How to Disable Vibration for Alarm Clock on iPhone

The iPhone’s vibration motor is quite powerful. Whenever there’s a ringtone, you also get a consistent vibration alert. That’s fine for ringtones but what about alarm clocks? There is no need of vibration in alarm.

There’s a way to turn vibration off in Clock app. Let’s dig out how you can turn off vibration in alarm on iPhone.

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How to Disable Vibration When Alarm Goes Off on iPhoneBefore iOS 9, there was only one method to turn off vibration in iPhone alarm. But now we have two options. Let’s start with the latest one that’s introduced in iOS 9.

How to Disable Vibration on iPhone Alarm

Method #1

Step #1. Open Clock App on Your iPhone.

Open Clock App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Alarm from Bottom → Tap on Edit from top left corner.

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Tap on Edit Alarm in iPhone Clock App

Step #3. Tap on Alarm Time.

Tap on Alarm Time on iPhone

Step #4. Tap on Sound.

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Tap on Alarm Sound on iPhone

Step #5. Tap on Vibration → Tap on None.

Turn OFF Vibration in iPhone AlarmSo, as I said earlier, this method works in iOS 9. Now, let’s take a look at the way that we had to use in early days.

Method #2

Step #1. Launch Setting.

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Step #2. Tap on Sounds.

Disable Vibration for Alarm Clock on iPhone

Step #3. Here you have two options 1- Vibrate on ring, 2 – Vibrate on silence. Disable both the switches.

How to Disable Vibration for Alarm Clock on iPhone

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You are done! Now, you will no longer have vibration. Of course, you can get it back by switching on the toggles again.

Yes, you will notice that this will affect the vibration during ringtones too. By disabling the vibration switches, you will neither get vibration-alerts in your ringtone nor in your alarm clock. Wish Apple had a special switch just for alarm clocks’ vibration mode.

As noted before, the iPhone has a very strong vibration motor. It has only gotten even better with thinner frames in iPhone 5 and 6. On some surfaces, the vibration results in a noisy tone that’s often annoying.

The long, loud vibration may annoy you at times. I’m thinking of your iPhone placed on a wooden desk: the vibration really creates a noisy tone on wood. Despite being useful feature for times when your iPhone is in the pocket, vibration for alarm clock does tend to disturb you making you feel uncomfortable. I hope that this little tip helps you avoid the vibration in alarm clock.

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Jignesh Padhiyar
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  1. Disabling vibration “globally” in the phone is not a real solution to the vibration-during-alarm problem. Apple claims to have all the good ideas, but toggling vibration specifically for the alarm is yet another really simple feature that iPhone neglects and Android offers.

  2. Terrible solution. Killing all vibration is like squashing a fly with a sledge hammer. Why did you even bother writing an entire blog about it?

  3. I am sorry, but this is the single most useless information I have ever seen. Of course that’s how you disable vibration for alarms … as well as for EVERYTHING ELSE! I was expecting a how-to that will disable vibration on alarms but leave it on for the rest of the settings. Thanks for wasting our time. Please change the title of this blog entry to “How to Disable Vibration on iPhone” so it doesn’t confuse and piss of anyone else.

  4. The clock app offers sound alarm tones as well as music to use from your music library. But no control over vibration for just the alarms. SMH! Here it is February 2015 on iOS 8.1.3, and it hasn’t been fixed.

  5. Why are you telling people to turn off “vibrate on the ring”, only vibrate on silence is necessary for what you are trying to solve. I’ve actually seen several forums where people have spread this false information, people are dumb.

  6. How old ist this thread? The simple answer is go to the alarm, under the sound settings where you choose the ringtone there is also a vibration setting, there you choose vibration tone “none”


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