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FITIV Pulse GPS Cardio Tracker App for iPhone

While I’m no longer a fitness freak, the desire to stay fit and healthy has remained as strong as ever. Not that the hectic lifestyle has never cramped my workout schedule, it’s just that somehow the adrenaline has never given up. And that’s probably the secret of my fairly good fitness.

Always give credit to where it’s due. Health and fitness apps like FITIV Pulse have played a big part in helping me stay fit and more significantly; motivated to keep going. Speaking of FITIV, it’s a pretty good cardio tracker and heart rate monitor. Claiming to be an ultimate workout tool, the fitness app stands out on many fronts. So, I put it to the acid test to see how well it lives up to my billing. Let’s get on with the rundown!

FITIV Pulse iPhone and Android App Review: Cardio Tracker For Your Fitness

Feature-Rich Interface With Full-On Workout Customization

Full-on customization is what I look for especially when getting the desired result. I like to fine-tune several aspects in line with my taste so that I can monitor the preferred workout data and even review the progress with just a glance – without having to dig through the entire app. And I must that FITIV has lived up to my demand in this regard.

Workout Customization on FITIV Fitness Tracking App

The cardio tracker provides comprehensive workout customization. Whether you want to add customizable intervals and GPS tracking to all workouts or get rid of entire clutters to view only the required information, you have the needed liberty to personalize several pivotal aspects. Therefore, you can track any workout type, check out your progress and monitor real-time heart rate data with ease.

As FITIV supports Siri Shortcuts, you can carry out commonly used tasks a bit faster without having to go through the traditional routes. And with the personalized voice feedback, the app also keeps you motivated and charged up so that you can continue to deliver your very best.

As a fitness lover, I like to share my achievements and workouts with friends. It kind of brings more fun into the game. Thus, I’m glad that the app offers an easy way to share workouts as a CSV file.

Share Fitness Goals with Friends on iPhone

What’s more, it even provides an option to sync workouts to TrainingPeaks, Strava or Fitbit to stay connected with fitness buddies. Another thing that I have found adorable in this app is the ever-growing community of health-conscious people. Therefore, it becomes easier to interact with like-minded people, share ideas and also get some inspiration to achieve the goal.

Join Community of Health Conscious People FITIV App on iPhone

Apple Health Integration

While there is no dearth of health apps in the App Store, not all of them are fully integrated with Apple Health. As a result, most of them fail to offer a seamless experience.

Sync Apple Health App with FITIV on iPhone

FITIV is designed to work with Apple Health. Thus, you can save your workout data to the Health app and also be able to keep all of your workout statistics organized.

Furthermore, you also have the option to manually import/export Health app workouts to take a close look at the data from compatible fitness trackers. As all the workouts count towards your Apple activity rings, tracking workout history remains easy-going.

Import Health App Data Manually in FITIV App on iPhone

Keep Track of Your Fitness Stats Right from Your Apple Watch

Being an Apple Watch user, I want my favorite gym workout apps to work with the smartwatch. The companion app makes it a tad more convenient to track progress – right from the wrist. So, I’m pleased that FITIV has a full-fledged companion app for Apple Watch.

The Watch app offers a complete GPS tracking experience. With the super handy complications, you can quickly take a glance at the desired health data without having to dive into the app. Besides, you will also be able to review your last 7 days workouts and keep track of your daily fitness stats from the Apple Watch itself.

Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring

Monitor Your Heart Rate in FITIV App on iPhone

When it comes to heart rate monitoring, I have found FITIV up to the task. The app monitors heart rate accurately and offers a straightforward way to keep track of it. Aside from supporting Apple Watch, it also works with Polar H7, H10, OH1 – Wahoo TICKR, TICKR RUN, TICKR X – Scosche Rhythm+, Orange Theory HRM, Mio, and all Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE). The wide compatibility just goes on to show how efficient and versatile it is.

Seamlessly Works With Many Health and Fitness App

Integrate FITIV App with Other Health and Fitness App on iPhone

Probably the best part about FITIV is the ability to work with many popular health and fitness apps including MyFitnessPal, Strava, TrainingPeaks, and Lose It! So, it doesn’t matter whether you are trying to shed tons of pounds, strengthen your muscle or running after an enviable figure, you can use FITIV to achieve your goal.

Price and Availability

FITIV Pulse membership plans start at $4.99. As for compatibility, it supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 11 or later. As for Apple Watch, it requires watchOS 4 or later. Not to mention, it also plays nice with Android devices with an equally efficient app. To find more about this cardio tracker, head over to the website.

Download for iDevice | Download for Android

The Verdict

Everything considered; FITIV Pulse is a complete cardio tracker and heart rate monitor. Both in terms of versatility and accuracy, the gym workout app excels. But what puts it ahead of the curve is the full-on customization coupled with the intuitive interface. Despite being feature-rich, the app hardly warrants any learning curve, unlike many other counterparts. And that’s exactly what makes it a great asset not just for pros but also for newbies.

“So, without mincing my words, I would like to put it across. If you are into the workout-tracking game and desperately looking for ways to ramp up efforts to achieve the coveted goal, missing out on FITIV Pulse wouldn’t be wise for the health of your beloved fitness!”

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What’s your take on FITIV? Would you like to give it a shot? Share your thoughts about this fitness app in the comment box.

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