Best Twitter Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Twitter is undoubtedly the most popular microblogging app and website. Legions of Twitter users can vouch for this social media platform’s humongous popularity. However, some pro users find it inconvenient to use Twitter with ads. Well, without ads, how will Twitter make a profit? But there is a way to weed out those ads: you can use some of the best Twitter apps for your iPhone and iPad.

Some third-party Twitter apps – free and paid – can be useful for people, who are much of a tweeter. The alternative Twitter clients for iOS can customize the interface, schedule posts, and different browser options to open links. Check this list of the best Third Party Twitter apps for your iPhone and iPad.

10 Best Twitter Apps for iOS in 2020

#1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Hootsuite is one of the leading social networking apps used by most content marketers to schedule posts on different platforms. You can use this app to line up multiple tweets and stay relaxed. The AutoSchedule feature of Hootsuite helps to schedule tweets for several days.

You can use multiple accounts and manage them within a single app. Go for the premium version of Hootsuite and remove all restrictions.

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

#2. Buffer: Social Media Manager

Buffer iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Buffer is arguably the most popular social media app, which can save your time and manage multiple social media accounts. From a single screen, you can schedule contents for Twitter and other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Once Buffer uploads your contents, you can get analytics for each update in an easy-to-read format. If you go for pro plan, Buffer allows you to connect up to 8 social media accounts and schedule 100 posts in this app.

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases/Only on Apple Watch)

#3. Tweetbot 5

Tweetbot 5 iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Now with the power of Giphy and Dark Mode support on your iOS device, Tweetbot 5 is your award-winning Twitter client. A notable feature of this app is iCloud Sync; the app can sync your read position to switch between Mac and iPhone seamlessly.

For pro users, who hate to see ads, Tweetbot 5 doesn’t show you inline ads. For your latest iPhones with OLED displays, you would love to check dark mode on your device.

Price: $4.99 (Offers In-App Purchases)

#4. Twitterrific: Tweet Your Way

Twitterrific iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A serious Twitter user would never like to see promoted tweets as such contents frequently appear in a feed. A better way to filter these money-backed tweets is to use Twitterrific. Before sending tweet, you can check typos or mistakes to delete or edit your content effortlessly.

Create a funny meme or a humorous GIF by using GIPHY; this Twitter app gives you a list of GIPHY, and you can quickly search one for yourself.

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

#5. Echofon

Echofon iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

There are millions of tweets floating on Twitter in a month. You cannot go through all those contents, but you can always save a few important ones to read later. Thankfully, Echofon does this. Select ‘read later’ feature from Instapaper, Readability, or Pocket and read your favorite tweets at your own time.

Maps integration is another notable feature, which allows you to search nearby tweets. Use Location Picker to refine the location of your tweets.

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

#6. Tweetlogix

Tweetlogix iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Tweetlogix has been there since 2010, and it has impressed many users with its speed, simplicity, and powerful filtering. The feature professionals admire most is Tweetlogix’ ability to design color themes, create Twitter lists, and search nearby.

This app is compatible with the 3D touch (Peek and Pop) feature of iPhone 6s and later devices launched by Apple. You can quickly access its praise-worthy features by hard pressing the app.

Price: $3.99

#7. UberSocial

UberSocial iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Even if you are using Twitter for your business, it should be fun to use this microblogging site. On your iPhone or iPad, you can use UberSocial as Twitter app that ensures fun and functionality. With a single click, you can compose a tweet or check your notifications.

If you are social media influencer wannabe, you must give UberSocial a try. You can use its Friend and Hashtag picker to increase your followers on Tweeter. To play YouTube video, you don’t need to open the link separately as you can play YouTube videos within your timeline.

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

#8. Crowdfire

Crowdfire iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For all social media geeks, finding the right content eats up a lot of their time, and hence, they are not able to focus on things they can do the best. Crowdfire can help you strengthen your online presence by taking this burden off your shoulders. This app finds and shares content so that you can take care of other stuff in your professional life.

Apart from Twitter, this app works with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Shopify, Medium, and others.

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

#9. Fenix

Fenix iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Fenix gives you a premium Twitter experience as it comes at a cost of $2.99. This app removes ads and other promoted contents on Twitter; so you get a pure social media experience. On your timeline, you can view contents in chronological order, without promoted contents.

The best thing about Fenix is it can silence noisy or unwanted users, hashtags, and keywords. The app automatically syncs timeline reading position across all your iOS and Mac devices.

Price: $2.99

#10. Janetter

Janetter iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A social media professional has to manage multiple accounts and need to bookmark numerous timelines. With a single swipe, you can browse through bookmarked Timelines. This multi-account compatibility makes it easy for you to switch accounts to check new tweets.

One of the best features of this app is you can hide tweets having particular keywords; moreover, you can also stop loading tweets from specific users or apps.

Price: Free

That’s all folks!

Although some of the apps ask for a payment, they provide you excellent features to make your life easier. You can keep tweeting all day and increase your followers. With these third-party twitter apps you can generate healthy interaction with followers to create personal brand.

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