Safari Not Opening Short Links from Twitter on iPhone or iPad

Recently, many iOS users had a complaint that they weren’t able to open short links of Twitter on their Safari browser in iOS. The issue was persistent in both – Twitter app as well as Twitter for the web. Apple has said that they are aware of the issue and already working on fixing it.

Meanwhile, if you are too much frustrated with Safari errors on your iPhone or iPad, then we have a few workarounds that should definitely work for you. These fixes aren’t permanent, and also do not guarantee to work for everyone. It is better you give it a try by yourself. By the way, if you haven’t done it yet, why not follow us @iGeeksBlog. Twitter Short Link Not Working in Safari on iPhone or iPad

Reload a link multiple times

The very first solution is to reload the link multiple times. It is certainly a pain, but the solution worked for me a few times. After reloading the link multiple times, I was able to open a few of the Twitter links on Safari. So give it a try if the link is worth the hard work.

Try HTTP instead of HTTPS

Once you click the link, check the address bar of the Safari browser. If the URL displays “https” prefix then rename it to simple “http” and reload the link. This trick is working for most of the links to open in Safari. The solution seems to be more promising and recommend giving it a try.

Clear Safari History

We have given a detailed guide on clearing Cache and History from Safari on the iPhone and iPad. Give it a try by clearing website data from Safari by following the guide and then reload the link. In case that doesn’t help you, then we have one last solution below.

Try Different Browser

The Twitter short links are working fine in other browsers like Chrome and Firefox. So head to App Store if you don’t have any of those browsers installed and then open the link and you’ll be able to browse the content easily. This is the final solution until Apple releases the fix for the problem.

Do you have any other solution for this problem? Do share with fellow iPhone or iPad users by commenting below.

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