How to add and customize the new Unity Lights Apple Watch face

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Apple always has improvised creative ways to celebrate and recognize Black History Month. And this February, we are privy to a unique and one-of-a-kind Unity Lights watch face and Unity Braided Solo Loop. But before I discuss why they are so special, let’s first quickly see how you can set the new Unity Lights watch face on your Apple Watch.

Who will get Unity Lights Apple watch face?

  • Apple Watch Series 4 or newer models running watchOS 8.3 or later
  • iPhone running iOS 15.2 or later

How to add Unity Lights Apple watch face 

  1. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Face Gallery tab at the bottom.
  3. Select Unity Lights under New Watch Faces.
  4. Tap Add.
How to add Unity Lights watch face in Apple Watch

And just like that, the Unity Lights watch face will appear on your Apple Watch.

How to customize Unity Lights watch face

You can either customize the watch face from Apple Watch or iPhone. Here’s how:

On Apple Watch

  1. Long-press the watch face.
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Swipe left or right to switch between Dial, Style, Color, Complications.
  4. Turn the Digital Crown to see options between each section.
  5. Press the Digital Crown to confirm the changes.
Customize Unity Lights watch face in Apple Watch

On iPhone

  1. Go to the Watch app → select My Watch at the bottom left.
  2. Under My Faces, tap Unity Lights watch face.
  3. You’ll now have the following options
    • Color – Colorful or greyscale
    • Dial – Rectangle or circle
    • Style – I or II
    • Complication – Add up to four extensions, top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right.
How to customize Unity Lights watch face in Apple Watch

Notably, complications are only available for circular dials. To edit any complications, tap it and select a preferred option.

Why is the Unity Lights Apple Watch face so special?

The Unity Lights watch face uses 2D ray tracing, a first-time implemented technology for watch faces. It enables each pixel to mimic the light and shadow falling across it. Plus, the dynamic watch face understands the positions of the clock hands and accordingly fills the space between them with light.

Inspired by Afrofuturism, the watch face is designed by members and allies of the Black creative community at Apple and honors generations of Black people across the African diaspora. So, in a way, Unity lights watch face is a beauty with brains, history, and a sweet message.

Signing off

Like every year, Apple has attempted to spotlight and celebrate Black History Month with various content, including the Unity Lights watch face. I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy all the knowledge and chances that come our way. How about you? Share your thoughts, comments, and more with us.

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