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How to add, view, or remove Favorites in Safari on Mac

We mostly bookmark websites in Safari to save them for visiting later. But if you visit those websites regularly, add them to your Safari Favorites instead. This way, you can quickly open a site with a click without searching.

In this blog, I’ll show you how to add Favorites to Safari on Mac, view and manage your growing list of sites, and remove unnecessary ones.

How to add Favorites to Safari on Mac

You have several easy ways to add websites to your Favorites in Safari on Mac. So, you can use whichever you’re most comfortable with.

Method 1: Use the Share button

  1. Go to the website you want to add to Favorites.
  2. Click the Share button → Select Add Bookmark.

    Open website in Safari, Tap Share icon and Select Add Bookmark
  3. Choose Favorites in the drop-down list → Click Add.
    Optionally, change the website title and add a description.

    Select Favorites from drop down menu and Tap Add

Method 2: Add via the menu bar

  1. Select Bookmarks in the menu bar → Choose Add Bookmark.

    From the menu bar select Bookmarks and Tap Add Bookmarks
  2. Choose Favorites in the drop-down → Click Add.

    Select Favorites from drop down menu and Tap Add

Like the previous method, you can customize the website title and enter a description for future reference.

Method 3: From the Bookmark sidebar

  1. Click the Show sidebar button on the Safari window.

    Click the sidebar icon on Mac
    Display the sidebar by going to View in the menu bar → Show Sidebar.
  2. Select Bookmarks.

    Tap the Bookmarks from sidebar
  3. Then, drag the URL from the address bar to your Favorites list.

    Drag and drop website URL to Favourites sidebar

Method 4: Use the Favorites bar

  1. Navigate to View in the menu bar → Select Show Favorites Bar.

    Tap View from the menu bar and Select Show Favourites bar
  2. Drag the URL to the Favorites bar at the top of the Safari window.

How to view Favorites in Safari on Mac

If you have enabled the Show Favorites Bar using the fourth method above, the saved sites will appear under the address bar of any Safari window. So you can access them with just a click.

However, similar to adding a website to your Favorites, you can find your Favorites list in different ways.

Method 1: View on the Start page

  1. Open a new tab or window to display your Start Page.
    Alternatively, click the menu icon under window controls.
  2. Choose a site from the Favorites bar.

    Access Favourites from start page

If you don’t see the Favorites section, right-click a blank spot on the Start page and pick Show Favorites

  1. Click the address bar at the top of the Safari window.
  2. Choose a Favorite from the list.

    Click the address bar and access your favourites

Note: This method doesn’t work on the Start page.

Method 3: Use the sidebar

  1. Click the Show sidebar button.
  2. Select Bookmarks → Expand the Favorites list to select a site.

    Select sidebar, then Bookmark tab and drop down the Favorites

If you don’t see the sidebar, head to View in the menu bar → Show sidebar.

Method 4: Check the Bookmarks list

  1. Click Bookmarks on the menu bar.
  2. Hover your cursor on Favorites → Select a site.

    Select Bookmarks Tab and Tap Favourites

How to manage Favorites in Safari on Mac

Once you start gathering more websites in your Favorites list, you may want to organize them for efficiency. You can rename, reorder, sort, edit, and move Favorites to folders.

  1. Display your Favorites list from the sidebar or Start page.
    Alternatively, select Bookmarks in the menu bar → Edit Bookmarks and expand the Favorites list.
  2. Right-click a saved site and choose one of these options:
    • Rename: Enter a new title for the website.
    • Edit Address: Adjust the site’s URL.

      Right click on website and select Rename or Edit Address

You may also create a folder in your Favorites list. Follow the below steps:

  1. Right-click a blank spot in the Favorites list on the sidebar.
  2. Pick New Folder.

To reorder or sort your Favorites:

  • Reorder your Favorites: Drag and drop a Favorite site where you want it, whether a new spot in the list or into a folder.

    Reorder Favourites using drag and drop
  • Sort your Favorites: Right-click the Favorites list in the sidebar → Select Sort By and choose Name or Address for the sort order.

    Right click on Favourites and select sort by

How to delete Favorites in Safari on Mac

If you no longer need a website from your Safari Favorites list on Mac, you may quickly remove it. You can delete or move the website to a different location, like your Bookmarks list.

  1. As described earlier, display your Favorites list in the sidebar or the Favorites bar. 
  2. Then, do one of the following:
    • Delete the Favorite: Right-click the site you want to remove → Choose Delete. You won’t be asked to confirm, so be sure you want to remove the site.

      Right click on the Bookmark and select Delete
    • Move the Favorite: Click and drag the Favorite site to your Bookmarks list.

      Move favourites to Bookmark tab

Save your online finds!

When you land on a website you want to visit regularly, adding it to your Safari Favorites is the way to go. Whether a site for work or play, you can view and visit those Favorites on Mac in a snap. 

And remember, you can sync your Safari bookmarks and manage Favorites with your iPhone and iPad for easy access on any device.

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