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iGBMacDownload official macOS Sequoia wallpapers in 4K

Download official macOS Sequoia wallpapers in 4K

Get ready to deck up your Mac screen! With the release of macOS Sequoia 15, Apple has introduced new wallpapers for the Mac. These official wallpapers showcase the new theme for the macOS 15, ensuring your screen pops.

And the best part is all these 4K wallpapers are free to download. So, go ahead and tap the Download button below to sport the official macOS Sequoia wallpapers on your Mac.

Download macOS Sequoia wallpapers

The official macOS 15 wallpaper is inspired by the Sequoia forest. The dynamic wallpaper features a visual contrast of warm and cool tones, reminiscent of the dynamic island wallpapers on the iPhone. Additionally, it showcases a radiant sunburst effect that transitions from a glowing orange to a deep blue. This wallpaper is available for download in 4K quality and will make your Mac screen vibrant.

Download macOS Sequioa wallpapers in 4K


Blue macOS Sequoia wallpaper in 4K

If you want a more soothing macOS Sequoia wallpaper, get this one. The wallpaper has cool shades of blue, teal, and green, blending seamlessly. The central burst of light appears to spread outward in smooth, gradient-like waves. So, the wallpaper will add depth to your Mac screen.

Download blue macOS Sequioa wallpapers


macOS Sequoia Macintosh wallpaper

macOS Sequoia also brought a new Macintosh Dynamic wallpaper. This vibrant, pixelated design features iconic symbols from the early days of computing. From the classic smiling Mac to the playful dog, each element brings a touch of retro charm to your Mac. Perfect for both longtime Apple fans and new users looking for a bit of nostalgia on their screens! Just like iPhone users have nostalgic iPod wallpapers for iPhone.

macOS Sequoia Macintosh wallpaper


Aside from new wallpapers, Apple has also added a bunch of exciting features to macOS Sequoia like Apple Intelligence, iPhone Mirroring, a new Passwords app, and much more. While macOS Sequoia will roll out to the public later this fall, you may install macOS Sequoia developer beta on your Mac today to experience these new features. Do note, however, that developer betas are ridden with bugs and performance issues, so it isn’t wise to install them on your main machine.

Signing off…

Those are the newest wallpapers you’ll be getting this year with macOS 15 Sequoia. Whether you install macOS Sequoia on your device or not, you may still enjoy the touch of it with these wallpapers. Let us know which wallpaper you loved in the comments below!

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