How to Check Your iPhone or iPad’s Data Usage

In most parts of the world, cellular data plans are costly, and there is a cap on the data limit. Once you cross your usages, the additional charges are very high. To ensure you do not pay a hefty fee, you should regularly check your cellular data usage on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Check Cellular Data Usage on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or Cellular iPad.

Open Settings App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Cellular and scroll a little. Under CELLULAR DATA, you will see the total data usage.

Check Cellular Data Usage on iPhone and iPad

When you look down, you will also find how much data an individual app has used.

This is how you can see your data usages without using any other app. But there is some additional information you should know.

#1. The tab for System Services shows the amount of mobile data used for performing various basic tasks and services on the system level of your iPhone. When you tap on it, you find how much cellular data Siri, Push Notifications, Software Updates, Backup, Documents & Sync, etc. have consumed.

Tap on System Services to View Mobile Data Consumed on iPhone

#2. Another tab for Personal Hotspot shows how much data has been used to provide internet access to your hotspot connected device. If you tap on it, you can see the device names.

Check Cellular Data Usage of Personal Hotspot Connected Devices on iPhone

#3. Uninstalled Apps tab lets you know how much cellular data was collectively consumed by apps that are no longer on your device.

View Mobile Data Used by Uninstalled Apps on iPhone

#4. If you have an Apple Watch paired with your iPhone, you will find a tab for Apps Only on Watch too. Neat!

See Mobile Data Usage of Apps Only for Apple Watch on iPhone

#5. Wi-Fi Assist is a handy feature that, when turned on, automatically uses cellular data when the Wi-Fi connectivity is poor. If you have a limited plan, make sure to turn Wi-Fi Assist off.

Turn Off Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone

#6. If you turn on the toggle for iCloud Drive, then your mobile data will be used to transfer documents and data when the iPhone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi. Since my plan has unlimited data, I have this toggle turned ON.

Enable iCloud Drive to Use Cellular Data on iPhone

How to Reset Statistics for Cellular Data Usage on iPhone

If you have a monthly plan, like most of us, it is a good idea to reset the mobile data usages statistics on the initial day on your data plan’s term. It most likely will be the first of every month. Once you reset it, you will be able to track and know your usage for the month precisely. To do so:

Go to the end of the Cellular menu list (step #2 above) and tap Reset StatisticsReset Statistics.

Reset Statistics for Cellular Data Usage on iPhone

How to Turn off Mobile Data for Individual Apps on iPhone

iOS also provides you with the flexibility to turn off mobile data for individual apps. For example, you may turn off cellular data for apps that you believe hog data like Facebook.

Additionally, if you do not want to receive a message on WhatsApp or such messaging apps as you had a brief, temporary argument with someone close, you may turn off mobile data for that messaging app. So, no incoming messages there. But you can use everything else on your iPhone. People in relationships, at times, find it useful. You get the idea, right!

Wrapping up…

So this is how you can effortlessly check data usages on iPhone and iPad. Besides this, some operators enable additional options to track usages on this screen. World’s biggest data carrier, India’s Reliance Jio, does this. It allows some options of its own on this mobile data screen.

Check Option in Mobile Data for Jio Users on iPhone

Note: It is possible that if your usages are shown inside the Carrier tab (like Jio), then you might not see the usual iPhone options like CELLULAR DATA: Current Period and Current Period Roaming.

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How to Check Cellular Data Usage on iPhone and iPad

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  1. hi there – do you know any good apps WITH per app monitoring? Looks like Onavo does but I heard it sends your data through their own server, something I don’t want to do. My son’s phone has recently started hogging data and from our bill I can see that there is a lot of sending activity at regular 1-hour intervals (I assume that’s how AT&T bundles it, not necessarily how it is sent) through all hours of the day. I suspect it’s an individual app, although not sure why it’s not simply on WIFI all the time, where he spends most of his time. Somehow his phone must revert to 3G even if he’s in our house and that’s how all the data usage gets accumulated… Any help is much appreciated!

    • Had the exact same problem described above (sending data at hourly intervals, sending through the night, etc.), and seems like I’ve got the problem solved.

      My situation — Bought 3 new iPhone 5s phones 3 weeks ago. At about the 2 week mark, only my daughter’s phone started SENDING (checked ATT’s itemized online bill) roughly 3GB of cellular in one day, even though the wi-fi was active and available. Called ATT and they connected me to Apple tech support. The tech suggested that IOS7 was corrupt on that phone, and needed to be reloaded.

      Long story short, I completely cleared the phone (backed up all photos, etc to iCloud) and re-installed the latest IOS7 onto the phone via iTunes and a hard-wired computer connection. Don’t do this through wi-fi, since wi-fi isn’t the most reliable connection for such a large download. Do this as a complete, “new” install. After the IOS7 update completed, downloaded everything back down onto the phone from iCloud. Entire process can take a few hours.

      Summary — this appears to be a known problem with a corrupt IOS7 on some phones. If you don’t want to reload the IOS yourself, you can probably just contact your carrier, and they’ll send you to an Apple store to let them take care of it; probably under warranty.

    • Guys, your advice and replies are good, but you didn’t answer her question. IS there a good app for per app monitoring? We have limited data on our satellite internet and I am trying to determine what app on my daughter’s ipod is using the data. I was able to find a great android app for my other daughter’s android phone, but need something for the ipod.


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How to Check Cellular Data Usage on iPhone and iPad
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