You don't really need an unlimited data plan. What you need is a data plan with a conscience. Or in other words, a good iPhone cellular data tracking app to keep a check on the data consumption on your iOS device and prevent it from running wildly.

The iPhone provides a default way of looking at how much 3G/4G Cellular/Mobile data you've used. Go to Settings → Cellular → Cellular Data Usage and you most likely see the most updated and accurate amount of data you've used over cellular.

Track Mobile Data Usage with iPhone Apps

While this may be good enough, it's not great. I mean, I want to set data budgets, so I don't have to constantly keep doing the high-school math to figure out if I'm safe with data limits. I want to automate the task, so when I hit the danger levels, I want warnings shot right at me.

Interestingly, “there are apps for that!”

Best iPhone Mobile Data Usage Tracking Apps

#1. Advanced Data Usage Tracker

Advanced Data Usage Tracker iPhone App Icon“Advanced Data Usage Tracker” is exactly what you should use to have perfect control over your 3G/4G and Wi-Fi usage. You can check out the daily, weekly and monthly trend analysis to get the clear view about data usage.

The app alerts you through forecasts providing you the accurate insight. Besides, you can track Wi-Fi usage at home or any hotspot. The smart speed test lets you find out the real speed of your network.

Price: Free

#2. Cellular Data Tracker

Cellular Data Tracker iPhone App Icon“Cellular Data Tracker” works with all carriers and accurately tracks data as well as Wi-Fi usage on your iOS device. The dashboard shows the data usage in detail through graphs. As for instance, it displays the leftover data, remaining days and remaining data for each day.

Depending on your billing cycle, you can configure the app. It alerts you when you exceed the limit of data usage. It also shows the download bytes as well as upload bytes for each day.

Price: $1.99

#3. DataMeter

DataMeter iPhone App IconDataMeter is up to the task when it comes to tracking cellular data (2G, 3G, 4G) or Wi-Fi accurately. It provides you the real-time traffic data usage. As the data tracker doesn’t run in the background, it won't eat a lot of battery on your iOS device.

You can view the monthly summary chart of the data usage. Check out the history of Data/Wi-Fi usage and get the real insight of its consumption.

Price: Free

#4. My Data Manager

My Data Manager iPhone App IconThe last but not the least, My Data Manager works like the true guardian who doesn't want you to break the rule. By providing you the exact status of the data usage, it helps you in maintaining the pace with which you wish to eat into the data. And, if you threaten to break free, it warns you that you are going overboard.

Interestingly, you can also set up shared or family plan and be able to keep an eye on the data usage across all the members who are using the data plan.

Price: Free

#5. Data Tracker – Mobile Data Usage

Data Tracker iPhone App Icon“Data Tracker” lets you effortlessly manage your data usage. It's equipped to track data usage of Edge/GPRS/3G/4G/LTE. Thanks to Notification Center widget, you can instantly find out the real-time data usage on your iPhone.

You also have the option to set an alert when your data consumption reaches a particular limit. The data counter feature makes it easy to find out which app is using more data. Based on your data usage each data, usage status shows whether you are going to exceed the limit or hit the target as planned.

Price: $0.99

#6. BeeData Widget

BeeData Widget iPhone App IconBeeData Widget is a lightweight data and Wi-Fi usage tracker app. The widget can enormously help you in controlling the data usage on your device. It monitors the real-time as well as monthly data usage.

The monthly summary chart and historical charts show the data usage in detail. The cellular/Wi-Fi speed test lets you find out whether your Internet network is running at its top gear or has slowed down.

Price: Free

#7. SnapStats

SnapStats iPhone App IconSnapStats is highly useful and does a lot more than just tracking the cellular or Wi-Fi usage on your iOS device. It allows you to quickly check out the important stats of your device. As for example, you can instantly find out the system model, boot time, battery usage, data usage, disk usage and more.

With the Today widget view, it lets you access the essential stats of your iPhone. Even better, you can use it even offline.

Price: Free

#8. Bytes

Bytes iPhone App IconWith the clean UI and simple, Bytes looks very familiar. It's capable of tracking both mobile internet data and Wi-Fi usage. Having monitored your daily data usage, it notifies you about the pace with which you are consuming the data. The widget can be configured to show either daily or monthly data usage. Using the background app refresh feature of your iPhone, it can track the data usage faultlessly.

Price: Free

#9. Data Usage Enterprise

Data Usage Enterprise iPhone App IconOnce set, “Data Usage Enterprise” can let you wrest the fast data consumption from running amuck. It works with all carriers and tracks, not just cellular data but also Wi-Fi and hotspot.

In accordance with your plan and how much data you use each, you can customize the setting. The Widget view presents you all the required information in a glance. There is also an option to quickly calculate the cost of your data usage.

Price: $1.99

Wrapping Up

These data trackers are highly functional and can significantly control the data usage on your device. What I like about these apps is that they provide the real-time data usage and even alert you when you exceed your set target. So, which one of these apps has found its permanent place on your iPhone? Do let us know that in the comments below.

Since we are talking about data usage and how to control it, I would recommend you to read our complete guide to reduce data usage on your iOS device.

Have any feedback? Do let us know that in the comments and stay tuned with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to discover more such useful apps. Also, make sure to download our app on your iPhone and iPad.

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  • Sine Thieme

    hi there – do you know any good apps WITH per app monitoring? Looks like Onavo does but I heard it sends your data through their own server, something I don’t want to do. My son’s phone has recently started hogging data and from our bill I can see that there is a lot of sending activity at regular 1-hour intervals (I assume that’s how AT&T bundles it, not necessarily how it is sent) through all hours of the day. I suspect it’s an individual app, although not sure why it’s not simply on WIFI all the time, where he spends most of his time. Somehow his phone must revert to 3G even if he’s in our house and that’s how all the data usage gets accumulated… Any help is much appreciated!

    • time2wakeup

      Had the exact same problem described above (sending data at hourly intervals, sending through the night, etc.), and seems like I’ve got the problem solved.

      My situation — Bought 3 new iPhone 5s phones 3 weeks ago. At about the 2 week mark, only my daughter’s phone started SENDING (checked ATT’s itemized online bill) roughly 3GB of cellular in one day, even though the wi-fi was active and available. Called ATT and they connected me to Apple tech support. The tech suggested that IOS7 was corrupt on that phone, and needed to be reloaded.

      Long story short, I completely cleared the phone (backed up all photos, etc to iCloud) and re-installed the latest IOS7 onto the phone via iTunes and a hard-wired computer connection. Don’t do this through wi-fi, since wi-fi isn’t the most reliable connection for such a large download. Do this as a complete, “new” install. After the IOS7 update completed, downloaded everything back down onto the phone from iCloud. Entire process can take a few hours.

      Summary — this appears to be a known problem with a corrupt IOS7 on some phones. If you don’t want to reload the IOS yourself, you can probably just contact your carrier, and they’ll send you to an Apple store to let them take care of it; probably under warranty.

    • time2wakeup

      Known issue with IOS7, involving a bad installation of IOS7. Your carrier or Apple store should fix this under warranty.

    • Denise Wilson

      Guys, your advice and replies are good, but you didn’t answer her question. IS there a good app for per app monitoring? We have limited data on our satellite internet and I am trying to determine what app on my daughter’s ipod is using the data. I was able to find a great android app for my other daughter’s android phone, but need something for the ipod.