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NeuraBoot Review: Stress Buster & Emotion Tracker

Hectic lifestyle, ever compounding workload, and multiplying responsibility have left our lives struggling for space. Add to that the high aspiration and the ardent desire to achieve everything tomorrow and we have absolutely no time to heal the pain that comes along such a long journey.

When the much-needed relaxation is cramped, restlessness stokes stress – causing anxiety and destroying sleep. And there comes a time when we feel completely entangled into overstress.

Well, if the above narrative sounds familiar, you better stay guarded sooner than later. There is an app called “NeuraBoot” that promises to deal with stress and also enhances mental well-being efficiently. It offers a viable way of tracking emotion and resetting the mood – wiping out all the redundant backlogs. But how well does it live up to the promise? Let’s take a peek into what this self-care and emotion tracker app for iPhone and iPad has in store!

NeuraBoot iPhone App Review

A Proficient Emotional Manager

NeuraBoot Stress Management iOS App Screenshot

When it comes to boosting mental well-being, it’s vital to keep track of emotions as they are delicate and need extra. And one of the best ways you can manage them efficiently is by keeping a close eye on their swings each day.

NeuraBoot offers a much easier way to add thoughts and feelings each day. Therefore, you can view your emotional progress and be able to quickly spot the upward and downward slides.

Many a time, we fail to identify the real source of troubles. And by the time, the warning signs seem to be too loud, we have already fallen prey to overstress.

As per a Thrive Global survey, 91% of Americans said that ignoring or not knowing the warning signs of overstressing badly impacted their mental well-being. And, about 75% of respondents wished they could know the steps to improve their mental well-being.

The survey just goes on to show that a large number of people are either completely unaware of stress management or altogether ignore the signs due to lack of guidance (most probably). And this is where an app like NeuraBoot that aims to teach and cultivate the right ways to track emotions can prove to be immensely helpful.

Anxiety Relief Tips

NeuraBoot Stress Buster iOS App Screenshot

Times when we are going through anxiety, a few pro tips can work wonders in getting rid of the bouts of stress and restlessness. NeuraBoot offers stress management and anxiety relief tips that can have a far-reaching impact on the grey areas. So, you can take advantage of the pro tips to spot the dark spots and keep them away from your life.

Moreover, the app also provides action steps to help you deal with rough patches and fight out the sadness that may grip your life in the wake of failures.

By following the action steps, you can stay focused and motivated. Plus, they will also enable you to build coping skills and new thought patterns that won’t allow despair to breach your hope.

Much Needed Emotional Support

NeuraBoot Stress Management iOS App Support

When there is strong emotional support, it becomes a lot easier to fight out the anxiety. Considering how significant it is, the app helps you build a solid support network with friends and family.

Thus, you never feel alone in life- even at a time when all odds seem stacked against you. Moreover, it automatically alerts your support system whenever you need help. To me, this is probably the biggest highlight of this self-care and emotion tracker app for iOS and iPadOS.

Price and Compatibility

You can take a peek at what it provides without having to pay anything. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 11 or later. To find out more about this emotion tracker, head over to NeuraBoot App


In this fast-paced digital world, almost everyone is in the grip of a rather hectic lifestyle- the mother of all the troubles. And this is where the significance of an app like NeuraBoot becomes so pivotal. Whether it’s resetting the mood or fighting out anxiety with pro tips or building a solid support network, the app excels in each aspect.

Long story short, NeuraBoot is what you need to tackle anxiety and stay motivated – busting stress with ease.

What’s your take on this self-care app for iOS? Do share your thoughts In comment box.

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