How to add Gboard keyboard app on iPhone and iPad

How to add Gboard keyboard app on iPhone and iPad

Do you know you can boost your iPhone’s productivity just by switching to a Google Gboard keyboard? Here, I will share how to add Gboard to your iPhone and iPad and use it properly. So, say goodbye to the mundane and embrace a dynamic communication method.

How to install Gboard keyboard on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch App Store → Search Google Gboard.
  2. Choose the appropriate result and tap the Get/Download icon.
  3. Once downloaded, open Settings on your device.
  4. Go to General → Select Keyboard.

    Tap Download, General, Keyboard
  5. Hit KeyboardsAdd New Keyboard.
  6. Go to the THIRD-PARTY KEYBOARDS section and select Gboard.

    Keyboards, Add New Keyboard, Gboard
  7. Once added, tap Gboard to proceed.
  8. Toggle on Allow Full Access and hit Allow when prompted.

    Tap Gboard, Allow full access, allow

Your new keyboard is all good to go! Now, there are two approaches you can consider:

Switch Gboard to the Default keyboard on iPhone or iPad

If you do not wish to switch back and forth while using a keyboard, make Gboard your default. To do so:

  1. Tap Edit.
  2. Press and hold the hamburger icon next to Gboard and drag it on the top.
  3. Tap Done to save your preferences.

    Tap edit, Done
  4. Now access the keyboard like you usually do and enjoy the Gboard.

Change your default keyboard to Gboard while typing on iPhone

However, if you’re unsure about Gboard, you can give it a whirl and then decide. Simply,

  1. Press and hold the keyboard on your iPhone and iPad.
    I have opted to access the keyboard in Safari.
  2. Tap the Globe icon → Select Gboard.

    Tap the globe icon, change keyboard

This will replace your existing keyboard until you manually revert it to the default. You may customize Gboard for the one-handed mode while on the go for easy typing access.

How to delete Gboard from iPhone and iPad

Well, you gave it a try! In case you’re not satisfied with Gboard, you can always switch back to using your device’s native keyboard.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your device.
  2. Navigate to General Keyboard Keyboards as we discussed above.
  3. Tap Edit → Hit the (-) sign next to Gboard.
  4. Select Delete to remove the keyboard → Tap Done.

    Tap the - icon, delete, done

Note: If desired, you can also permanently delete Gboard app from your iPhone and iPad.

Why must you give Gboard a try?

Using the Gboard keyboard on iPhone and iPad provides many benefits for professionals seeking enhanced efficiency and productivity.

  • With Gboard’s integrated Google Search feature, you can search for information without leaving the app you are working on. Also, it offers searching on YouTube, Maps, and your contacts built-in.
  • Its multilingual capabilities enable you to communicate seamlessly in multiple languages and collaborate with international colleagues. Plus, you can translate your message into any language on the keyboard directly.
  • As part of the keyboard’s gesture typing feature, you may swipe across letters rather than tapping each key individually, facilitating faster typing.
  • Themes and layouts on Gboard can be customized to suit individual preferences.
  • Autocorrect and predictive text features of Gboard also significantly reduce the chance of errors and typos during hectic workdays.
  • Clipboard functionality enables the easy copying and pasting of text fragments or images across apps and documents.
  • You can search for emojis and GIFs to find the suitable one quickly.

With all these given factors, Gboard streamlines the workflow process without any hassle. It can seamlessly enhance professionalism and efficiency according to user’s needs. However, you can’t use the voice typing feature directly on your iPhone. Tapping the mic icon opens the Gboard app, where you dictate your message and tap the send button.


Can I use Gboard with multiple languages on iPhone?

Yes, Gboard supports multiple languages, making it versatile for users of different linguals. You can easily switch between languages within the keyboard settings.

Does Gboard have a swipe-typing feature on iPhone or iPad?

Yes, Gboard supports swipe-typing. Activate the glide typing feature in the keyboard settings and effortlessly swipe your finger across the keyboard to form words.

Should I make Gboard my default keyboard on iPhone?

Though third-party keyboard apps on iPhone offer unique features, they often lag and glitch while working. So, you may give them a try before setting them as default.

Gboard awaits!

There you have it, a swift guide to elevate your typing game on iPhone and iPad. With Gboard, every keystroke becomes an adventure, and expressing yourself is a breeze. Customize, glide, and explore a world of emojis and GIFs like never before. So, why settle for ordinary when extraordinary is just a keyboard away?

Thank you for reading. If you found this guide helpful, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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