At times, we have to have our iPhone in silent mode, especially when we are in an important meeting. We rely on vibration to notify us of any incoming calls while the device is in silent mode. There are many users complaining, that they missed many important calls just because their iPhone didn’t vibrate.

Looking at the comments on public forums, the issue was with iOS 9 Public Beta 2 version, which was later resolved in next update. In case you are still facing this frustrating issue, then below we have all the possible fixes to resolve it.

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iPhone Not Vibrating

How to Fix Vibration Not Working on iPhone While Receiving Incoming Calls

  • Vibrate mechanism is located on the back of your iPhone. Try gently tapping (not beating) the back of your iPhone.
  • Force restart your iPhone by pressing Sleep/Wake button along with Home button until you see Apple logo on the screen.
  • Try restoring from an earlier backup.
  • Check whether vibrate is on for incoming calls: Settings → Sounds → Vibrate on Ring and Settings → Sounds → Vibrate on Silent.

Turn On Vibration on iPhone

  • Also make sure that option of “None” is not checked: Settings Sounds Ringtone Vibration.

Tap on Sounds Then Ringtone on iPhoneConfirm Vibration Settings on iPhone

  • Update to latest version of iOS if it is available on your device. As the bug has already been fixed in the update.

If you are reading this line, then it means that above troubleshooting has not solved your problem. Things from here on will get little tedious, but should solve the vibrating issue.

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  • Reset all settings by heading to Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings. No need to panic, as this will just erase all the settings and not the data. But I would suggest keeping your Wi-Fi passwords handy.
  • If resetting all settings did not solve the issue, then try backing up your device and then set it up as completely new. Head to Settings → General → Reset → Erase All Contents and Settings.
  • Do not restore from backup, just set it up and check if the problem is resolved by asking any of your friends to call you. If it is resolved, restore from backup and check again. If again you face the vibration not working issue, then there is some bug in your device. You’ll have to start from scratch to resolve the issue completely.
  • The Last and the final option is to contact Apple Care for assistance, as we have tried all things at the software level. There is a possibility that the vibrate hardware itself has malfunctioned.

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