A few users report that the Personal Hotspot option is missing on their iPhone/iPad. Just so you know, this is not an uncommon thing at all. Quite a lot of users face this issue. If you’re facing this in iOS 8, click here for the solution to fix a missing personal hotspot.

Personal Hotspot gets activated when you use a data network (3G, LTE etc.). The personal hotspot effectively converts your iPhone/iPad into a Wi-fi router and any nearby device can use this Wifi stream from your iPhone to connect to the internet.

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Personal Hotspot Missing on iPhone and iPad

Sometimes, the personal hotspot feature goes amiss from the Settings app. Before we go about fixing it, make sure your network (and the data plan) do have the Personal Hotspot feature enabled. If it is but you’re still not seeing the Personal Hotspot feature, try the following:

Solution #1: Turn OFF and Turn ON Cellular Data: One of the first things you’ll need to do is turn off Cellular Data from Settings → Cellular. Wait for a few minutes. Now, turn it back on and check to see if Personal Hotspot option is back again. You might want to toggle the Enable 3G switch too for good measure.

Tap on Settings Then Cellular on iPhoneToggle On and Off Cellular Data on iPhone

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Recently, when the Personal Hotspot feature went missing on my iPhone, I tried this trick and it worked. Don’t ask me how or why because this solution sounds so dumb but it just worked.

Solution #2: Remove Previous APN Changes: If you installed any previous APN certificates (from websites like Unlockit), you might want to remove that and retry. Sometimes, these installed APN certificates might cause a conflict within the code and might be preventing the Personal Hotspot feature from showing up.

This again is a solution that worked on one of our iPhones.

To remove any installed APN changes, you should go to Settings → General → scroll down to where it says Profile and remove the certificate.

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Solution #3: Remove SIM, Restart, Insert SIM: This is not a solution per se but since we did this and Personal Hotspot appeared magically, I’m just pitching this too. What you do is:

  • Remove the SIM tray
  • Reboot the iPhone
  • Insert the SIM tray

You might have to wait a while before the signal picks up and the network is established. Head over to Settings → General → Cellular → and turn ON/OFF data again. When you turn back ON, scroll down to see if Personal Hotspot is visible.

Solution #4: Reset Network Settings: As a last resort, you might want to try this: reset network settings alone. I’m not asking you to reset the whole iPhone although the best remedy described often is restoring the iPhone. But since ‘nobody got time for that’ you might try resetting the network settings.

Reset Network Settings on iPhone in iOS 8

Solution #5: Contact Network Operator to Fix it: If everything fails, you’ll have to call your network provider directly.

In some cases, the network guys send you a link which installs a profile on your iPhone/iPad. This enables Personal Hotspot automatically once you install the profile certificate.

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Got other ways that fix the missing Personal Hotspot problem? Do let us know in a comment below, or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.