How to Customize Safari Start Page in macOS Big Sur

how to customize safari start page on mac

Along with some fantastic new features, macOS Big Sur has enhanced Safari to be a faster, privacy-first browser. Moreover, you can customize the Safari start page on your Mac for a more personal experience. This includes things like setting a custom wallpaper, seeing Siri suggestions for webpages that may interest you, a privacy report about the sites you’re visiting, your favorites, Reading List, and more. Let’s check out the details. 

If you can’t see the start page when you launch Safari, here’s what to do. Click on Safari from the top menu → Preferences → General → here set ‘New Windows open with:’ to Start Page.

click on safari and select preferences in macos big sur
customize safari start up page on mac running macos bug sur

Safari Start Page Features in macOS Big Sur

The page compiles some old and some new items, to make your browsing experience more smooth. Let’s check them all in detail –

  • Favorites – The section where all your favorite bookmarks are stored. Just tap on the website to open it
  • Frequently Visited – As the name suggests, a host of websites that you have regularly visited while browsing
  • Privacy Report – A new feature, wherein Safari brings transparency to your browsing activity. It lists in detail, which website has attempted to track you
  • Siri Suggestions –  Siri studies your browsing behavior and accordingly lines up webpages that you might be looking for at that moment
  • Reading List – The webpages you have added that you want to read or refer to later
  • iCloud Tabs – This feature will only show up if your Safari is synced with iCloud across devices. You can enable the feature by clicking on the Apple logo in the menu barSystem Preferences → Apple IDCheck the box next to Safari
  • Background Image – It doesn’t affect your browsing experience. But with a custom wallpaper on the Safari start page, you can set the welcome page per your taste

As you can see, macOS Big Sur has gone all out on the personalization theme. And the best part, you can tinker around with them to match your work profile and preferences.

How to Hide or Unhide Safari Start Page Items in macOS Big Sur

Indeed a lot is going on in the Safari start page this time around.  It can go chaotic for a lot of users.

Thankfully, you can quite easily manage the number of items showing up on the start page.

  1. Open Safari on your Mac
  2. Click on the menu button (three-toggle icon) from the bottom right of the on menu from safari start up page in macos big sur
  3. Here check or uncheck the items you want to show or hide from the start page.hide or unhide items on safari start page in macos big sur

An alternate method is to right-click any empty space on the start page. From the contextual menu, select or deselect the items.

There’s more, you can also micro-manage these items. Choose which website to keep or remove and more such options.

How to Delete Safari Start Page Items in macOS Big Sur

All these features have been added to make your Safari experience smoother and faster. While Apple has done its part, it’s up to you now to keep each section organized and perfectly tailored for your needs.

Remove a Specific Favorited Bookmark

Right-click on a favorited website, then select Delete to remove it from the list.

right click on website in safari favorites and click on delete on mac

Do note that you can also Rename or Edit Address from this setting.

Remove a Frequently Visited Website

To remove a frequently visited webpage from Safari’s home page, right-click on the website, and select Delete.

right click on frequently visited website and click on delete in safari on macos big sur

Stop Siri Suggestion from Showing up

Go to the suggested website & Right-click or two-finger tap. Select Don’t Suggest This Website from the pop-up menu.

right click on website and choose don't suggest this website to stop siri suggestion for specific app in safari

You can also use the method to shift a website from Siri Suggestion to Reading List.

Remove a Particular Reading List

The method to delete a website from Safari Reading List is relatively similar, right-click and select Remove-Item.

remove website from safari reading list on mac running macos big sur

Signing off

We love the overall feel and features added to the macOS 11 Big Sur. It even sports iOS-like Control Center and widgets. Amazingly customization is at the core of all of them, ensuring a user-centric experience for all Mac users.

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