iOS 17 Check In feature not working on iPhone? 8 Ways to fix it

Check In feature not working on iPhone

After updating to iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, you were excited to use the new Check-In feature in iMessage only to find it’s not working as expected. But that’s history, as today we’ll dive into this concern to rectify it from its roots. Without any further ado, let’s learn how to fix the iOS 17 Check In feature not working on iPhone.

  1. Ensure you’ve installed iOS 17
  2. Enable iMessage
  3. Exchange text in iMessage
  4. Check if the iMessage server is down
  5. Turn on Mobile Data
  6. Change Check In data settings
  7. Enable Location Services
  8. Basic fixes

1. Ensure you’ve installed iOS 17

If you encounter the “Check In is not available to send to this recipient” issue on iOS 17, make sure that both you and the recipient of the check-in request are using iOS 17. This feature will not respond if either party has an outdated iOS version on their iPhones.

Therefore, update your iPhone to iOS 17 as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

2. Enable iMessage

For those who have their devices running on the stable version of iOS 17, I have not forgotten you. The Check In feature sometimes fails to work due to an underlying issue with iMessage settings. So, try disabling and re-enabling the iMessage service to facilitate the proper functioning of the Check-In feature.

  1. Navigate to Settings → Select Messages.
  2. Toggle off iMessage.

    Tap Messages, enable iMessages
  3. Now, restart your iPhone and enable iMessage in a similar process.

3. Exchange text in iMessage

It may sound simple, but you need to send an iMessage to the person you are trying to share your location with if the Check In feature fails to respond.

  1. Launch iMessage → Start a new conversation with any contact of your choice.
  2. Write anything you desire and hit send.
  3. Once the message is delivered successfully, try using the Check In feature from iMessage apps.

4. Check if the iMessage server is down

Before performing any drastic troubleshooting, ensure the iMessage server is working correctly.

The iMessage server facilitates the Check In feature, and any disruption in its functioning can result in an inability to access this new functionality. To check if the iMessage server is down, visit Apple’s System Status webpage and locate the green tick mark beside iMessage. 

If the server is down, I’d advise waiting for Apple to resolve this problem. The services will be back up and running like normal once their ongoing maintenance or technical difficulties are rectified.

5. Turn on Mobile Data

The iOS 17 Check In feature tracks your location and alerts your friends or family when you reach the destination. So, it needs a strong network connection to keep everything updated. The Check In feature will be unavailable if your iPhone doesn’t have cellular data enabled.

  1. Open Control Center.
  2. Tap the Cellular data icon.

    tap cellular data in control center

Tip: You may also turn on Airplane mode for a few seconds and disable it to refresh your network connection.

6. Change Check In data settings

You may face malfunctions if you have not set up Check In for your iPhone properly.

  1. Go to SettingsMessages.
  2. Tap Data under Check In.
  3. Grant Full access to this feature.

    Tap Messages, Data, Full in Settings

This will allow you to use the Check In feature on your iPhone without any hassle.

7. Enable Location Services

If you are experiencing issues with the iOS 17 Check In feature not working, then it’s wise to ensure that Location Services are enabled for your device. To verify your doubts,

  1. Navigate to Settings → Tap Privacy & Security.
  2. Select Location Services and ensure that it is toggled on.

    Tap Privacy and Security, Location Services, toggle on Location Services
  3. Now scroll down and tap System Services.
  4. Select Significant Locations → Verify your Face ID.
  5. Ensure Significant Locations is enabled.

    Tap System Services, Significant Locations, toggle on Significant locations

These steps will allow your device to access your location information accurately, allowing the Check In feature to function correctly.

If this solution does not solve the problem, a few basic fixes outlined below might be worth considering.

8. Basic fixes

  • Force close Messages app: If the solutions mentioned above fail, there is a simple and effective way to resolve the issue. By force closing the Messages app and reopening it, you can potentially fix any underlying technical glitches or bugs causing the Check In feature to malfunction. 
  • Restart your iPhone: Another easy solution to fix the iOS 17 Check In feature not working issue is restarting your iPhone. It can help resolve software glitches and restore standard functionality.
  • Reset your iPhone: Last but not least, a quick factory reset might be the solution that can get the Check In feature back to life. This action will delete all data and settings from your device, so it’s crucial to back up any important information beforehand.


Is there a possibility that the Messages app itself needs an update?

Absolutely! Visit the App Store, go to ‘Updates,’ and check if the Messages app has an available update. Sometimes, compatibility issues are resolved through app updates.

How can I prevent this issue in the future?

Stay proactive with software updates, regularly check app permissions, and keep an eye on your internet connection. These practices can help prevent similar issues down the road.

Solutions have reached your location!

And there you have it, folks! With these tried and tested solutions, you should be well on your way to fix the iOS 17 Check-In not working issues. This feature is essential as it ensures your family and friends are aware of your safety. Until next time, may your check-ins be swift and glitch-free.

Thank you for reading. Please take a moment to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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