Looking for Christmas Gift Ideas? iPhone Apps to Help You

Best iPhone Apps for Christmas Gift Ideas

If it’s Christmas, it’s most gifted. If you’re like me, you have absolutely no idea of what to buy as gifts this season. No worries though: tons of apps help you find amazing gift ideas. Some of them even let you manage gift ideas, costs, and to-dos, so you remember what to buy when to buy and for whom to buy those gifts.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular and not-so-popular apps that get it done.

Best iPhone Apps for Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Elfster Secret Santa Generator

Elfster Secret Santa Generator iPhone App Screenshot

Just in case your loving friend never seems to get enough of Santa, gifting a Santa generator could be a smart idea. Elfster works as a cool Santa generator that can bring a lot of fun to the festive times including Christmas.

Moreover, you can use this app to manage a wishlist and gift shopping. Plus, you will also be able to add bar code scans and even shop top stores.

But my favorite feature of this app is the ability to poke friends and add wishes to their customized lists. Oh yes, it also allows me to shoot up tongue-in-cheek comments.

Price: Free

2. Christmas Cards – Photo Editor

Xmas photo editor iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Planning to decorate your photos and give them the feel of Christmas? Xmas photo editor has got a number of handy tools to let you adorn your images.

The app has got over 50 nice-looking frames to let you decorate your photos beautifully. You have several awesome filters to pick from. Did I say, there are also several fabulous effects to make your images look stunning? What’s more, Xmas photo editor is compatible with English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, etc.

Price: Free (1-month premium xmas effects – $4.99)

3. Fancy

Fancy iPhone App Screenshot

Fancy is not the usual app you’d see because it’s a community-driven blog. Unlike most other usual e-shops, Fancy has a unique approach; this results in several small-scale retailers and individuals putting up very interesting things up for sale. Naturally, you find several unique and very creative things on sale – most of them, fantastic gifts for the season. As you take a closer look, you’ll find that you get addicted to the whole thing.

Price: Free

4. Christmas Frozen Swap

Christmas Frozen Swap iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Take part in the match three puzzle game to light up your festive time. “Christmas Frozen Swap” is lashed with over 1200 extremely challenging levels not just to test your skill but also bring tons of fun into your life.

The snow world of Christmas trees, Santa’s hats and Christmas bells ensure the hilarious feeling never has an end. You need to match the awesome Christmas pieces on the chocolate to grab a lot of sweet chocolates. And yes, you will also feed the flower spot with Christmas pieces to bloom the gorgeous flowers for the holidays!

Price: Free (Tiny Pack of Coins – $0.99)

5. Santa Claus – Christmas Game

YouGotaGift iPhone App Screenshot

During the festive time, we all love to indulge in some fun-loving games, don’t we? And if you have a friend who likes to play light-hearted games, this one could be spot on as a gift. Yeah, you heard it right!

The app comes with some really nice Christmas games including Santa jump, Santa vs Snowman, Flappy Santa, and more. Beyond gaming, it also allows you to get into a conversation with Santa and even make him dance.

Not just that, you can also create a Christmas card to send your friends. And just in case you are able to win over Santa, he will bring some amazing gifts to you as well. So, what else do you want?

Price: Free (Buy Full Game – $3.99)

6. Giftagram: Gifting Made Easy

Giftagram iPhone App Screenshot

It’s never easy to find a perfect gift for your sweetheart. But with Giftagram at your disposal, you can instantly discover the gift that can bring a lot of smiles to your loved ones.

You can browse through a wide variety of categories like tech/gadgets, sweets/desserts, flowers/plants, etc. easily shop the items that your eyes find appealing. With the contact integration, the app sends you reminders to keep you informed about important events. Furthermore, the personalized messaging feature ensures you stay connected with your loved ones.

Price: Free

7. YouGotaGift

Santa Claus Christmas Game iPhone App Screenshot

Can’t decide which gift would be great for your loving friend? Well, it would be better to take a glance at all the cool stuff to decide which one can bring plenty of smiles to him/her.

The app comes with an integrated gift store, allowing you to explore a variety of things related to electronics, fashion, sports, accessories, grooming, and more. So, you can easily take a peek at all the items and choose the ones that fit perfectly to your taste. On top of all, YouGotaGift also lets you send eGift cards.

Price: Free

8. The Christmas Gift List


Manage your holiday gift-giving like a pro with this handy app. It offers you everything you need, from creating a list of people whom you need to get gifts for, to storing your ideas and figuring out budgets.

You can track gifts by status such as Idea, Need to Make, Need to Buy, Made, Bought, Shipping, Received, Wrapped, Sent, and Presented. This makes the entire process less stressful and helps you have all your gifting needs in one place.

Price: Free

9. MyGiftster

MyGiftster iPhone App Screenshot

MyGiftster is the official app of Giftster.com which is an amazing website for shopping lists, gift ideas and managing them all. It’s a simple, elegant and interesting app. There are plenty of features, but unlike many feature-rich apps which are complicated, MyGiftster is a simple and really fun app to use. Lots of social features, sharing of lists and plenty of gift ideas make it a really wholesome app. Besides all this, it’s a great app for managing gifts and gift ideas.

Price: Free

10. Christmas Backgrounds

Christmas Backgrounds iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

When you have tons of amazing backgrounds, you are never short of cool ideas. With this app, you can browse through the gigantic collection of Christmas and choose some lovely ones to enhance your images.

The app has got a number of eye-catching frames, which are designed to make images look adorable. You can select from multiple gorgeous effects like grey scale, hue, contrast and more to prettify your images. And yes, you also have many color effects to play with!

Price: Free

That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

Which app(s) have you downloaded on your iPhone and iPad? Do share your feedback with us in the comment.

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