How to Use Podcasts App on iPhone and iPad: 9 Time-saving & Handy Tips

The Podcasts app built by Apple is a cool app for podcast subscribers. Granted, it’s not a full-featured app like a few other paid alternatives, but it does the job well. I’ve been using the app for quite some time, and in comparison to others (feature-rich, especially), I think I am quite happy with the minimalism of this one.

There are a few things within the Podcasts app that can help you manage, listen to and share episodes better.

Here’s a compilation of a few tips that will help you use the Podcasts app better.

Swipe to Delete

Want to delete a podcast episode from the list of episodes that shows up when you tap on a podcast? Just swipe. Swipe to delete is not a new thing on iOS, and you are familiar with it already. You can use the same gesture to delete podcast episodes too.

Both downloaded and yet-to-be-downloaded episodes on the list can be deleted this way. And you can get them back by using the ‘Add Old Episodes’ option way down in the episodes list.

Sleep Timer

Timer in Podcasts App
Want the Podcasts app to stop playing after a while? There’s an easy way to do it. Use the sleep timer. Right below the slider, you have the link for ‘Sleep Timer.’ Tap on this, and it pulls up a list of time intervals you can select from.

Sleep Timer in Podcasts App
When you choose a timer, the ‘Sleep Timer’ text is replaced by a countdown timer. The Podcasts app stops playing after the sleep timer is reached.

Share an Episode

Share Episodes in Podcasts App

If you want to share an audio podcast episode, you can use the share icon on the top of the episode album art. It’s simple after that. You get to share on Facebook, Twitter or via Email too.

Play all Unplayed Podcast Episodes

Play all Unplayed Episodes in Podcast AppThe best thing about Podcasts is that it lets you listen to all the stocked-up pile of unplayed podcasts without having to check each podcast station individually. The way to do this is:

Tap on My StationsAll Unplayed and you are set. The podcast order can be changed via Settings.

Sort Easy

Sorting podcasts is actually pretty easy. You can simply drag-drop the podcast album art in the tile view. You can also do the list-view + edit to sort in the traditional way, but I think this is an easier way to sort podcasts smoothly.



On-the-go lets you add podcast episodes without having to worry about the play order based on Podcast stations. (For instance, the All Unplayed station plays all unplayed episodes of a station before going over to the next one). On-the-go is the play queue for the episodes you want to listen.

Skip Ads

Skip Ads in Episodes in Podcasts App
Some podcasts have ads in them. Some have annoying long intros. Cut them short. Use the 15-second forward key to skip fifteen seconds of the episode. Sometimes, you might overshoot, but in most cases, this works just fine. If you overshoot, just let the podcast run a few seconds and then use the 15-sec backward jump. If your fingers are small enough, you can use the slider.

Ten-second forwards

If 15-second forwards are a tad too much forward, you can do 10-second forwards. When you tap and hold on the ‘Next’ icon, you will fast-forward the episode by ten-second jumps.

Removing Downloaded Episodes

While you can swipe to delete any episode, you can also tap on the blue icon and use ‘Remove Download’ option to remove the downloaded podcast. This saves space on your iPhone.