iOS 14: How to Use Podcasts App on iPhone and iPad

How to Use Podcasts App on iPhone and iPad to Enjoy Your Favorite Shows

Apple’s in-built Podcasts app is feature-rich and a great way to enjoy shows from your favorite creators. The app lets you subscribe to a podcast, download episodes for offline listening, enable Sleep Timer, change playback speed, and much more. In this beginner’s guide, let us look at all the basics on how to use the Podcasts app on iPhone and iPad.

  1. How to Listen to Podcasts on iPhone
  2. Control Podcast Playback
  3. How to Subscribe to a Podcast on iPhone
  4. Unsubscribe from Podcast Shows and Episodes
  5. How to Download Podcast Episodes
  6. Remove Downloaded Podcast Episodes
  7. How to Delete Podcast Episodes from iPhone
  8. Use Sleep Timer in Podcasts app on iPhone
  9. How to Share Podcast Show and Episode
  10. Skip Ads in Apple Podcasts App
  11. Use Siri to Listen to Podcasts on iPhone

How to Listen to Podcasts on iPhone

  1. Open the Podcasts app and tap on Browse on your iPhone or iPad.Open Podcasts Tap on Browse on iPhone
  2. Here you will see relevant shows. Tap on one. Or, you may also tap Search and type in a name
  3. Tap on an episode. It will start playing.Tap on Episode to Listen to Podcasts on iPhone in iOS 13

How to Control Podcast Playback

  1. After you play an episode, tap on the second bottom row to see the now playing screen
  2. Here you have two buttons to skip 15 ahead or 30 back. In now Playing Screen Tap on Skip Buttons on iPhoneYou may change this in the Settings app → PodcastsSKIP BUTTONS.Open Skip Buttons Settings from Podcasts Settings on iPhone
  3. 1x in the bottom left lets you increase or decrease the playback speed.Control Podcast Playback Speed on iPhone
  4. Want more options? Tap the three dots in the lower right. From here, you may share the podcast, add to the library, and more.Tap on Three Dots to Manage Share Options in Podcast on iPhone
  5. When you swipe up this now playing card, you have the option for Sleep timer, Description, Chapters, etc.Swipe Up to Manage Sleep Timer and Description in Podcasts Episode on iPhone

How to Subscribe to a Podcast on iPhone

  1. Tap on Browse or Search a podcast
  2. Now, tap on a show or tap See All next to Top Shows or Top Episodes.Tap on Browse and Then Tap on See All in iOS Podcasts App
  3. Next, tap on Shows and then tap on an individual show
  4. Tap on Subscribe.Subscribe to Shows in Podcasts app on iPhone

How to Unsubscribe from Podcasts Shows and Episodes

  1. To unsubscribe from a show, tap on LibraryShows.Tap on Library and Then Tap on Shows in Podcasts
  2. Tap on Individual show and then tap on three dots icon and then tap Unsubscribe.Unsubscribe from a Show in Podcasts app

How to Download Podcast Episodes from iPhone

  1. Go to a show or episode.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the plus icon to add it to your podcasts library
  3. Tap the download icon.Download Podcast Episodes
Open Settings and Tap on Podcasts on iPhone

You can also control podcast download options in the Settings app → Podcasts.

Tap on Download Episodes and Choose Preferred Options on iPhone

Under EPISODE DOWNLOADS tap on Download Episodes. From here, you may choose to download Only New episodes or the All Unplayed ones automatically.

How to Remove Downloaded Podcast Episodes

  1. Tap Library inside the Podcasts app.Open Podcasts App and Tap on Library
  2. Tap Downloaded Episodes.
  3. Touch and hold and tap Remove.Remove Downloaded Podcast Episodes in Podcasts App on iPhone
  4. You can also swipe right to left on Episodes and tap Remove.Tap on Remove to Delete Downloaded Episodes in Podcast on iPhone

You can also remove played episodes automatically. Open the Settings app → Podcasts → enable the toggle for Delete Played Episodes.

Turn on Delete Played Episodes in Podcasts Settings on iPhone

How to Delete Podcast Show and Episodes

  1. Tap Library inside the Podcasts app.Open Podcasts App and Tap on Library
  2. Tap Episodes.
  3. Swipe right to left and tap Delete.Delete Podcast Episodes on iPhone
  4. To delete a show, tap Shows, tap on Edit.Tap on Shows and Then tap on Edit
  5. Now, tap the red minus icon and then tap on Delete.Delete a Podcast Show on iPhone

How to use Sleep Timer in Podcasts app

Sleep Timer is fantastic. For example, you play an episode while you are on bed and set it to stop playing the podcast after a certain time automatically or after the current episode or chapter ends.

  1. When a podcast episode is playing, tap on the second lower row to go to Now Playing screen
  2. Swipe the card up and tap Sleep Timer.Open Podcast Episode and Tap on Sleep Timer on iPhone
  3. Choose an option, and that’s it. You will see a diminishing timer.Set Sleep TImer on Podcasts App on iPhone

How to Share Podcast Show and Episode

You can share an episode from various screens in the Podcasts app.

  1. In Now Playing screen, tap on the three dots icon, and choose Share.Share Podcast Episode on iPhone
  2. Or, anywhere in the Podcasts app, press and hold an episode and choose Share Episode or Copy Link.

How to Skip Ads in Podcasts App

To skip ads in a podcast, you have to use the button that skips forward. Tap it once, twice, or more depending on the ad length.

Use Siri to Listen to Podcasts on iPhone

Siri integrates well with the Podcasts app. You can ask it things like play an episode, skip, pause, play, jump back, etc. Some commands you can say are:

  • Play ‘Clublife by Tiesto’
  • Play my newest podcasts
  • What podcast is this?
  • Play the first episode of Sadhguru’s podcast
  • Pause
  • Jump back 30 seconds
  • Play it twice as fast
  • Skip ahead 10 seconds
  • Subscribe to this show

That’s all for now, folks!

These were the basics if you are just getting started with the Podcasts app.

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