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iGBHow-toBest iPhone 11 Pro Max camera tips and tricks

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max camera tips and tricks

iPhone 11 series cameras have been the talk of the town ever since their debut on 10th September. The slofies or ultrawide pictures have been much appreciated and applauded. However, not all the features are out there on the screen some are hidden and I am here to uncover them. In this post, you will come across the best iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro camera tips and tricks so that you can up your photography skills.

Photography Tips and Tricks for iPhone

1. Take Slow-Motion Selfie Videos (Slofie)

Capture slow motion selfies on your newly acquired iPhone 11 series. To capture slofies first turn on the selfie mode on the normal camera and shift to slow-motion then.

2. Recompose your photos

Recompose Your Photos on iPhone 11 Pro Camera Tricks Tips

You can recompose the photos you have clicked on your iPhone to capture an object that you accidentally cut in the frame. To do so go to Settings – Camera – Toggle on ‘Photos/Videos Capture Outside Frame’. Now you can capture photos on the telephoto lens or normal wide lends. When you go to edit and crop the image you will see that the image is slightly wider than the one that you captured.

3. Take Ultra-Wide Angle Images

Take Ultra-Wide Angle Images On iPhone 11 Pro Camera Tricks Tips

What is your all-time favorite phrase when referring to something more? I think ‘The more the merrier’ is what comes to our minds, right? Well, Apple has heard it and it finally introduced an Ultra-wide camera lens. Take Ultra-Wide pictures by tapping on the0.5′ number above the shutter.

4. Take Wide Selfies

Take Wide Selfies on iPhone 11 Pro Camera Tricks Tips

Initially, you could only capture zoomed-in selfies but with the iPhone 11 series, you can expand the frame to capture more in every selfie. Simply tap on the expand arrows just above the shutter and add more to your selfies.

5. Capture Quick-Take Videos

Another, a new feature that has debuted with iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is the Quick Take videos. Basically, you can take real quick videos without switching from photos mode to video mode. Just press and hold on your shutter and swipe right to take a quick video.

6. Furry Portraits it is

Furry Portrait on iPhone 11 and iPhoen 11 Pro Camera Tricks Tips

The super-smart cameras of the iPhone 11 can now capture portraits of your furry friends as well. Your portraits are no-longer limited to capture humans.

7. Swipe Down for Additional Tools

Swipe Down for Additional Tools iPhoen 11 Pro Camera Tricks Tips

If you have been an iPhone lover you would be trying to locate the additional camera tools that were previously residing on the top of the screen, but that’s not the same with iPhone 11 series. To be able to access these tools you can either swipe up from the shutter or simply tap on the arrow on the tap of the screen.

8. Filter your Photos

Add filters to your photo on iphone 11 11 pro or 11 pro max 1

With some great camera filters, you can capture great Instagram pictures. But, you can not see where to do that? Well, just tap on the arrow on the top of your camera screen and tap on the primary colors icon on towards the right of your shutter.

9. Widen your Portraits

Widen your Portraits from iPhone 11 and iPhoen 11 Pro Camera Tricks Tips

So, if you are the proud owner of the iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro max you would even be able to capture wide portraits on your device. Just tap on the 1x icon on the left side of the frame and your frame would be widened.

10. Switch to Telephoto Lens

Switch between Ultra-Wide, Wide, and Telephoto lens on iPhone 11 Pro Using Radial zoom wheel

Now, if you have taken great wide and ultra-wide images I think you should also try the amazing telephoto lens as well. Just like the ultra-wide images you also have to access the telephoto lens by tapping on ‘2x’ above the shutter.

11. Changing the Aspect Ratio

Changing the Aspect Ratio on iPhone 11 and iPhoen 11 Pro Camera Tricks Tips

On the iPhone 11 series, you can now also change the aspect ratio of your frames. To change the aspect ratio you simply have to access the camera tools by tapping on the arrow on the top of the screen. And tap on the 4:3 ratio, this will open available aspect ratios for you to choose from.

12. Low Light captures with Night Mode

The Night Mode has been really an anticipated camera feature and it has finally appeared in the iPhone 11 series and how? I cannot get over the iPhone night mode and you should also try it out

13. Why not widen the Panos? 

Take Pano Photos on iPhone 11 and iPhoen 11 Pro Camera Tricks Tips

So if your photos can be wide why can’t the pano photos be wide as well? Tap on the 1x’ above the shutter and that’s about it.

14. Don’t forget to Burst it out

Capture Burst Photos on iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11

And last but certainly not the least our dear old Burst Photos which you can no longer take by simply pressing and holding on the shutter. You have press the shutter and swipe left to click burst photos and have to keep your finger in that position till you take the desired number of pictures.

15. Take Additional help from the best accessories

LiteChaser Pro by PolarPro iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Accessory

Have you ever wondered how their #shotoniPhone is better than yours? Along with their skill and talent, they add the professional touch with some additional help.

Help in the form of great camera apps for the iPhone , manual or otherwise. Then there are additional Camera Accessories from various types of lenses, flashes, tripodsgimbals, etc.

The sturdy, protective case accompanies, removable lenses, and grip. This whole combination lends users with a variety of freedom to click picture-perfect images or videos.

That’s a Wrap…

Well, that were all the camera tips and tricks for iPhone 11 series that I was able to cook-up till now, but rest assured I will come up with more really soon.

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Also, I would love knowing which amongst all these tricks was your favorite let me know that in the comments below

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