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How to find your Spotify Wrapped 2023 on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

As we bid farewell to another incredible year, let’s not miss out on one tradition that always gets us grooving. You’ve guessed it right, Spotify Wrapped is back again! There’s nothing quite like the thrill of re-visiting your favorite tunes and discovering something about your tastes along the way. Without any further ado, let’s get started on how to see your Spotify Wrapped on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

What is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped is the yearly round-up of users’ listening habits on the app, from podcasts to music and more. It works by creating playlists based on your 2023 streaming stats.

These playlists encapsulate your musical journey throughout the year by highlighting your most-streamed tracks, top artists, and genre preferences. So go ahead and dive into your personal Spotify Wrapped experience to celebrate the soundtrack of the year that was.

The methods to view Spotify wrapped differs slightly on the iPhone and Mac. But for your convenience, I have provided steps for both below.

How to get your Spotify Wrapped 2023 stats on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your iPhone and iPad.
  2. Tap Wrapped on your Home page.
    It would be a banner with a bright, shining border.
  3. Select the poster that says Your 2023 Wrapped.
    Now, an Instagram story-like UI will pop up on your screen.

    Tap Wrapped, Your 2023 Wrapped
  4. Tap on the right side of the screen to move forward and left to go backward.
    • From these slides, you’ll get information on your top songs, minutes you listened to, and so on.
  5. You can further perform actions such as Play/Pause, Mute, or Close from the top-right corner. Go ahead, hover through your musical journey.

    Access Spotify Highlights, Play-Pause, Mute, Close

Share your Spotify Wrapped stats from iPhone

  1. While you are going through your Wrapped stats, on the sixth slide, tap Add to Your Library.

    Add to Your Library Spotify
  2. Here, you can discover your top Artists, the total number of Artists you’ve listened to, and the track you couldn’t get enough of.
  3. Tap the Share icon placed at the bottom of every slide to showcase your music history on any preferred social media platform.
    • The Share menu will pop up automatically if you take a screenshot of any slide.

      top Artists, the total number of Artists you’ve listened to, and the track you couldn’t get enough of
  4. Finally, the last section will give a complete overview of your Spotify Wrapped for the following year. You can slide right-to-left to choose from different templates.
  5. If you feel like it, tap Replay from beginning to enjoy your Spotify Wrapped again.
  6. Express your musical taste with your friends or family by tapping the Share icon.
  7. Or, hit the Download button if you’d like to keep it to yourself.

    Change theme, color, Share, Download

How to view your Spotify Wrapped stats on Mac

  1. Access the Spotify app on your Mac.
  2. Scroll down to Your 2023 Banner → Click Check it out!

    Your 2023 Wrapped, Check it out
  3. Now, the highlights will start to play in your default browser.
  4. Hit the arrows on the left and right to navigate to your will.

    Hit the arrows on the left and right
  5. You can also Play/Pause or Mute the highlights from the top-right corner.
  6. Once finished, choose a color palate for your Spotify Wrapped summary.
  7. Choose Share or Replay from beginning according to your preference.

    Select a color, Share or Replay from beginning

Note: While Spotify Wrapped rounds up the best music and podcasts, it only does so for months in 2023 except December. So that means you can’t see December stats!

How to find and share your Spotify Wrapped Top Songs playlist on iPhone and iPad

Now that you’re well aware of your Spotify Wrapped highlights let’s get you equipped with the Playlist as well.

  1. Tap the Wrapped banner in the Spotify app.
  2. Choose Your Top Songs to proceed.
    • Here, you can find the top tracks you listened to throughout the year.
  3. Tap the (+) icon to add Your Top Songs Playlist to your Library.
  4. You can further Download the entire playlist or Share it with your friends and family.

    Your Top Songs, Add, Download, Share

Find, share, and download your Top Songs playlist on Mac

Spotify Wrapped highlights is just scraping the surface. Once you’ve traversed through your musical history, here’s how you can find the entire Wrapped playlist on Spotify.

Find Top Songs playlist and save it to your Spotify Library

  1. Upon reaching the final slide of your Spotify Wrapped stat highlights, click Listen on Spotify.

    Listen on Spotify
  2. Now, you’ll be redirected to the playlist in a new tab of your browser. To save this playlist to your Spotify Library, select the heart icon.

    Press like to add playlist to library

Share your Top Songs playlist on Mac

Sharing is caring. Keep your friends and family in the loop about your favorite tracks.

  1. Click Listen on Spotify from the last slide of highlights.
  2. Once you’re redirected to your playlist, select the three-dot icon → Choose the Share option.
  3. Select Copy link to playlist. Then, simply paste the playlist link anywhere you like.


Download Spotify Wrapped playlist on Mac

Sadly, the browser access to Spotify does not allow us to make the playlist offline. However, there’s a way around that will help you download this playlist to your Mac.

  1. In case you wish to download your Spotify Wrapped playlist, click the three-dot icon → Open in Desktop app

    Click open in desktop app
  2. This action will redirect you to the Spotify app.
  3. Finally, click the Download button and enjoy your Tops Songs from the app.

    Tap the Download icon in Spotify

In addition, if you live in a country with Spotify AI DJ, you can have the AI assist you with your yearly recap. Choose the Wrapped 2023 DJ playlist option to listen to your most popular songs and get commentary on your most-streamed artists, genres, and songs this year.

Is there any specific time frame for accessing Spotify Wrapped on Apple devices? 

Spotify usually releases Wrapped in early December each year. There’s a good chance that it will only last for about a month or two, so it’s best to act soon.

Can I view my Spotify Wrapped for previous years?

Spotify typically provides the Wrapped feature for the ongoing year.

Music mayhem!

There you have it, Your Spotify Wrapped for 2023, a symphony of your favorite tunes and unforgettable moments. Whether you’re relishing the sweet nostalgia or discovering hidden gems, your musical adventure awaits. Cheers to the songs that defined your year and the memories they accompany.

Thank you for reading. Please take a moment to share your thoughts in the comment section below, and while you’re at it do let us know your number one track this year.

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