How to Use Launchpad on Your Mac: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Use Launchpad on Mac

We have many apps installed on our macOS. Searching for apps seems painful and time-consuming, isn’t it? Launchpad on Mac is useful as it helps the user to open and organize the apps from Home Screen itself. It was a part of Apple’s initiative “Back to the Mac,” which makes the Mac look more like an iPad. Now, let’s learn how to use Launchpad on your Mac.

How to Open the Launchpad on Your Mac

You can open the launchpad in three different ways.

  1. Click on the Launchpad icon available in the dock.Click on Launchpad in Dock on Mac
  2. Use four fingers to pinch in on your Trackpad.
  3. On your Touch Bar, tap on the arrow pointing towards left, find and tap on the 3*2 grid icon.Tap on Arrow in Touch Bar on Mac
    Tap on Grid Icon to Open Launchpad on Mac with Touch Bar

How to Add or Move an App to the Launchpad on Mac

Any app that has been recently downloaded from the App Store will be automatically visible in the launchpad and in case the app is not visible, our article will help you get them back.

If you have downloaded the app from some other source, the same can be added by moving the app to the launchpad from Applications folder.

How to Search for an App in Launchpad on Mac

  1. Open Launchpad.
  2. Click on the search bar at the top of your screen.
  3. Now, search the desired app.Search an App in Launchpad on Mac

How to Organize Apps in Folders Launchpad on Mac

Arrange Apps

Inside a folder, the apps can be arranged depending on usage and accessibility. If you are using an app regularly and wish to keep that in the top row of your folder. It can be done by dragging the app to the particular area of your folder.

Drag App in Folder in Mac Launchpad
Arrange Apps in Folder on Mac Launchpad

Create a Folder

Creating a folder inside the Launchpad is effortless as you just have to drag one app onto another and the folder will be created.

Drag App on Another App to Create Folder in Launchpad on Mac
Folder is Created in Mac Launch Pad

Now, if you wish to add some more apps to it, simply drag them too into the desired folder.

Close a Folder

You’ve opened the folder and now you want to close it. Just click anywhere outside the folder.

Click Anywhere Outside Folder to Close Folder
Folder is Closed You can see it on Launchpad

Rename a Folder

Once you create the folder, it will have the default name. To rename the folder, open it and click on the default folder name.

Click on Folder Name in Launchpad on Mac

You can write the folder name there and press the Enter key.

Write Desired Name to Rename Folder in Launchpad on Mac

How to Delete Apps in Launchpad on Mac

Click X on the App You Wish to Delete on Mac

Click and press on the app for a longer time and as soon as jiggle mode is activated it will show an ‘X’ icon at the upper left side of the apps. Now click on the ‘X’ on the app you wish to delete, the app will ask for confirmation and then delete it.

Click on Delete to Remove Apps in Launchpad on Mac

Note: If you are not able to delete a particular app as there is no X on the app, that might be because either the app wasn’t downloaded from the App Store or your Mac requires those apps to function. In that case, you can use the Finder to delete them.

How to Change Launchpad Icon Grid Layout on Mac

  1. Open the Terminal app using spotlight search.Launch Terminal App Using Spotlight Search on Mac
  2. A command box will open up where you are supposed to enter the below-mentioned command:

defaults write springboard-columns -int 4;defaults write springboard-rows -int 6;defaults write ResetLaunchPad -bool TRUE;killall Dock

Type Code in Mac Terminal

Now, open Launchpad, you will see the rows and columns of the same have changed as per your commands. Here we have switched the rows and columns to 4*6 from 5*7. In case you wish to change the grid to some other range, it can be done by modifying the numbers in the given commands.

Change Launchpad Icon Grid Layout on Mac

How to Reset the Launchpad on Mac

  1. Open the Finder and click on Go at the Menu bar of your Mac screen.
  2. Press and hold on the Option Key.
  3. Now, click on Library.Click on Go and Select Library in Top Menubar on Mac
  4. Find and double click on the Application Support folder.Double Click on Application Support Folder in Mac Finder
  5. And in that, find the Dock folder.Open Dock Folder in Finder on Mac
  6. Now, right-click on file names ending with .db and choose Move to Bin.Right Click on .db File and Select Move to Bin on Mac
  7. Next, right-click on Bin icon and select Empty bin.Right Click on Trash icon and Choose Empty Bin
  8. Click on the Apple icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  9. Click on the Restart Button.Click on Apple Logo and Select Restart to Reset Launchpad on Mac

That’s all from us!!

Launchpad will help you do your tasks effortlessly if you have correctly optimized it according to your usage. The best part is that macOS users can open it in several ways, which makes it even more comfortable for the users to take a moment and explore the same.

Do share your valuable views in the comment section below!! We’ll see you super soon with more such interesting articles to troubleshoot your iOS issues!

Till then keep reading!!

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