How to Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone and iPad

How to Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone or iPad

The Apple devices come with unique features and users love playing with its functions. While for some, the device makes a perfect office manager through which, they can do their office tasks and business transactions, and for others, the iPhone is a brilliant camera. The iPhone camera has its own place in gadget lovers’ hearts. But with many good features, some find it difficult to deal with some of the features that the iPhone or the latest iOS 8 comes with.

One such unique feature is to recover deleted photos on iPhone. But then, the side effect is if you can easily get your deleted photos back, it means that the photos are not completely removed from your iPhone or iPad immediately! Imagine if you want to delete a photo immediately so that it is not traceable later. In this post, we shall make you learn a technique through which you can permanently delete photos or videos from iOS instantly.

Photos are stored on your iPhone in three ways. Either you capture it using iPhone’s camera application or you use the Internet using the ‘Safari’ app. In another way, you can have photos on your iPhone by synchronizing it through a computer.

On iPhone, the photos and videos do not get permanently deleted when you try to remove them from your photo apps. Instead, they are actually ‘marked’ for deletion the way you have it in your computer. You delete a file and it actually goes into Trash. This can be considered as a feature because things are marked for deletion but do not get deleted completely. You can recover those items through ‘Recently Deleted’ on your Apple device for 30 days of being marked. This feature is useful if you have accidentally deleted photos. But then what if you want to ‘actually’ delete them once and for all?

How to Permanently Delete Photos and Videos from iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Launch the Photos app from your device’s home screen.

Step 2: Tap on the Albums button. This is placed at the right bottom corner of the display.

Step 3: You will be now able to see the album labeled as “Recently Deleted”.

Recently Deleted Photos on iPhone or iPad

Step 4: Tap to open “Recently Deleted” folder

Step 5: The folder lists all the items that you recently deleted. These items are displayed with the number of days to delete them permanently. The action will happen automatically. By default, the numbers of days are ‘30’.

Step 6: Tap on Select button from top right corner.

Select Recently Deleted Photos on iPhone or iPad

Step 7: Select the photo you want to delete permanently by tapping on it. You can select multiple photos by tapping on each specific photo. This will help you deleting photos instantly.

Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone or iPad

Step 8: Upon selecting, the button ‘Delete’ appears on the left bottom corner of your display

Step 9: Click on ‘Delete Photo’ and that’s it. The photo will be permanently deleted from your device and the action cannot be undone.

Permanentlh Delete Selected Photos from iPhone or iPad

You can remove the photos permanently if you do not want to have them anymore or some use these steps to save space on their devices. It is worth to mention that instantly removing photos is a very helpful trick if you are running low on iOS space. Why wait for 30 days to kick them out if you can do that it instantly?

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