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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is out there taking some mesmerizing images of galaxies thousands of light years away in space. And you can put the James Webb Space Telescope pictures as wallpapers for your beloved iPhone, iPad, and Mac.  

While traveling beyond infinity, James Webb delivers on its promises of exploring untouched space and getting us infrared pictures of galaxies. Pictures that its elder brother Hubble Space Telescope could have never seen.

As of now, the telescope has broadcasted several different images, including Carina Nebula, Stephan’s Quintet, Southern Ring Nebula, and SMACS 0723. 

How to download the wallpaper?

Tap the Download button to save the wallpaper on your iPhone and then make them your wallpaper.

1. Tarantula Nebula James Webb telescope latest wallpaper

The latest Mosaic from 340 light-years away! James Webb telescope’s Near-infrared camera, also called NIR Cam, took this image showing off this Tarantula Nebula. A star-forming region in a new light, including tens of thousands of never-before-seen young stars that were previously shrouded in cosmic dust. It also features a region of the newly forming star with a shimmer of blue. NIRCam can detect these dust-enshrouded stars thanks to its unprecedented resolution at near-infrared wavelengths.

Tarantula Nebula James Webb telescope wallpaper

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2. Carina Nebula wallpapers from James Webb Telescope

At first, what looks like a valley of stars and a mountain of glitter, is actually Carina Nebula forming a region to birth young stars. These Cosmic Cliffs are captured in infrared by James Webb Telescope. Here are the magical mountains wallpapers for your devices.

Carina Nebula wallpapers from James Webb Telescope

Download link: iPhone | iPad | Mac

3. Stephen’s Quintet James Webb Telescope wallpapers

This beautiful galactical mosaic of the galaxies gathers millions of newborn stars and stardust. This never seen photo is also one of the world’s largest pictures from the James Webb telescope. Made from 1000 different pictures and consists of 150 Million pixels. This photo from James Webb Telescope is just grace to have as our wallpaper.   

Stephen's Quintet James Webb Telescope wallpapers

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4. Southern Ring Nebula James Webb Telescope wallpapers

This star has been shining in all its glory and spreading light (gas rings and stardust ) throughout space. This 2500 light years away star (23651826942798900km, btw) is getting older and emitting these rings of gas clouds. This picture of the shining star will shine its personality through your display.  

Southern Ring Nebula James Webb Telescope wallpapers

Download link: iPhone | iPad | Mac

5. SMACS 0723 wallpapers from James Webb Telescope

Also known as Webb’s First Deep Field image, this represents a cluster of the galaxy. Flooded with details and thousands of galaxies, including the faintest objects ever observed in the infrared, have appeared in Webb’s view for the first time. This square patch of a sky full of stars will also look great on your Mac’s square display.  

SMACS 0723 wallpapers from James Webb Telescope

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This space expedition by the James Webb Space telescope has blown me outer space (like literally). It is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It also changed my perspective whenever I looked at the sky full of stars. Do let me know about the impact these stunning pictures had on you down in the comments section!

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