How to Hide WhatsApp Status from Specific Contacts on iPhone or Android

Do you often think a billion times before uploading a WatsApp Status, because all your clients, family or friends will be privy to it? Then, try this neat hack on how to hide WhatsApp Status from specific contacts on iPhone or Android.

The moment you exchange your WhatsApp number with someone, you give them access to your status as well. Though there are times when you don’t want to share something with all your contacts. Understanding the conundrum, WhatsApp has incorporated a unique feature called Status Privacy.

Thanks to it, you can now hide WhatsApp status from specific contacts on iPhone or Android devices. By default, a status can be seen by someone when both the parties have each other’s number stored in their phonebook. Our phonebook is not exclusive to just our family, friends, and colleagues. It extends to clients, acquaintances, and some undesired contacts as well. 

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The feature is a great way to manage who can or cannot view your status, ensuring that it reaches only those people who you want. 

How to Hide or Show WhatsApp Status from Specific Contacts on iPhone or Android

Step #1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android.

Open WhatsApp on your iPhoneStep #2. Tap on Status tab from the menu section.

Tap on Status tab to Hide WhatsApp Status from Specific Contacts on iPhoneStep #3. Select Privacy from the top-left corner of the window.

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Select Privacy to Hide WhatsApp Status on iPhoneNote: For Android device tap on the three-dot icon from the top-right of the screen and select Status Privacy.

Step #4. On this page select who can see your status update from three options.

  • My contacts – This allows all your contacts to see the status
  • My contacts except –  WhatsApp status will be shown to all contacts except the people selected
  • Only share with – Show WhatsApp Status to only these specific contacts

Select Status update from three options to Hide WhatsApp Status on iPhoneStep #5. Tap on Done to save the setting and exit.

Done to Hide or Show WhatsApp Status from Specific Contacts on iPhoneWhether you use WhatsApp business or a regular one, you can hide WhatsApp status from some contacts in these simple steps. Follow the same procedure to add or delete specific contacts. Though the feature can only be enabled via the mobile app, the WhatsApp web will carry the settings. 

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That’s all folks!!

In the world of numerous messaging apps, WhatsApp is maintaining a strong market hold. It is all thanks to such upbeat features that WhatsApp is liked and used by almost everybody. The only thing currently missing is a dark theme, though there is a cheat code to employ Dark Mode for WhatsApp Web.

Here are a few more tricks that can help you enjoy WhatsApp more: 

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