How to Migrate Old Mac’s Data to Your New MacBook Pro

How to Migrate Data from Old Mac to New MacBook Pro

Just like most of you, I am already sold out and just can’t wait to embrace the most stunning MBP ever made. Fortunately, transferring data from old Mac to new Mac is no longer a lengthy affair. You can get it done in just a few steps. Let’s find out!

How to Transfer Old Mac’s Data to Your New MacBook Pro

There are few things you must do before moving ahead with the process.

Make sure both of your Macs are connected to the power source.

  • Make sure you have FireWire, Ethernet or Thunderbolt cable. Direct connection allows you to transfer the data with more speed. Don’t have the required cable? Then, local Wi-Fi network can do the job for you
  • Make sure to update the software of your old Mac just in case it’s running OS X 7 (Snow Leopard) or earlier
  • You need to name your old Mac. To do so, open System PreferencesSharing → then, you have to enter a name in the Computer Name field

How to Migrate your old Mac’s data to your new Mac

Step #1. On your old Mac, you need to connect the FireWire, Thunderbolt or Ethernet cable from your old Mac to new Mac.

Step #2. You must ensure that your Macs are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step #3. Now, you have to open your new Mac. Launch a Finder window and then click on Applications in the sidebar.

Step #4. Then, double-click on the Utilities folder. You need to double-click on Migration Assistant as well.

Step #5. Click on Continue. Enter your administrator password if asked. Then, you have to click OK.

Step #6. Click From a Mac… when you are prompted to select how you would like to transfer your information. Then, you need to click Continue.

Step #7. Now, on your old Mac, open a Finder window. Click on Applications in the sidebar. Double-click on the Utilities folder.

Click on Utilities Under Application on Mac

Make sure to double-click on Migration Assistant. Then, you need to click Continue.

Click on Migration Assistant on Mac
Click on Continue in Migration Assistant on Mac

Now, you have to enter your administrator password if asked. Click OK.

Enter Your System Password on Mac

Then, you have to click To a new Mac… when you are asked to select how you wish to transfer your information. Click Continue

Step #8. Next, on your new Mac. Migration Assistant will be in search of a source. You have to choose your old Mac.

Note: You will need to select your Time Machine hard drive just in case you are using Time Machine backup.

Then, click Continue. Now, you should see the security code on the screen.

Step #10. On your old Mac, you have to confirm that the code on your old Mac is the same. Then, Click Continue.

Step #11. Finally, on your new Mac, you have to choose the files, settings, apps, and other information you wish to transfer to your new Mac. Then, click Continue.

That’s all! Now, you need to wait for some time until the migration process is successfully completed.

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