How to turn Live Photos into GIFs on iPhone and iPad

how to turn live photos into gifs on iphone and ipad

Are you familiar with converting Live Photos to video? It’s just as easy to turn your Live Photos into GIFs. When you’re done, you can share these animated images effortlessly across all platforms.

Starting with the easiest, let’s look at three ways to turn Live Photos into GIFs on iPhone and iPad.

How to turn iPhone Live Photos into GIFs using Photos

  1. Open Photos and tap Albums at the bottom. Scroll down and tap Live Photos.
  2. Tap on a Live Photo.
    open photos app tap on live photos in albums tab and then tap on live photo on iphone
  3. Swipe up. Under Effects, you’ll see four options: Live, Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure. Select Loop or Bounce.
    swipe up photo and select effect to turn live photo into gif using photos app on iphone
  • In Loop, the clip plays followed by a dissolve animation, and then it starts at the beginning again. This repeats indefinitely.
  • In Bounce, the clip acts like Instagram Boomerang. That is, it plays, and then plays in reverse. This process also repeats indefinitely.

You’ve converted Live Photos to GIFs on your iPhone. Tap the Share icon to send it easily via chat apps.

How to turn a Live Photo into a GIF using Shortcuts

  1. Open Shortcuts and tap Gallery.
    open shortcuts app and tap on gallery on iphone
  2. In the search box on top, type “GIF”. You’ll see some suggestions below. Scroll down and tap Convert Photos To GIF. Next, tap Add Shortcut.
    search gif tap on convert photos to gif in my shortcuts tab and tap on ok on iphone
  3. Tap My Shortcuts at the bottom left.
  4. Next, tap Convert Photos To GIF shortcut. It’ll ask your permission to access photos. Tap OK.
    tap on convert photos to gif in my shortcuts tab and tap on ok on iphone
  5. Tap Live Photos. On the next screen, tap on one and then tap Done. The shortcut will run and convert the Live Photo to a GIF.
    tap on live photos album select photo and tap on done on iphone
  6. Tap on the Share icon. Next, tap Save Image. You can also use one of the available share options to send the GIF directly via iMessage, WhatsApp, or other such apps.
    tap on share and tap save image to turn live photo into gif using shortcuts on iphone

Note: You can also use a third-party shortcut to turn Live Photos into GIFs. One good option is to Convert Live To GIF. But, before you do this, make sure to allow untrusted shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad.

How to convert Live Photos to GIFs using third-party apps

  1. Download GIPHY.
  2. Tap on Create +I AgreeOK. Next, tap on the photo icon and tap OK.
  3. Tap on a Live Photo. It’ll have the usual circular icon of a Live Photo in the lower right corner.
  4. Add text, stickers, etc. if you want to. After that, tap on the arrow icon.
    tap on live photo and then tap on arrow in giphy app on iphone
  5. On the next screen, tap Share GIFSave GIF to save it locally to Photos.
    tap on save gif to convert live photo to gif using third-party apps on iphone

That’s all you need to know to turn your iPhone’s Live Photos into GIFs! Not keen on GIPHY? Take a look at our finest GIF maker apps for iPhone. Try a few and see which works the best for you

Signing off…

These are some of the most straightforward ways to turn a Live Photo into a GIF. Which method worked for you? For me, the Photos app and Shortcuts method seem to be the quickest. But if you want to edit the GIFs and add some extra elements to it, then GIPHY is an excellent choice.

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