have the camera app opened, pressing the volume + on the earpods acts as a shutter. The trick works for other apps that support the shutter feature.


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