Best iPhone X and iPhone Xs Camera Lens Protectors: Safeguard Your Phone’s Camera Lens

Want to protect the camera lens of your iPhone X or iPhone Xs? Check this list of the best iPhone X camera lens protectors. This collection boasts premium lens guards for your premium iPhone X.

The camera lens is an extremely delicate part of your iPhone. With the launch of iPhone X, Apple has improved its camera features but offered a gigantic camera bump. This calls for extra protection for your iPhone X camera lens. Thankfully, there is a solution – iPhone X camera lens protector.

Explore this list of high-quality iPhone X camera lens protectors manufactured by leading accessory brands. The use of camera lens guard seems inappropriate for some as they can argue that a protective case for iPhone X covers all. So why not use a case that can guard your entire phone instead of using a lens protector which exposes your device to other perils?

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Best iPhone X, and iPhone Xs Camera Lens Protectors

Well, there are people, who want to flaunt their prized possession, i.e. iPhone X. Let the world know you own a premium phone made by Apple. Protective cases, sometimes, cover the beauty of iPhone X/Xs; moreover, cases hide the Apple logo, which announces the identity of a premium device.

With the launch of iPhone X, Apple introduces glass back panel that enhances the beauty of this device. For obvious reasons, users want to show this sheer elegance of iPhone X and iPhone Xs. When your iPhone X is uncovered, its camera bump is injury-prone. To prevent this, you need the best iPhone X/Xs camera lens protectors.

#1. Alife

Alife iPhone X Camera Lens Protector

Alife has used the 9H material to manufacture this high-quality camera lens guard. The protector is waterproof, oil proof and explosion proof.

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A notable feature of this camera lens protector is the oleophobic coating, which prevents fingerprints and other contaminants.

USP: 9H material
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RHESHINE iPhone X Camera Lens Protector

RHESHINE has precisely cut this iPhone X camera lens guard to maintain its gorgeous look and protect the lens from scratches and drops. RHESHINE has crafted this lens guard by going into details, and the result is this ultra-thin lens protector with 0.1mm thickness.

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This chemically strengthened tempered glass does not leave any bubble during and after installation, and consequently, there remains no residue when you remove the film.

USP: Chemically strengthened glass
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ICHECKEY iPhone X Camera Lens Protector

ICHECKEY camera lens protector fulfills the primary purpose of the product. With 99.99% transparency, you can click original high-resolution pictures and videos on your iPhone X. The protector is covered by the oleophobic coating that minimizes smudges and fingerprints.

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ICHECKEY offers you a special self-adhesive design that ensures bubble-free installation; when you remove this protector, you will not find any dust particle or residue on the camera lens.

USP: Self-adhesive design
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#4. HaloVa

HaloVa IPhone X Camera Lens Protector

HaloVa has done an excellent task around this small area of camera lens protection. First, it has created a humanized design with nanometer electrostatic, which automatically absorbs the camera lens and remains stable and durable.

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Its exquisite workmanship is visible in the accuracy of the hole site. The protector never influences the quality of the photograph or video. This soft tempered glass effectively resists sharp objects and keeps scratches at bay.

USP: Exquisite craftsmanship
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AKWOX iPhone X Camera Lens Protector

AKWOX provides you the best camera lens protector, which is easy to install. Without seeking to anybody’s help, you can wipe your phone’s camera lens, peel off the bottom layer and align the space to install the lens protector.

This highly durable protector offers the greatest protection against scratches with its surface hardness of 9H. Capture awesome video on your iPhone X.

USP: High Transmittance Transparent
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#6. Bebetter

Bebetter iPhone X Camera Lens Protector

Premium material means the premium performance of this iPhone camera lens protector. Bebetter has used the 9H material to manufacture this tempered glass.

Bebetter provides multiple protections against water, oil, and the explosion. The oleophobic coating protects your phone’s camera lens against fingerprints and other contaminants.

USP: Premium tempered glass
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#7. Alinsea

Alinsea iPhone X Camera Lens Protector

Alinsea has manufactured an ultra-slim tempered glass for your camera lens. Since it is extremely slim, you may feel like plastic; for surety, you can bend the glass.

Enjoy up to 99% transparency and high definition while taking photos and shooting videos on your iPhone X. It is extremely easy to install this glass that boasts 9H hardness.

USP: HD clear
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#8. Sakula

Sakula iPhone X Camera Lens Protector

The aluminum material not only protects your phone’s camera lens but also adds style to your device. The combination of black and red color gives an extra edge to the protector ring, which is easy to install.

The best thing about this product is it does not spoil the original look of your iPhone X. This means the lens protector seamlessly gels into the entire design of your device.

USP: Aluminum material
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#9. Forany

Forany iPhone X Camera Lens Protector

Forany brings flexible and thin tempered glass, which has 9-grade hardness. This is a soft tempered glass material, which is not a hard glass; at the same time, it is not made of cheap plastic material.

The lens protector is easy to install; all you need is to stick the protector on your camera lens.

USP: 9-grade hardness
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#10. Lontect

LONTECT iPhone X Camera Lens Protector

Lontect has come up with a high quality tempered glass camera lens protector for your iPhone X. The two pieces of lens protectors come with alcohol cloth so that you can clean the product before installation.

Its 9H hardness has the capacity to protect your phone’s camera lens from scratches and fingerprints. Without spoiling the original look of your iPhone camera, you can install it easily.

USP: Retains original look
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That’s all, folks!

Summing up…

Camera lens requires constant protection, as many users tend to put their iPhone X with its screen facing up and not down. For photography lovers, a small scratch can ruin the result of photos and videos. Camera lens protectors, thus, are must-have accessories for your iPhone X.

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