Best Christmas apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Christmas Apps For iPhone and iPad

Christmas is right around the corner, and your iOS device can help you make things even merrier. Whether it’s organizing a shopping list, cooking a delicious meal, or tracking Mr. Santa, these best Christmas apps for iPhone and iPad can pump up your holiday spirit to the next level.

  1. MyRegistry – Universal Gift List
  2. Christmas Countdown
  3. Yummly
  4. PicCollage: Grid & Story Maker
  5. Wallpapers True 4K & Full HD
  6. Speak to Santa™
  7. Christmas Sweeper 3
  8. Postagram
  9. The Christmas List
  10. ElfYourself®
  11. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  12. NORAD Tracks Santa Claus
  13. Christmas Pics Quiz Game

1. MyRegistry – Universal Gift List

MyRegistry Universal Registry iphone app screenshot

Nothing spreads the holiday cheer like gifts, but nobody likes getting gifts they have no use or preference for. Well, here’s an app that will put an end to such woes. MyRegistry Universal Registry app makes it easy to create a wishlist of what you’d like to receive.

You can add items from any store, and in case your preferred gift is not available at an online store, add a photo and description of where to get it.

It’s super easy to use and has a pleasing interface that’ll relieve all that holiday stress! Not only is it a must-have for Christmas, but handy for all other events.

Whether it’s your birthday or your wedding, use this app to create organized lists of what your loved ones can give you. If you’re the non-materialistic kind, you can even tactfully request cash gifts to build up a fund.

This best-of-both-worlds approach makes it one of the apps for anyone, anytime.

Price: Free


2. Christmas Countdown: Best for Counting Remaining Days

Christmas Countdown iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

When a festival is just around the corner, it is fun to markdown the days remaining. A countdown app could help you count the exact days, hours, minutes, and even seconds left till Christmas.

We love this one because you can choose different characters like Santa, snowman, Christmas tree, reindeer, and a skater. Moreover, you can even count heartbeats & sleeps left until 25th December and easily share them on various social media platforms.

Price: Free


3. Yummly Recipes & Recipe Box: App for Christmas Cooking

Yummly iPhone and iPad Recipe App Screenshot

Holidays and yummy, wholesome food go hand-in-hand. And if a great home-cooked meal feels heavenly, this one is the perfect recipe app for this Christmas.

Explore Christmas-special dishes from top recipe sites and food blogs such as Allrecipes, Smitten Kitchen, Epicurious, and more. And if you have some dietary specifications, Yummly can effortlessly take that into account as well.

Price: Free, Pro version at $4.99


4. PicCollage: Grid & Story Maker: Christmas Collage Maker

PicCollage iPhone and iPad Collage Maker App Screenshot

If you like capturing photos and sharing them on your social media handles, this app is a must-have this holiday season. With numerous frames, stickers, and filters in its arsenal, it makes collage-making a piece of cake.

Most importantly, it boasts special holiday content, including beautiful cards, stickers, and backgrounds for Christmas. Once your masterpiece is ready, share it with others or even print it on a phone case!

Price: Free, in-app purchases starting from $0.99


5. Wallpapers True 4K & Full HD: Best Christmas Wallpaper App

Wallpapers True 4K iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For those who go all out with holiday decorations and deck up their iPhone’s screen as well, here’s the perfect app. It houses a nice collection of holiday and Christmas-themed wallpapers.

The best part is that you get an exclusive collection of high-quality wallpapers, and new ones are published almost every hour. Moreover, its WallCraft section is a must-see for all background enthusiasts.

Price: Free, Wallcraft PRO 1 month for $0.99


6. Speak to Santa-Pro Edition: Connect with Dear Santa

Speak to Santa iPhone and iPad Christmas App Screenshot

Keep your child’s Christmas spirit high and arrange a video call from the North Pole. And not just a simple video recording, Santa will know the name, age, favorite color, and more about the kid.

He will also know their gift wish list and whether they have been naughty or nice this year. Most importantly,  you can record the call and view the cherished memory over and over again.

Price: $6.99


7. Christmas Sweeper 3

Christmas Sweeper iPhone and iPad Christmas Game Screenshot

Christmas Sweeper 3 is a classic matching video game that packs all the holiday fun you will need.  Light the candles, find gifts under the snow, catch the clear snow, ignite firecrackers or push the Santa down the chimney.

Besides these frolics, you also have 2400 challenging levels to cross through. No lives to lose or races to win; you can relax and enjoy the game for as long as you want.

Price: Free, in-app purchases starting from $1.99


8. Postagram: Photo Postcards: App for Sending Personal Messages

Postagram iPhone and iPad Postcard App Screenshot

In the world of digital messaging, hand-written notes or postcards have become obsolete. But we can revive the trend by sending a special & unique Postagram to your loved ones.

Create a 4×6-inch postcard with custom photos and messages and get them delivered to anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the receiver can pop out the  3×3 inch photo can and keep them forever.

Price: Free


9. The Christmas List: Best for Christmas Shopping

The Christmas List iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

When you have tons to do and a bunch of gifts to buy, The Christmas List can be of great aid. The easy-to-use app helps you organize your gifting list and keep everything under budget.

And not just purchases, the app can track gifts by shipping, received, and wrapped. There’s also a built-in Christmas countdown, so you always on top of things and not overwhelmed.

Price: $2.99


10. ElfYourself: A Fun-filled App for Christmas

ElfYourself iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Bring a new twist to your family Christmas card; send everyone a fun, refreshing, and entertaining dance video. Upload up to five faces, select a dance routine, and voila Elf yourself and your friends​ and ​family.

Once your custom Elf videos are ready, share them via private messages or directly to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Happy Elfing!

Price: Free, in-app purchases start at $0.99


11. How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Story App For Kids

How the Grinch Stole Christmas iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Whether via movies or stories, the Grinch has been a staple part of every Christmas. And this app brings the age-old story into an interactive, animated, and fun format.

You can read it yourself, set it to autoplay or read along with highlighting narration. And not just that, the book packs playful surprises; find the hidden stars.

Price: $5.99


12. NORAD Tracks Santa Claus: Best to Track Santa

NORAD Tracks Santa Claus iPhone and iPad Christmas App Screenshot

Track the exact location of Santa on his Yuletide journey with the North American Aerospace Defence Command’s help. And not just that, there are tons of other activities your kids could enjoy.

Complete with holiday music in the background and new games released daily, NORAD makes the occasion extra special. From Christmas stories to melodies, the app has got it all.

Price: Free


13. Christmas Pics Quiz Game: A Family Game to Cherish

Christmas Pics Quiz Game iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

An ultimate word puzzle game to lift everyone’s holiday spirits; See a picture or an emoji and guess the word with the help of jumbled alphabets strewn below the image.

As the Christmas countdown starts, the app avails a free quiz and a special Xmas present every day. What’s more, the 2020 update incorporates 150+ additional puzzle topics.

Price: Free, in-app purchases start at $0.99


What’s on your app list for this Christmas?

Christmas time is indeed the most magical time of the year. I hope that these apps could help you make the most of it. If you have some particular suggestions, do share them in the comment section below.

We would love to know about your favorite Christmas apps. Meanwhile, here is some more link to make your Christmas better:

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  1. Happy holidays everyone! I found this blog post to be insightful and very helpful. GiftList is another free Christmas app on iOS and Android that can help you track your wishlist planning with family and friends this holiday season. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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