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How to Encrypt a PDF File on iPhone or iPad

Most of us prefer to share files as PDF as it’s more portable and professional. When a doc contains confidential information or needs more secrecy, we add an extra layer of protection to it so that only authorized people can access the file.

Unlike macOS, iOS unfortunately doesn’t offer an official way of creating an encrypted PDF file on iPhone. So, how do you break the boundary?

There are quite a few third-party apps like Scanbot Pro ($6.99) and Genius Scan+ ($13.99) that let you password-protect a PDF on your iOS device. In this tutorial, we are going to use Foxit MobilePDF app that allows you to password protect a PDF file on iPhone or iPad. The app comes with a 7-day free trial. Once the trial ends, you can choose to upgrade to its pro version ($10.99/$14.99).

How to Password Protect PDFs on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Download Foxit MobilePDF on your iOS device and launch it.

Download and Open Foxit MobilePDF App on iPhone

Note: You will need to agree to the terms and conditions and sign up using your email ID (optional).

Agree the Terms and Conditions and ignore sign up option in iOS Foxit MobilePDF App

Step #2. Now, tap on the menu button at the top left.

Tap on Menu in iOS Foxit MobilePDF App

Step #3. Next, tap on the Cloud option and choose iCloud Drive ( or the location where you have saved your PDF file to import the doc in this app.)

Tap on Cloud and Select the iCloud Drive in Foxit MobilePDF Menu

Step #4. Next up, locate the file and select it.

Select the File you wish to Password Protect on iPhone

Step #5. Up next, tap on the more button at the top right and choose File Encryption.

Tap on More button and Select File Encryption in File on iPhone

Note: You will get a popup saying this is an advanced feature. Select 7-day Free Trial in the same.

Select 7 day Free Trial Option in Foxit MobilePDF App

Step #6. Now, you have two security options:

  • Open Document: Turn it ON to require a password when the file is being opened
Turn ON Open Document Switch and Add Password to Protect a PDF File on iPhone
  • Add Document Restrictions: Select this option to make the doc require a password to allow specific action like print, edit, extract content and more. Upon choosing it, you can toggle OFF/ON the switch next to each option you want to allow or restrict

Go with the desired option and then enter the password. Hit Done at the top right to confirm.

Turn ON Add Document Restrictions Switch and Add Password to Encrypt PDF File on iPhone

Step #7. Now, you can tap on the share button at the top to save the file at your preferred location or email it to anyone.

Share Password Protect a PDF File on iPhone and iPad

Step #8. Depending on how you have customized the security options, the doc will ask the password for either viewing the content or carrying out specific action like editing or printing.

Password Protected PDF File on iPhone or iPad

That’s it!

How to Remove Password from PDF on iPhone or iPad

Supposing you no longer want to keep a PDF file protected with a password, as it doesn’t have any sensitive information. There is a way to easily decrypt the file to view its content without any restriction. The best part is that you can do it without taking the help of any third-party app. Head over here to know how it’s done!

There you go!

Keep The Praying Eyes At Bay…

So, that’s how you can use a strong password to protect the information of your PDF file on iOS. I wish iOS offered an official way of getting it done. Until Apple comes with a native solution, take advantage of the third-party apps to shield your docs.

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