Spotify Premium Not Working on iPhone? Here’s What You Should Try

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Spotify is a great music streaming service, no doubt, but of late (or perhaps since a long time now), there have been several issues with it. Spotify as scaled up pretty big from humble beginnings. It’s a huge service with several million users trying to access music tracks from a lot of servers. This does add to the problems.

One huge issue is this Spotify Premium not working on the iPhone or the iPad even when it works just fine on your desktop.

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Spotify has three subscription options: Free, Unlimited and Premium.

The free and unlimited options are going to be your usual music that you’ve downloaded. Premium, on the other hand, gives you plenty of features like streaming, offline playlists and most importantly, no ads.

However, Spotify Premium is plagued with problems for many users. Sometimes, it won’t work on your iPhone or iPad although you’ve got an active premium account. What do you then?

Spotify Premium Not Working

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For starters, let me tell you that often – if not very much so – servers at Spotify do go berserk despite what the mods and the developers say. Under such a scenario, what you can mostly do is wait for a while before trying to use Spotify again. But in the meanwhile, you should try these:

1. Check if your account is active
This is a no-brainer. Go to your account (via Web interface on desktop) and check if your account is registered as a premium account. Many a times, even after you subscribe for a premium account, it takes a while to show up on the servers. If this change isn’t reflected on your account, there’s no way you can fix Spotify Premium on iPhone.

If even after paying for the premium subscription your account hasn’t shifted from free, submit a support ticket and the support team should almost immediately get back to you. One thing you’ll have to admit is that their support is fast.

2. Log out and Login again
But you say your account is active and shows as a premium account? Still Spotify Premium not working on the iPhone?

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If Spotify Premium features aren’t yet available on your iPhone/iPad app, you should sign out of Spotify, force-close the app for good measure and then sign in again with the same account that you’ve subscribed for (premium). Once you login after logging out, things should be back to how you expect them to be.

3. Reinstall the app
If things still don’t work as expected, you’ll need to take the final recourse. Delete the app.

Get rid of the app from your iPhone/iPad and make sure there’s no trace of it left. Then, once you’re done with it, reinstall the app from the App Store.
Don’t restore with an iTunes backup to get the app back: that isn’t recommended.

Once freshly installed, login and your premium account features should get activated. Make sure you login with the same account with which you subscribed for the premium account.

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4. Server down, may be?
If nothing works, and you’re sure that you are signing in with the correct account, there’s a strong chance that servers are cranky. You can’t do much about it other than wait for a long while and then re-login into Spotify on your iPhone.

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