How to Use Launchpad in macOS Sierra on Mac

Launchpad is a significant feature in macOS Sierra. Designed to manage apps with consummate ease, it boosts the user experience of Mac. I, for one, like its iOS-style functionality.

If you have used Mac for long, you may have mastered Launchpad to the perfection. But the friends, who have just entered into the ever-growing macOS ecosystem, wouldn’t find it too straightforward right away. That’s why; we have tried to help those folks have a good control over this handy feature. Let’s walk along with me!

How to use Launchpad on Mac

How to Use Launchpad in macOS Sierra on Mac

How to Activate Launchpad on Mac

You can activate Launchpad in three easy ways:

#1. Simply click on the Launchpad icon (rocket-like) in your Dock.

Click on Launchpad Icon in macOS Sierra

#2. Use four-finger pinch gesture on your trackpad.

#3. Press the Launchpad (F4) button on your Keyboard.

Press Launchpad (F4) Button on Your Mac Keyboard

How to Launch an app in Launchpad on Mac

Step #1. Open Launchpad.

Step #2. Next, click on the app you wish to launch.

  • In order to move between pages of apps, you need to swipe left or right on your trackpad or Magic Mouse. Or press Command-Left Arrow or Command-Right Arrow

Use Apps in Launchpad in macOS Sierra

How to Search an app in Launchpad on Mac

Step #1. Open Launchpad. Then, choose the search bar at the top center of the Launchpad screen.

Step #2. Now, you need to enter the name of the app you want to search.

Search Apps in Launchpad on Mac

How to Add an App in Launchpad on Mac

To add an app to Launchpad, simply move it to the Applications folder in the Finder. The app will automatically appear in Launchpad.

Add Apps to Launchpad on Mac

How to Organize Apps into Folders in Launchpad on Mac

You can put apps into folders – which are a group of apps – to better organize your Launchpad. It’s perfect for putting similar apps together.

Step #1. Open Launchpad. Now, you need to click and hold on the app which you want to keep in a folder.

Step #2. When the app begins to wiggle:

  • To move the app to another page: Simply drag the app to the edge of the screen, then release it once the page shows up
  • To group apps in a folder: You need to drag one app over another to create a folder. Then move the apps to the folder
  • To open and close a folder: Click the folder to open. In order to close it, click anywhere outside of it
  • To move an app out of a folder: Simply open the folder, then drag the app out of the folder
  • To rename a folder: You need to open the folder, click the existing name, then enter a new name

How to Delete Apps in Launchpad on Mac

Don’t need some apps in Launchpad? You can get rid of them.

Step #1. Open Launchpad on your Mac.

Step #2. Now, you need to click and hold the app which you wish to delete until it starts wiggling.

Step #3. Click on the X at the top-left corner of the app.

Delete Apps from Launchpad on MacIf you don’t see X at the top of the app, it can’t be deleted.

Apps Missing from Launchpad?

Head over to this complete guide to bring it back the app which is missing from Launchpad.

That’s all there is to it!

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How to use Launchpad on Mac

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How to use Launchpad on Mac
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