Solitaire Time Warp: Wicked Cool Card Game for iPhone

Solitaire Time Warp Card Game for iPhone and Android

While I no longer hold the tag of a gaming aficionado, I still relish my encounter with fun-loving games – especially when I get plenty of free time to kill. The choice of my games entirely depends on the mood and how much time I have. However, I do have a special liking for solitaire games as they require a lot of brain churning. But the only thing that I demand them to have is an unpredictable element.

“Solitaire Time Warp” iOS and Android game has been on the solitaire gaming horizon for quite some time. Moreover, it has also amassed impressive ratings. And with the latest update, the game looks more exciting – courtesy all-new lobby layout along with intriguing quests and a host of bonuses. In this hands-on review, I’m going to dive deep into what it has to offer and reveal whether or not it fits my taste. So, let’s get down to business!

Solitaire Time Warp Card Game for iPhone and Android: In-Depth Review

Play Solitaire to Your Heart’s Liking

First things first, there is a lot to like in Solitaire Time Warp. But what has appealed to my taste is a nice collection of solitaire card games such as golf, pyramid, spider, Yukon, and the ever-fascinating klondike that are set in different times and locations.

As a gamer, I like to have the luxury to choose from multiple types of games. Though I have a huge liking for spider and pyramid solitaire games, I love to try out klondike and golf once in a while. So, it’s good that it has taken care of the age-old but relevant saying, “Variety is the real spice.”

Play Solitaire Time Warp Card Game on iPhone

Addictive Gameplay

Unless there is an unpredictable element into the mix, a game – no matter how appealing it seems from outside – soon loses the charm. Keeping this pivotal thing in mind, “Sto Co.” has ensured the gameplay remains interesting throughout. And having tried my hands on it, I must say that it’s got the game to keep you hooked for hours.

Every time you dive into the gaming, you face new obstacles that keep you engaged. Add to that the beautiful graphics, befitting music, and the intuitive interface and it checks off all the essential boxes.

While playing the game, I enjoyed taking on hurdles like locks, card eaters, and bombs. Not to mention, the hunt for special cards such as wilds and plus-five is no less interesting.

Buy Wild Bundle in Solitaire Time Warp Game

The option to play through Facebook is appreciable as well. Furthermore, the streak meter comes into play really well when it comes to earning stars, a ton of extra coins, and of course free plays.

Purchase Extra Coins and Free Plays in Solitaire Time Warp Game

Several Different Worlds to Explore

Probably the best part about Solitaire Time Warp is a solid pack of a variety of different worlds. As each world has its own unique art, music and inimitable style, the gameplay never seems to become boring. While playing the game, you can travel through Atlantis, China, Egypt, and several other amazing worlds.

Explore Different Worlds While Playing Solitaire Time Warp Game

If playing Klondike underwater in the lost city of Atlantis feels timeless, indulging with Pyramid solitaire through tombs seems ever so pleasing. The feline travel companion along with the time turning twist keeps the tempo alive throughout.

With hundreds of levels wrapped neatly in different worlds, your time at playing solitaire card games will always seem to have a good many tricks up its sleeve. Since the game keeps on adding new levels and interesting worlds frequently, you will always have something cool to take on.

Bonus Games to Earn Plenty of Coveted Rewards

Special rewards kind of keep the spirit alive. And I make sure to pounce on them whenever the opportunity arrives. So, I’m glad that the game offers a ton of bonus games to earn a lot of coveted rewards. What’s more, there is also an option to cash-in-on plenty of coins with daily and hourly bonuses.

Bonus to Earn While Returning to Solitaire Time Warp Card Game

Price and Availability

As far as pricing is concerned, Solitaire Time Warp is available for free. However, you will need to spend some extra bucks (in-app purchase starts at $1.99), if you ever wish to boost your arsenal of coins. In terms of compatibility, it supports both iOS and Android. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are daily driving Apple’s mobile devices or Android devices; you can give it a try.

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The Verdict: Primed For Solitaire Card Game Lovers

Though Solitaire Time Warp has always been a top-notch solitaire game, I have found the gameplay more intriguing now thanks to the addition of all-new lobby layout along with new quests and bonuses.

With several unique worlds in the offing, you also get a chance to travel through time and space. Since each world is different and has its own set of art, music, and style, exploring them always feels a pleasing experience. Add to that hundreds of levels as well as the option to earn tons of special rewards and it seems to pip every rival out there to easily take away the crown of the best solitaire game for iPhone and Android.

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What’s your take on Solitaire Time Warp? Would you like to give this game a shot? Share your thoughts and feedback with us in the comment section.

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