iGBEditorialGeeky gift ideas for Apple enthusiasts in 2024

Geeky gift ideas for Apple enthusiasts in 2024

Gear up for the festive cheer because the holiday countdown has begun! Get ready to sleigh your Christmas gift game with our guide to early planning — because the sooner you start, the merrier your surprises will be. If you’re scratching your head over geeky gift ideas for Apple enthusiasts in your life, fret not! We’ve curated a list of exciting Apple gift suggestions that promise to sparkle with originality. Brace yourself for an exciting holiday season — let the festive fun commence!

Customizable wearables

Starting off strong, customizable wearable tech is always a nice gift to give and receive.

  • Regardless of which Apple Watch your dear one owns, you can always gift a suitable accessory depending on your budget.
  • If you have enough means to splurge, get your tech buddy a brand-new Apple Watch and throw in some fancy iPhone cases.
  • If that’s too much for your budget, you can always surprise them with a nice Apple Watch band selection and provide them with a few different stylish options to choose from.
Apple Watch Bands
Source: Apple

Charging docks for all Apple devices

Although the techie you’re buying the present for might already have a charging dock, trust us, you simply can’t go wrong with buying at least one more.

A true geek will want to be able to charge their phone or watch wherever and whenever they need to. So, getting them an additional charging station for their home or office is an absolute win.

Although you may feel like you’re getting them something they already own, that doesn’t mean they won’t like and appreciate the gift. When charging docks are concerned, the more the merrier is generally the rule to follow.

Portable chargers for iPhones

Another gift you can’t go wrong with, even though the receiver may already own one, is a portable charger. Go through our curated list of the best portable chargers to find a great, sturdy gift option that fits your budget.

Again, similar to charging stations, one simply can’t go wrong with having numerous portable chargers. This geeky gift idea for Apple enthusiasts would ensure they are never running low on charge.

Look at it this way. If your geeky friend is fully covered with stationary charging stations, they will for sure appreciate the option to top off their portable batteries even when on the go. So, even if they own a portable charger, they may still find it more than useful.

AirPods accessory

Earhooks is an AirPod survival kit that consists of a protective case, a magnetic strap that keeps the pods together, a charging dock, and a few other useful things.

Every AirPod user knows just how frustrating it can be to have either your earbuds run out of juice suddenly or find only one of them and spend too much time looking for the other.

Apple Incase lanyard loops for AirPods Pro

Luckily, with this unique gift for your nerdy Apple friend, they will always be able to find their buds, store them away safely, or top them off every time the battery starts running low.

For more such handy tech gift ideas, you can refer to our guide on the best AirPods accessories.

Gift app subscription or in-app purchases

For a thoughtful and hassle-free way to surprise your tech-savvy friend, consider the gift of covering any app subscription or in-app purchase they have their eye on.

By offering to foot the bill, you’re giving them the freedom to choose exactly what they want, ensuring your gift hits the mark.

Express your willingness to support their digital interests, regardless of the specific app or feature they’re interested in. It’s a modern and considerate gesture that eliminates the guesswork of finding the perfect geeky gift idea for Apple enthusiasts.


These unconventional yet heartfelt approaches ensure your gift is both meaningful and tailored to your dear one’s preferences, making it a standout choice — especially if navigating the latest tech trends isn’t your forte.

What do you think of our suggestions? Do let us know in the comments.

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