How to Use Personal Hotspot in Family Sharing on iPhone

Living in the Digital Era, we know how important Wi-Fi is. And basically, our smartphones are somewhat lifeless without a working internet connection because most of the apps that we use don’t work without the internet. Hence, internet connectivity has become more of a necessity these days, rather than being a luxury. And thankfully, with the evolution of technology, we can also share our internet connection with people around us. Thus, in this tutorial, I will help you how you could use personal hotspot in family sharing on iOS 13 running devices.

Don’t we all have someone in our family who is always asking for a hotspot at every family gathering? However, sometimes, it might be irritating to give passwords every time they ask for the hotspot, so it is better to give them access from beforehand. So you can follow a few simple steps and allow your family members to have access to your hotspot as and when they need it.

How to Enable Family Sharing on Personal Hotspot in iOS 13 or iPadOS

Step #1. Launch Settings on your iPhone.

Open Settings app on iPhone running iOS 13

Step #2. Head to Personal Hotspot and Toggle on ‘Allow Others to Join’.

Turn ON Allow Others to Join in Personal Hotspot in iOS 13 Running iPhone

Step #3. Tap on Family Sharing and Toggle on.

Toggle ON Family Sharing Option in Personal Hotspot on iPhone

Step #4.  From the available options choose the family member you wish to share your hotspot with and choose the access ‘Ask for Approval’ or ‘Automatic’.

Choose Preferred Option to Allow Access on Personal Hotspot in iOS 13 

Final Words…

Well, with these super-simple steps you could easily use personal hotspot in family sharing on iOS 13. Let us know in the comments below if you need any more such How-To guides or even any other troubleshooting tutorials, we are happy to help.

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