How to Quickly Convert a Live Photo to Video in iOS 13 on iPhone

If you haven't got your hands on revamped Photos App on iOS 13 then you must try it right now! It's now possible to turn a live photo into a video on iPhone running iOS 13. Read on to know more!

Ever since the release of iOS 13 beta, we’ve come across a plethora of new features that were unexplored. Right from sharing your audio with two AirPods to some hidden iOS 13 features and gestures we’ve covered it all! Out of all the features spotted in a new operating system, I loved the changes done in the Photos app overall!

Those small changes can do a lot when it comes to the photos app. It can turn the live photo to a video, impressive right? Wondering how you can do this on your iPhone with iOS 13 installed in it, keep reading to know more!

How to Turn Live Photos into Video in iOS 13

Editing live photos and converting it to GIFs was easy by using various apps from App Store but turning them to a video wasn’t possible earlier in iOS 12 photos app. But now, with the amalgamation of iOS 13 with revamped photos app, it’s feasible. Here’s how you can do it on your iPhone.

Step #1. Launch Photos App and select the live photo that you want to convert in a video.

Step #2. Tap on the Share button.

Tap on Share button in Live Photo in iOS 13 Photos App

Step #3. Now select the Save as Video option in the share sheet.

Convert Live Photos into Video in iOS 13 

That’s it! You can now see the video in your photos app and save it in a separate album as well. It’s that simple to convert live photos into videos in iOS 13.

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Wrapping Up!

It’s simple and easy to convert live photos into a video with iOS 13. That being said, do share your feedback or suggestions in the comments section if you find any unexplored iOS 13 feature from your end. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and download our iOS app to get the latest updates at your fingertips!