How to Turn OFF Safari Private Browsing on iPhone and iPad in iOS 14

How to Permanently Disable Safari Private Browsing Mode on iPhone and iPad

Explicit content is something which children cannot keep their eyes away! And as a parent, you must take care of your child and block unwanted websites in Safari so that they cannot access them. But oh boy! Aren’t they smart enough to find alternatives to such websites? Of course, they are, and accessing such websites in the private browser doesn’t reflect it in history as well. So why not completely turn off Safari private browsing on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 14 / 13? Well, that could be the best way to ensure your child does not watch dirty content anymore!

Completely Disable Safari Private Browsing Using Screen Time on iPhone and iPad

  1. First, let’s find out if private browsing is disabled or enabled, launch Safari and bring up tab switcher. If you can open private browsing mode by tapping the ‘Private’ option, it is enabled.Check If Private Browsing is Enabled in iOS 13
  2. Launch Settings on your iPhone → Screen Time and tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.Launch Settings and Select Screen Time and Tap on Content and Privacy Restrictions
  3. Now tap on Content Restrictions and then scroll down to tap on Web Content.Tap on Content Restrictions and Then Tap on Web Content on iPhone
  4. Select Limit Adult Websites option from the list. Once activated, you can also add a few websites which you never want to allow from Never Allow option. The Private option will be grayed out.Select Limited Website Option in Web Content on iPhone
  5. You can confirm it by opening the Safari and bring up tab switcher from the right bottom corner. Now, you will not be able to open Private browsing mode as it’s disabled from settings on your iPhone.Launch Safari App and Tap on Tab Switcher to Check Private Browsing Option on iPhone

That’s all for now!

Besides this, you can also use parental control apps on your iPhone to monitor your child’s activity or you can simply hide apps on iPhone which you don’t want your child to open them. If you want to turn off Private Browsing for Safari on Mac, check this out.

Wrapping Up…

So did you try disabling private browsing on your iPhone or iPad? If not, try it today and feel the difference. Would you wish to get more such iPhone hacks? Start following our daily tutorials on iGeeksBlog.

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